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  1. 1. Should this forum stay open?

    • Yes, long live D6
    • Nope, let it rest in peace.

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Traffic here on the forums has been nonexistent the last few months.   This question whether keeping it going is even worth it.  I understand that the D6 rules an old thought of the yesteryears and nothing new is being introduced.   Topics for conversation is hard pressed to come by.    Whil, a past moderator of this forums, and a long supporter of Star Wars D6 has taken over the popular Forum Rancor Pit ( http://www.rancorpit.com/forums/index.php ).  There are communities out there for everybody's interest, the Rancor Pit is a good example.   Perhaps, general D6 just isn't enough to keep interest alive.   So I figured I would give the community a voice to let me know what they think and make a case for either side here. 


Should the forums stay open and why he nobody is coming.


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You're right, it's become niche, if not else by the passage of time alone with little to no new publications in recent years directly tied to D6 System/OpenD6.

It would still be nice to have a unifying platform for D6 games to exist in a more traditional format, but I agree it's not much help if there aren't many users.


The size of existing communities on other platforms are quite telling about the general situation. even compared to Star Wars D6.

                           OpenD6     vs     Star Wars D6

Facebook:                56       vs         940

Google+:                650       vs         2900

Reddit:                     65          vs.      560

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I think that whatever it happens to openD6, this forum is an invaluable source of information for anything we ask about D6 rules, ideas, etc. There is almost always someone who has written something about what you're looking for. Invaluable !

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Well, while I would love to still have this forum, if it has become a burden financially or time-wise, then I would say do what is right by you, Magman.


I pop back in here every now and then to see if there's anything new.  And it HAS been really slow here the last few months.  There are also incredibly few of us left posting here.  But I still get a familiar feel when I come here.  This place is like Cheers, long after the regulars have passed away.  It's not flashy and new, but you still feel like those people here still "know your name".  


So I vote for keeping it....  IF you can still afford it monetarily and in the time commitment.  

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Currently, it's $40 a month, so $480 a year for the forums.  Right now, money is not an issue for me, so the monthly fee isn't driving any decisions.   With nothing going on, finding it hard to justify why it exists.  Maybe I will let it go a few more months during which I  play around with setting it up on a Home Web Server.   There will be little thought on it then having it run in the background.






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A person could say that this site exists as a way to allow people to see the possibilities of what can be with OpenD6.  Yes, it's not the most active.  But there IS information on this site that will be helpful for those who might become interested.  And some of us do come in here to see if there is ever new developments with the site.  I'm happy to provide information or ideas for people if I can.  And this way is superior, in my opinion, to anything in social media.  It conveys more, and keeps the material easy to find, contrary to social media.  


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Yeah, independence from the social media platforms have many advantages.

1. The stability of a traditional forum is good, as is the domain name that have been linked to and mentioned all over the place in rpg-related threads and discussions elsewhere. 

2.here we can keep some form of anonymity, and don't have to associate our most personal accounts with   as

2. some groups can't be accessed without having an account, like the FB group(that I have yet to been accepted into). the G+ is public to watch(but haven't been accepted there either)

3. The format and accessibility for social media platforms can change, and saving content from them (for the future or a migration) can harder than a traditional forum.


Of course, having a site isn't free, at least owning a domain name isn't iirc. I'd see minor ads being a viable option if that is/or becomes an issue.


I did recently start updating the OpenD6 wikia with the intention of making it the best and most attractive option for collecting info on WEG, D6 and OpenD6 games, and have links to all associated pages and such, but it's worth little compared to having a forum where people can come together. (Okay I guess there are forums capabilities on the wikia-platfrom but it doesn't seem that great. ) 

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Yeah I'd say so too. The OpenD6 have essentially only the G+ community, with virtually no smaller alternative elsewhere exept here, there exist some small 50ish people FB group.

But that isn't much compared how SWD6 have an equally active FB group and G+ community with lots of more members, as well as a minimal reddit page, so SWD6 will probably spread out over more places than rest of the D6 community in general

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