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D6 Online 3.0

Breachworld featuring the use of Mini6

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I saw this mentioned on http://www.antipaladingames.com/ and immediately jumped on board. I've been burned out on all the very late/unfulfilled Kickstarters and was kind of avoiding the whole thing. However, I backed this one for a few reasons: I believe in supporting D6 (and especially Mini Six), I always wanted to play in a Rifts-style game but never got into the original (this setting seems more like Gamma World meets Rifts, so a double win), and the publisher apparently already has much of the writing and artwork completed. He's even released a free 77 page preview (link is on the main Kickltarter page).


I really hope this one makes it. It started out strong but seems to have flattened out a bit lately.

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At the time I came across Mini Six, I was looking for something as rules-lite as possible so that I could spend most of the time creating interesting settings/worlds and RPing and less time understanding the rules, explaining the rules, or having rules get in the way of how I envisioned a character or an encounter. This was before I discovered Fate (which solves those same problems in an unexpected way) or gave Savage Worlds a fair shake and it got me back into playing after much too long a hiatus. In other words, it fit my needs as perfectly as I understood them then.

Any D6 system is going to let you tinker, and I have certainly done that with Mini Six, but from picking up the rulebook to sitting at a table took next to no time at all (once I found a group, that is) and the games themselves flow very quickly and smoothly, even when players are new (to the system or to RPGs at all). It doesn't get much simpler, less intimidating, or easy to pick up than Mini Six vs any other system I have come across.

I guess this is more of a post about why I originally chose Mini Six over any other system, but that idea about picking up a short, easily-digested rulebook with rules boiled down for clarity and ease of use applies to picking Mini Six over other D6 variants also.

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