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D6, WEG, and The Rancor Pit


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Hello, WEG/D6 fans, 

I've been here since the beginning. Despite knowing it was inevitable, I am saddened to learn that this amazing website is coming to an end. I was not able to archive nearly as many threads as I hoped I would be able to. This website carries the legacy of the official WEG forums that the incarnations of this site continued. 

A few years ago, Magman suggested you visit the Rancor Pit, which according to Google is the world's leading independent internet forum devoted to the WEG Star Wars D6 RPG (formed in 2003). Star Wars D6 is the focus, but it is not all Star Wars. At the Pit, we have well developed forum guidelines, and we do have a forum category open to general posts about other D6 games, other WEG games, and the D6 system in general. You are all welcome at the Rancor Pit. If you are interested in registering, please see REGISTRATION and LOG-IN

Thank you Magman for this website and keeping its massive reservoir of RPG material online for so long. And thank you Grimace for all your dedication over the years. There are infinite possibilities. 

~ Whill

D6er for life and Steward of the Rancor Pit community.

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