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I just thought that I would say a quick "Hi there!" to the forum.


Hi, I'm Kage2020 aka Matthew Kage. I've been a gamer for a while and have tinkered with some systems--not as many as many others--which for the last decade has primarily included GURPS and EABA as well as explorations with a number of other generic systems (I prefer generic systems). One of those systems that I tinkered with back in the day was WEG's Star Wars and I loved it but didn't get to play around too much for it--c'est la gaming group.


I'm coming back to d6 after fond memories of Star Wars and a general preference for generic systems. With my current project I've been jumping from system to system looking for one that does the kind of things that I need to do at the right kind of level of crunch and cinematic action. At the moment that current project is to handle an interpretation (not strictly conversion) of the Earthdawn, Shadowrun, and (unofficially) Equinox meta-setting.


For what it is worth, it was Godsend Agenda that brought me back to the fold (as it were, and hopefully). I love that setting for its mythical backdrop even despite the fact that it's not a genre (supers) that I'm a fan of.


My first project is re-creating the "elemental correspondence magic system" into d6. Third time's the charm. :D

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