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Hi J!

Welcome to the board!  I have some things to share, but unfortunately, things have been super busy for me of late, and as such I haven't had enough time to sit down and really give my reply the attention it needs.  If you'll just be a little patient, I have a day off tomorrow and I'll try to contribute well enough to make your patience worthwhile.

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So, I've been re-thinking how I'm going to do magic in my conversions/games. I came across my first spellcaster conversion while doing the Sunless Citadel for a solo play:  Belak the Outcast. 

I updated my conversion document to 2.0 including the new (A)Magic skills, and new weapon damage conversion guidelines. Conversion Guidelines v. 2.0.pdf

Someone did a HELL LOT OF WORK..   I bought it and it saved me muuucho work as it is a very nicely done conversion from d20 to d6. Not mainly monsters, but spells, races and others.. ht

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On 4/28/2021 at 1:19 PM, J. Quint said:
I've read -with a lot of intrest- some of your posts Durran, Grimace, splipshot762... And I would love to read your advice and opinions about how to better achieve my designer goals, which –in essence– are the following:
  • Simple mechanics but not ultra-light. A midway between DnD/BX & Mini Six (if that makes any sense).

Thank you for the kind words! 

From the way that I read it, Mini Six is already kind of the midway between OpenD6 and DnD/BX.  So, if I'm understanding you correctly you want something that is more crunchy than Mini Six or leaning more towards DnD?


Modular / exportable system. I want my “main” setting to be “epic fantasy”, but I also want be able to export the basic rules to play in other genres/settings (ala Mini Six) –weird west, modern paranormal, tiny anthropomorphic insects battling arachnid monsters, legends and myths form Mesoamerica… you name it–.

The easiest way to the make something cross genre is to make your skill names and uses as vague as possible, that way it comes down to the imagination of the GM or the Player to figure out what skill to roll.

On 4/28/2021 at 1:19 PM, J. Quint said:

A compact booklet, total of 6-10 pages.

Okay, 6-10 pages is a good goal for a super rules lite game, not for something more in depth.  Mini Six is 38 pages.  So, I would suggest trying to aim for somewhere around there in length.  If you go over it by a couple of pages, no biggie.

On 4/28/2021 at 1:19 PM, J. Quint said:
So this is the current skeleton of my system:
  • Base mechanics adapted from OpenD6/Mini Six: D6 dice pool, 4 Attributes -Str, Dex, Wit & Cha- and related 16 skills, no specializations, wound chart.
  • Genre concepts inspired by BX/OSE/5e: 4 races, 4 classes, and some feats (all of them, races, classes and feats, in the form of perks that you can buy), roll for initiative every round, some random tables for encounters, rumors and mishaps, etc. https://oldschoolessentials.necroticgnome.com/srd/index.php/Game_Statistics
  • Item & Spell Slots. Some specific mechanics adapted form Knave by Ben Milton and 5e (spell slots linked to the PC memory skill). https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/250888/Knave

It looks like you've got a decent start for a meaty version of Mini Six.

If you really want to have something that is super short and simple and can go cross genre, then I would check Risus: The Anything RPG.


It might be a good start for you. I know you said that you didn't want anything too rules lite, but you can then bulk up to your 6-10 pages with some BX/DnD inspiration if you want.

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