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I've read and reread the magic chapter in d6 fantasy but I didn't see anything that restricts magic users from wearing armor. Maybe I've missed it somehow but it seems that a wizard running around throwing magic bolts while wearing full plate it a tad over powered. If that's the case, does anyone have a good house rule for limiting that? Thanks 

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Well, I designed my own magic systems, so my magic users have to "tap into" the energies around them in order to have the oomf to cast their spells.  Armor inhibits that ability, roughly equivalent to the amount of the body the armor covers.  So it doesn't flat out deny the magic users the ability to wear armor, but it does diminish how effective their magic is while they are wearing it.  Usually the magic user wears minimal armor, so as to be protected, but not so covered as to make the ineffective with their spell casting.

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