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Theory on the new Realm Books

Green Dragon

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The previews for the Living Land have revealed that the book will include a section on Merretika/The Land Below.  This has me thinking, might there be a related realm/cosm section in each realm book?

(Note: I am assuming the books will include sections on the home cosm - Takta Ker, Aysle, Magna Verita, Khem, Tharkold, [Gokuraku? Marketplace? whatever the new name will be], Gaea.)

My theories:

Cyberpapacy - The GodNet.  This seems almost certain to me, since it is a needed section in any event.

Nile Empire - Terra.  In the realm preview video, it was promised that Rocket Rangers would be returning.

Orrorsh - Tz'Ravok.  There were other possibilities that occurred to me, but Ravagons are going to be around, and their home cosm would be a useful detail.

Total wild guesses: Aysle - Star Sphere (If you know what it is, you know why), Tharkold - Kadandra (or maybe just the Grid).

No Clue: Pan-Pacifica - the replacement for Nippon-Tech is so different, I'm not sure what the plan is for it.  (Though I suspect the Miracle of Sacramento is still coming.)

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