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D6 Online 3.0

Some new Torg news coming?

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A friend who's in a Google+ Torg group passed along a cryptic message that was posted there yesterday, it said


"The Storm Has a Name...Find out more on Tuesday, July 21st...or at GenCon 2015!"


and was accompanied by a picture of two red and blue d20s.


Maybe it's only going to be some Torg dice being made, maybe Ulisses Spiele is finally doing something with the property. I've been hoping that the game's 25th anniversary wouldn't pass without something happening, so perhaps tomorrow will have some interesting news.

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That's an INCREDIBLE pic of Mobius, the best I've ever seen. Bodes well for the new line's art direction, I think.

I dunno, compared to the original Mobius art he's holding the gun in the wrong hand, he's practicing better trigger discipline, there's no infinity sign on the hood...I'm not sure that it's actually Mobius. ;)

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Guest Cloudshadow76

Not specifically related to Mobius/Not-mobius, but another thing that jumps out at me is that the yin-yang devices alongside the logo are not the old eternity shard red/blue mix. They are just obsidian with blue-ish lightning streaked through it.

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