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Newly Discovered Torg Photo I Never Knew Existed

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Been spending the last week and a bit looking through concept art (for various reasons, but all related to Storm Knights). Then, just tonight, I stumbled upon the following Torg photo in the portfolio of a cover artist:




The photo is called “Stormers”, and it was commissioned by Humanoids Publishing (WEG’s owners after the bankruptcy). It has, quite clearly, characters from the Cyberpapacy, Core Earth, Aysle, and the Nile Empire. There is a ruined city in the background, with a storm brewing, and they’ve killed some sort of monster.


Nowhere does it say “Torg”, but the conclusion is clear.


Anyway, check it out. It isn’t the best 3-D cover I’ve ever seen, but I’ve seen far worse. (Recently, in fact. Quite a lot of it.)


And, by way of updates, I am working on the Storm Knights setting and mechanics pretty much full time right now. I don’t have anything post-worthy yet, though I am working on a Tharkold series. As soon as I do, I’ll let fly.


Cheers! : )

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Interesting. I wonder if that was being considered for the R&E or if there was another product it might have been used with.


Similarly, about a month ago I was pointed to an alternate wraparound cover idea for the R&E by the same artist who did the cover that WEG did use. Unfortunately WEG at the time thought a wraparound cover would be too expensive so they didn't go with it, I think it would have looked really good.



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