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I have been working a hobby project of late that I have dubbed Chimera.  Chimera is my attempt to replace the OpenD6 Special Abilities by splicing in the power building system from HERO System games.  I am fully aware of the excellent D6 powers book... I own and have used it but I do things a little bit differently and have my own ideas that I wanted to test out.  I have also been dropping in my own house rules that I have accumulated over the years and have created a draft of a genreless system.  It's still very obviously OpenD6, it looks and feels the same but I have added in my own house rules.

Chimera is a still a work in progress at 87 pages but it is mostly ready to play.  I need to finish writing the equipment section and provide some sample characters.

If there's any interest in what I've been up to I would be happy to share the project here.

This is a personal hobby project... I'm not looking to make money off this.  I'm soliciting feedback from fans of OpenD6 so that I can make Chimera better.

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I ran my first playtest session last night on Roll20.net with 6 players and things went pretty well.  It was my first time using Roll20.net and I am super impressed with it... I found a script that handles the D6 wild die mechanic and added it to the game so rolling was easy.  I also created a custom character sheet for the game and it made things a whole lot easier as well.

Some general notes:

  • I would like to condense a couple of skills
    • Throwing, Missile Weapons, Marksmanship... combine ot one skill (Marksmanship?)
    • Tech and Repair... just Tech
    • Con and Persuasion... just Persuasion
  • The skill "Dodge" and secondary attribute "Dodge" is confusing
    • Rename the secondary attribute to something like Evasion
  • I let the players choose between taking away one die or tacking a complication on a critical failure
    • Reminds me of the Apocalypse game engine devils bargain (or whatever they called it)
    • Worked well, will definately keep doing it that way


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Giving the option when a critical failure occurs is neat, and a good idea.  It's similar to a number of other games and offers up the opportunity to expand or change things on the fly.  


I'm curious about your skill of Dodge and proposed secondary attribute of Evasion.  Is that not the same thing?  What does one do that the other does not?


Good to hear that your first playtest ran relatively smoothly!

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On 4/12/2020 at 11:32 PM, Grimace said:

I'm curious about your skill of Dodge and proposed secondary attribute of Evasion.  Is that not the same thing?  What does one do that the other does not?

The Evasion secondary attribute is a calculated number much like how static defenses work in Mini Six.  It replaces the default 10 TN used to hit someone and is calculated as follows: Dodge Die Code x3.5 + pips.  Players can perform a "Full Evasion" maneuver and add +10 to that number if they want to... I'm thinking about instituting a rule that works something like roll your dodge skill and take it if it's higher... still thinking about it.  

I've actually been having a very hard time coming up with the multiplier and don't particularily like the 3.5 multiplier I'm using.  I considered 3 but feel like it favors the attacker too much, 4 favors the defender and 3.5 keeps things relatively equal.

My goal is to keep things fast and to reduce the amount of rolling.

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