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Name: Tony Harper

Occupaation: Philadelphia Police Officer, PPD

Gender: Male

Age: 35


Agility: 4D

-Firearms 7D

-Melee combat 6D*

-Brawling 6D

-Dodge 7D


Strength: 4D-Lift 6D

-Climb/Jump 5D


Mechanical: 2D

-Vehicle operation 4D


Knowledge: 3D

-Bureaucray 4D*

-Security Reg 4D*

-Streetwise 4D

-Willpower 4D

-Intimidation 4D+2*

-Survival 4D


Perception: 4D*

-Command 4D+2*

-Hide 5D

-Investigation 5D

-Search 5D

-Know-How 5D

-Sneak 6D


Technical: 3D

-Medicine 4D+2

-Firearms repair 3D+1*

-Vehicle repair 3D+1*



Authority R2 (Philadelphia police department, PPD)

Trademark Specialization R1 (Pistol)



Employed R1, (PPD)

Devotion R3 (Protect and Serve innocents(only))

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<a href="

http://s577.photobucket.com/albums/ss219/Pegasus_XO/?action=view&current=trooper_carBKG.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i577.photobucket.com/albums/ss219/Pegasus_XO/trooper_carBKG.jpg" border="0" alt="Trooper"></a>


<head><title>Character Sheet for Trooper John Siemaszko</title></head><body bgcolor='#FFFFFF'><br><font face='Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular'><br><b>Player Name: </b>Lee Torres <br><b>Primary Alias of Character: </b>Trooper John Siemaszko (badge number 9355 / call sign 33-11)<br><b>Other Aliases: </b>"Johnny Something" - a nickname from fellow State Troopers unable to pronounce his surname*<br><b>Real Name: </b>John Steven Siemaszko, Jr. <br><b>Occupation: </b>Pennsylvania State Trooper <br><b>Base of Operations: </b>Troop K, Area V - Delaware, Montgomery, Philadelphia Counties; Troop HQ - Philadelphia.<br><b>Marital Status: </b>Divorced <br><b>Gender: </b>Male <br><b>Height: </b>6' 2"                   <b>Weight: </b>210 <br><b>Eyes: </b>Brown                  <b>Hair: </b>Brown <br><b>Race: </b>Human                  <b>Tech Level: </b>Modern (1)<br><hr align='left' width='60%'><b>Move: </b>10                       <b>Strength Damage: </b>1D <br><b># of armed or noncombat actions: </b>1 <br><b># of unarmed combat actions: </b>1 <br><b>Fate Points: </b>1 <br><b>Character Points: </b>5       <b>Body Points: </b>29 <br><b>Wound Levels:</b> <br> Stunned [  ] Body Points: 18 - 24 <br> Wounded [  ] Body Points: 12 - 17 <br> Severely Wounded [  ] Body Points: 6 - 11 <br> Incapacitated [  ] Body Points: 3 - 5<br> Mortally Wounded [  ] Body Points: 1 - 2 <br> Dead [  ] Body Points: 0<br><hr></font><font face='Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular'><b>Reflexes: 2D+1: </b><i>Brawling 3D+1, Dodge 3D+1</i><br><b>Coordination: 3D+1: </b><i>Marksmanship 3D+2, Piloting (Automobile) 5D+2</i><br><b>Physique: 3D+2: </b><i>Stamina 4D+2</i><br><b>Presence: 3D+1: </b><i>Command 4D+1, Willpower 4D+1</i><br><b>Knowledge: 2D+2: </b><i>Medicine 3D+2</i><br><b>Perception: 3D+2: </b><i>Investigation 5D+2, Know-how 4D+2, Streetwise 4D+2</i><br><b>Extranormal: 0D: </b><i></i><br><b></b><i></i><br><hr></font><font face='Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular'><b>Advantages:</b> Authority R2 (Pennsylvania State Police, Troop K)

Equipment: Patrol Cruiser - Ford Crown Victoria (R1)

<br><b>Disadvantages:</b> Employed R1, (Pennsylvania State Police)

Devotion R3 (Protect and Serve)<br><hr><b>Natural Abilities:</b> None<br><hr><b>Special Abilities/Powers:</b> None <br><hr></font><font face='Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular'><b>Equipment:</b> Glock Model 37 .45 semi-automatic pistol (damage 4D, ammo 10, range 10/45/90), Remington 870 pump shotgun (damage 6D, ammo 5, range 20/40/60) Maglight, 2 pairs of handcuffs, light kevlar vest (+2D+1), 2 extra clips, half-full (14 shells) box of 12 gauge rounds, Taser, Pepper spray, expandable ASP baton. <br><hr></font><font face='Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular'><b>Background:</b> 26 years old, of Polish-American descent. A 5-year veteran of the Pennsylvania State Police. Second generation to serve in the PSP - his father, John Siemaszko Sr., recently retired. John Siemaszko Jr. was born and raised in Scranton, PA.<br><br>Siemaszko was divorced (citing irreconcilable differences) from his wife Eileen 2 years ago, after a 2 year-long marriage. He resides in Bristol, Pennsylvania, East of Philadelphia.<br><br>* The nickname "Johnny Something" came about when Siemaszko first started with Troop K, and returned the phone call of his new boss, the Patrol Section Commander, a Lieutenant. The Sergeant that answered the phone could not make out Siemaszko's name, and so told the Lieutenant that "Johnny something" had called. It entertained the Lieutenant, a friend of Siemaszko's father, to the point that he introduced Siemaszko at roll call with the nickname. To his consternation, it has periodically resurfaced ever since.<br><hr></font><font face='Arial,Helvetica,Geneva,Swiss,SunSans-Regular'><b>Notes:</b> <br></font>


<a href="

http://s577.photobucket.com/albums/ss219/Pegasus_XO/?action=view&current=PSPbadge.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i577.photobucket.com/albums/ss219/Pegasus_XO/PSPbadge.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


I am a Pennsylvania State Trooper, a Soldier of the Law.


To me is entrusted the Honor of the Force. I must serve honestly, faithfully and, if need be, lay down my life as others have done before me, rather than swerve from the path of duty.


It is my duty to obey the law and to enforce it without any consideration of class, color, creed, or condition.


It is also my duty to be of service to anyone who may be in danger or distress and, at all times, so conduct myself that the Honor of the Force may be upheld.

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Character Name: Steven Fucillo

Aliases: "Stealin' Steve" "Stevesel" (a play on Weasel)

Occupation: Thief/Criminal

Base of Operations: Philadelphia

Marital Status: Single

Gender: Male

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 150

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Race: Human

Tech Level: Modern (1)



Move: 10

Strength Damage: 1D

# of armed or noncombat actions: 1

# of unarmed combat actions: 1

Fate Points: 1

Character Points: 5

Body Points: 28

Wound Levels:

Stunned [ ] Body Points: 18 - 24

Wounded [ ] Body Points: 12 - 17

Severely Wounded [ ] Body Points: 6 - 11

Incapacitated [ ] Body Points: 3 - 5

Mortally Wounded [ ] Body Points: 1 - 2

Dead [ ] Body Points: 0



Reflexes: 3D+2

-Acrobatics 3D+2

-Brawling 4D

-Climbing 4D

-Contortion 4D

-Dodge 4D+1

-Jumping 4D

-Melee Combat 4D

-Sneak 5D


Coordination: 3D+1

-Lockpicking 4D

-Marksman 3D+1

-Driving: Automobile 3D+2

-Sleight of Hand 4D+1

-Throwing 4D


Physique: 2D+2

-Running 3D+2

-Stamina 3D+1


Knowledge 2D

-Forgery 2D+1


Perception: 3D+2

-Gambling 4D

-Hide 5D

-Know-how 4D

-Search 4D+1

-Streetwise 5D

-Survival 4D+1

-Tracking 3D+2


Presence 2D+2

-Charm 3D+1

-Con 4D

-Persuasion 3D+1


Extranormal: 0D



Advantages: None



-Enemy R1: Police

-Prejudice R1: Criminal Record

-Addiction R1: Cigarettes



Equipment: Shabby clothes, Leather Jacket, Old Fake ID, Backpack



Background: 28 years old, a fairly non-descript, wiry guy with unkempt hair. He came from a broken home and saw many of his friends succomb to drugs and alcohol. He was constantly getting into trouble as a teenager. Always the sidekick, he's acted as a lookout for other criminals. Steve continued to bum off whomever he could to survive and has never held a steady job. He finally racked up enough petty crimes to merit a 2 year trip to the slammer. Even there, he continued to make himself useful by scrounging for whatever contraband he could acquire. He's been out of jail for a few years now and his personal relationships have been just as topsy-turvy as his criminal record. Not a truly evil guy, he simply has no direction or ambition and is willing to break the rules to get what he needs.



Notes: Never got a (legal) driver's license. Dislikes blood/fighting. Normally his first instinct is to flee a situation.

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((Ill rework this to fix the screwed up formatting and such later, but wanted to get this done before going to bed . . . just copy pasting from PM))


I actually had iodeas this time, sorry for the delay


Katherine (Kitty) Bennett (I still like the name)


Kitty's story started with her father, Gus Bennett. Gus Bennett was a brilliant


stockbroker in Manhattan, made lots of money, and decided to retire to the mountains


of Pennsylvania at a young age to escape the soul devouring monolith of the city.


Unfortunately Gus now had all this time on his hands and remembered Kung Fu movies


from his childhood and found the internet, these two passions ruled Gus's existence


quite happilly for a few years (Gus was a workaholic, and worked at enjoying himself


fiercely to the point of arguing minutai of movies noone had heard of on message




Then Gus met his one true love online. Well, so he thought, but sometime later he


found himself with divorce papers, half his fortune, and a kid. He wasnt precisely


certain how this had happened, but he decided to swear off the internet for good and


dedicate himself toward being the Greatest Parent Ever.


Unfortunately for his hapless child, Gus' ideas on 'Greatest Parent Ever' weren't


quite in line with the rest of reality, so his daughter wound up enrolled in a Kung


Fu class before she could walk. Gus spared no effort or exspense when it came to


raising his daughter, traveling all around the world, seeking out the best trainers


and tournaments, and enacting impressive and torturous training regimes on the rare


times they were home.


From infancy on Kitty's life was one constant whirlwind of training, and as such she


became very very good. But not quite good enough, as she was cut from the US


Olympic team. Her father took this as a horrible failure as a parent and wound up


in a mental institution and Kitty wound up as a ward of the state at a state


boarding school (which she didnt take very well, and thus has been in and out of the


police station a few times for starting adventures at police stations)



Endurance - all those training activities like painting houses, waxing cars, sitting


under waterfalls, getting the mail from the mailbox at the base of the mountain and


long training every day need endurance, so took it

Cultural Unfamiliarity - She has seen almost no TV, hasnt used a cellphone, no idea


who Hannah Montana is etc, and her dads idea of home schooling pretty much failed to


address things most people from Pennsylvania know about



Starting equipment


2 wooden swords

Bag (with her ID, some books, paper, etc normal stuff)


Str 3d6

-Lift 5d6

-Climb/Jump 4d6

-Swim 4d6

-Stamina 4d6



Dex 5d6

-Brawling 7d6

-Acrobatics 7d6

-Melee 7d6

-Dodge 7d6

-Sleight of Hand 6d6

-Throwing 6d6


Per 4d6

-Stealth 5d6

-Search 5d6



Kno 3d6

-Scholar 4d6

--Martial Arts 6d6

--Mythology 5d6

-Languages 4d6

-Survival 4d6

-Willpower 4d6


Mec 2d6


Tec 1d6


Metaphysics (Ki) 2d6

-Control 4d6

-Sense 4d6

-Alteration 4d6



-Endurance R1

-Signature Specialization: Swords

-Hardiness R1



-Youth R1

-Cultural Unfamiliarity R1




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