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Question about wound levels

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For my fantasy campaign I was thinking about a darker more deadly tone so using wound levels sounded good. Problem is the d6 fantasy book doesn't really explain how that's determined. Unless I'm really misunderstanding the system. Either way could someone please help me get it? Thanks 

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Wound levels work as a series of penalties based on wound severity.

Every hit deals damage - (strength/physique + armor)

Then you go onto page 64 and look at the middle column on the table on the right-hand side of the page, labelled "Wound Levels".  Compare the damage to resistance total. 

If it's 16 or more damage the character is killed immediately.

13-15 the character is mortally wounded, if you look down at the bottom it tells you what penalties the character suffers at this stage of wound.

9-12 is incapacitated, the character is allowed to attempt a mettle or stamina check to stay conscious, wound penalties are applied.

Severely Wounded only happens if a character is (standard) wounded twice.

4-8 damage is a standard wound. -1D to all actions (except soak rolls) until the wound is treated.

1-3 damage the character is stunned which is a temporary -1D to actions for the remainder of the current round and the next.

0 or less means the character is bruised.  Their toughness absorbed all actual damage. 

Each additional wound moves your character 1 step more severe, a character only suffers penalties from their most severe wound level, you do not compound wound penalties.


Hopefully this makes sense.

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With my upcoming games, I'm planning on combining wound penalties/levels with health points just to make my PCs a little bit tougher.


Before I forget to mention it: damage resistance rolls are never penalized for wounds and I don't think strength damage for outgoing damage is penalized either.

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Added addendum for damage resistance and damage output rolls not affected by wound penalties.
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It shouldn't be hard.  Instead of having wounds on a 1-16 scale like with standard wound levels, they'll have their Health Points, and as those diminish, they start accruing wound penalties.  They have the mechanics already listed in D6 Fantasy.  It just becomes % of max health = x wound level.

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Many years ago, back in the 90s, I melded Wound levels and Health Points together.  I used it in my fantasy game long before D6 Fantasy ever came out.  I got the idea from the "D6 System" cookbook.  Worked like a charm for years of playing with multiple people!


Basically the Health Points were calculated and kept track of.  When a character was hit, they roll Constitution+armor to resist the damage.  If any damage exceeded the resistance, the difference was subtracted from the Health Point total.

If the character lost from 1 to 10% of their Health, they were considered "Scratched", meaning they suffered -1D penalty for the rest of the round and the next round, then back to normal results.

From 11% to 25% of Health lost, the character was "Wounded".  -1D to all but resistance rolls until healed.

From 26% to 50% of Health lost was "Wounded Twice".  -2D to all rolls but resistance until healed.

From 51- 75% of Health lost was "Incapacitated".  Person had to make a roll to avoid being knocked unconscious, was certainly knocked prone, and was at -3D to all rolls until healed

From 76 to 100% of Health lost was "Mortally Wounded".  Character was knocked unconscious for amount of time, and when regain consciousness, was at -4D to all rolls until healed and would lose 1 Health point each round until either they passed away or were healed enough to be out of "Mortally Wounded" category.  

More than 100% of Health lost and the character was Dead.


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