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Hi J!

Welcome to the board!  I have some things to share, but unfortunately, things have been super busy for me of late, and as such I haven't had enough time to sit down and really give my reply the attention it needs.  If you'll just be a little patient, I have a day off tomorrow and I'll try to contribute well enough to make your patience worthwhile.

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So, I've been re-thinking how I'm going to do magic in my conversions/games. I came across my first spellcaster conversion while doing the Sunless Citadel for a solo play:  Belak the Outcast. 

I updated my conversion document to 2.0 including the new (A)Magic skills, and new weapon damage conversion guidelines. Conversion Guidelines v. 2.0.pdf

Someone did a HELL LOT OF WORK..   I bought it and it saved me muuucho work as it is a very nicely done conversion from d20 to d6. Not mainly monsters, but spells, races and others.. ht

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