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Raw Six - An Effortless OPEN D6 System


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In my constant tinkering of the Open D6 and Mini Six rules, one of my goals has always been to create a set of mechanics that provides the simplicity and flexibility needed for gaming in a convention (or time limited) setting. The prerequisites for this include being easy to teach, common consistency in core mechanics and allows genre specific rules to be easily bolted on.
My most recent attempt at this is Raw Six (http://www.unboundbook.org/MiniSixFanatic/?page_id=409), where I've pared back Open D6 to what I think are its fundamentals. However, I've also looked to add more player agency with a Stress mechanic, that allows characters to gain temporary advantages, at a longer term cost.
Raw Six leans heavily on the design philosophy of AntiPaladin Games' Mini Six rule set and I'm forever grateful for the efforts of Ray Nolan and Phil Morris.
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Hi All, I've finally completed an update to my #Rawsix interpretation of the OpenD6 rules (released now as Version 1.2). You can take a look at the current state of the system (as well as what has been updated) over at https://www.unboundbook.org/MiniSixFanatic/?page_id=409. As always, I'm happy to hear feedback and comments, especially as I'm also working on a specific modern, horror conspiracy setting for Raw Six (that will be more of a complete, stand-alone document).

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