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D6 Online 3.0

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I'd had an interesting idea. It can't be reverse engineered into existing games, and requires a lot of rewriting of things but might make Tharkold a bit less broken.


Do away with "Tharkold" entirely, and incorporate it into Magna Verita. Perhaps Malraux tried to invade Kadandra instead of Kranod, and the Cyberpapacy happened as a result of that.

Basically use Cyberpapacy Axioms and World Laws - maybe a slightly higher Magic axiom. Emphasize the Apocalypse. And the Devil's Footsoldiers are Techno-Demons, armed with Occultech. The benefits of Law of Ferocity get worked in as Natural Tools of the demons, maybe some elements of Domination as well.

Human society is essentially the Cyberpapacy as presented, for which Players can be sympathetic. And the forces of the Antichrist and Satan include not "Demon Lords" or "Princes" with names like "Thratchen" or "Kranod" but "Asmodeus", "Mephistopheles" and the other "Dukes" and "Princes" of Hell.


Just a random idea I had and mulled for a bit.

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It was rumored way back that there had been a plan for the blasted remains of Tharkold to be absorbed into the GodNet and form the basis of its Hell region, but obviously that idea didn't go anywhere. I had toyed with using variations on that idea over the years but never got very far developing any of them.

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BTW, could the Law of Heretical Magic be considered as a way to support Occultech devices such as Spellchips? Say if it were created using Faith:Fallen?

I could see maybe an inversion of that idea, that the demons develop Occultech as a way to get around the LoHM, in essence tricking the WL into thinking what you're doing is technology, not magic.

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