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Heh, I was having troubles also......

I had forgot to tell one player they could post hope they can post soon. 

The plan is everyone is on the same ship. I am going to have one NPC that had hired passage to get to the system. He is looking for an old shipment of AT-PTs, that he thinks went to this system. He has a large crate with door that he spends most of his time in.

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Greetings all! I look forward to enjoying some escape time with you all.

As for background connective tissue between all of us.
A good information broker is always on the look out for talent to help him in his endeavors. 
An astromech for navigation
A pilot
A mechanic

There is a start.

The astromech, can be a fairly easy addition, he was acquired either via barter or in lieu of payment for services rendered. Assuming that Kytross has no problem with his character being viewed as property. 

The pilot can be a hired hand, someone who was helped out of a troubling spot, or something different.

The mechanic, being that he is a Verpine, could be a tinkerer with a love and fascination of technology and naturally earned his place on the team as the mechanic/tinkerer.

Just some ideas to toss around, perhaps open up a discussion or dialogue with everyone to help nail down a few specifics.

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I don't mind being considered property for the moment.  When you're on the run from the Empire, being a used astromech owned by an info chant sounds like a good cover. 

I don't know what your character skills are, but I have a feeling your guys are expecting J3 to handle the repair roles as well as the astrogation.  I actually see J3 as taking care of a lot of little inconveniences and problems in a quiet fashion to keep things running smoothly with a very low profile.  It is amazing what you can accomplish when people don't pay attention to you.

If I am reading this right, then Krack is the NPC that hired us to bring him to this system in search of lost AT-PTs, the guy who spends all his time in his crate.   Is that right Savar? 

So Ashlan owns the ship, and he hired Alaric as his pilot?  Is everyone cool with that?

Is it alright if Ashland acquired J3 awhile before he hired Alaric?  Maybe Alaric is a relatively recent hire who has been with us for a few months or so?  Going off your character profiles J3 would be very suspicious of Alaric's skill as a pilot, likely thinking that Alaric 'lied on his resume' as it were. 

On the other hand, as two individuals from well-off families who chose to gallivant across the galaxy, I imagine Alaric and Ashlan get along rather  famously.  Is Ashlan the kind of farghul to prefer someone who he gets along with well over a more skilled pilot?  As long as he can do the job of a pilot that is. 

Just a few ideas.  Let me know what you think.  If you like them I can have a post up shortly. 

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