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D6 Online 3.0

What can a designer change in OpenD6

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We all know that OpenD6 is based off of the core books like D6 System Book, D6 Fantasy and so on. And any material found within those core books are fare game in regards to the Open Gaming License.


The question I have is how much can we change the system from the core books? I've seen several examples such as mini 6 and so on that do this but what is the real limit that you can change and still be in compliance with OGL.

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, but you can "change" OGC all you want because it's open game content. That's the whole point. However, you can't use "Product Identity". So, for example, you can revise the rules to look like the SW d6 rules, for instance, but including "blaster" and "lightsaber" skills might be problematic, because those aren't in the OGC in d6 Space. And PI includes trademarks, so you can't call your new d6 game "Fires of Amatsumara", for instance.


Also, you can't put the genie back in the bottle. In other words, if you cut and paste d6 Space into a new book and call it "openspace rpg", you can call it "Product Identity" if you want, but you'd never be able to enforce a copyright claim because your entire game is already OGC by virtue of d6 Space making it OGC. Once something is released into the wild as open game content, it can't be closed again.


If, for instance, you change the game by using d8s, make it a wild west gunfighting game, and make playable races only out of reptile-men. You could call all those things, the names you give them, the text you use to describe them, product identity. If you declare those OGC, someone else could take them and use them as part of their recipe for a new game someday.

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barrataria hit it right on the nose!


Make all the changes you want, then decide whether you want those changes to be PI (Product Identity) or Open content. The whole goal of OpenD6 was to have people pick and choose whatever they wanted out of the open content to make the games or products they wanted, but then to also give back to OpenD6 by making any new rules Open content as well, so other people can include them in their products if they wanted.


Just don't go claiming something that is already protected by copyright (again, as mentioned above in that very well-written post) is PI for your material. You'll lose that fight in a court of law. That includes ALL of the names and trademarks for all of the Star Wars material, plus anything found in materials published by Khepera Publishing (the have a separate license for D6 and do NOT fall under OpenD6).

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I just read through the OGL text.


It seems that elements specific to rules including any changes you make must be classified as Open Content. For example, if your rules modify the existing D6 system such that Attributes and Skills can go up to xD+3 rather than the normal xD+2 limit, this modification would still be considered Open Content.


PI rather refers more to the universe or background you create and special abilities, spells, characters and equipment you invent for the system along with any artwork.


Am I correct in that?



Simpler question: Can a new game mechanic that is sufficiently unique from the core D6 OGL be considered PI?


For example, say I create a portion of rules that deals with building a custom castle in which the core D6 mechanic has little part. Would this be considered PI even though it's a rule mechanic involving the D6 System?

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Yes, you could make a completely new mechanic PI, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of OGL. Just think if the creators of Mini Six did that. You wouldn't be able to use any of their material. So do a favor to those who may very much enjoy your new mechanic.... make it OGL (non-PI) so others can use that idea in their works just like you may use some works from others in your work.


If you want to keep aspects of a SETTING as PI, then by all means do so. That way only you can legally expand on that setting. But if it's a mechanic for D6, consider putting it into OGL so that others can use it in future works as well.

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