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Hello all,

Due to the re-release of first edition I am finally able to dig in. I missed it's big time. I really enjoy what I read so far. I had a look at open D6 a while ago and found it too detailed for my current tastes. Minisix was interesting but a bit too light without a good background. Now with first edition I feel is a good base to add stuff too. Now, it is highly unlikely I will ever get a substantial amount of extra books. Hence:What is the must have material I should get my hands on?

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Welcome to WEG Star Wars!  Once you go WEG, you won't want any other.

As for "must have" material, since you got the special 30th Anniversary set, I would say you have the essential!  The main RPG and the Star Wars Sourcebook!  I've used the Sourcebook for so much, as it's jam packed with Star Wars good stuff!  

If you're really itching to pick up some other 1st edition sourcebooks, I would look for the following 3:

Rebel Alliance Sourcebook

Imperial Sourcebook

Tramp Freighters


All three of those give you so much to go on, you can run massive amounts of adventures with those and the two books you start with in the Anniversary set.  


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Classic Adventures is decent if you are hurting to come up with ideas for adventures.  But honestly, I think after you read through the first two books you have, you'll probably have plenty of ideas for adventures.  So I don't know if I would call Classic Adventures an "essential" addition.  It's decent, but not essential.

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