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Hi all.


I've been a bit of a fan of the d6 system since WEG came out with their Star Wars game many years ago. And like that is its now and open and usable system for anyone. My current game has been running with Fudge rules for sometime now and there are a few aspects of the d6 system that like better. In fact there are more than a few. So I'm in the process of converting everything over from Fudge to d6. I did this once before when I converted everything from d20 to Fudge.


The one aspect of d6 that I really don't care for is how skills are related to attributes. Not that their shouldn't be a connection but just how deep the connection goes in the d6 base system. The standard of 6 attributes and you get 18d for them and then you get 7d for your skills. Because any skill you don't put dice into you have at your default attribute level.


I've seen an example of no attributes in a d6 system where you get 15d for skills but that takes it to the other extreme. I like to use both attributes and skills. But I want characters to have to put dice in a skill to get any dice out of a skill. Defaulting to an attribute would still be possible in some cases (unless they want to use a skill that you have to have some form of training of course.) But I don't like it at the attribute dice level. As anyone done this already? I can't be the only one.

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Are you still coming to this forum? I missed this question, apparently, way back in June.


I started a system that used only a few dozen "Traits" which were both skills and attributes, and could be customized by one or two sub-traits, sort of like Ghostbusters, but without mechanics for all of it. Like "Academic" was a trait, but you could then take "Lawyer" as a sub-trait or essentially Talent, but also you could use the main trait for ANYTHING. Need to figure out how plumbing works, you'd still use Academic with a GM devised penalty for how difficult and unlikely your character would be to know something. I stalled and am torn now.

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I honestly haven't tried anything but the typical attribute / skill system myself, so I don't have anything practical to contribute here.


However, I'm thinking that you could maybe choose to default all skills to 0D, but maintain their link to an attribute. You could then give the players a higher number of skill dice to assign than normal, and offer a benefit for improving skills at less than or equal to the attribute die code - one die being equal to two at this level, or one pip being equal to a full die.


For example, with Agility at 4D, when raising Acrobatics (linked to Agility and starting at 0D):


1 - 1D=2D: It would be two skill dice to raise Acrobatics to 4D, then three dice for 5D, four for 6D, and so on.


2 - 1 pip=1D: It would cost 1D+1 skill dice to take Acrobatics to 4D (4 pips = 1D+1), then 2D+1 for 5D, 3D+1 skill dice to get to 6D, and so on.


Just throwing a suggestion out there. Like I said, never tried it myself, so you might have to fiddle with it if that sounds like a good idea to you. Good luck!

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