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[minisix] best wah to make a Draugr?

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Draugr. I'm doing a Norse/Germanic style setting and I'm starting with mini six since I'm playing with my two sons. Tnis is what I have so far.


Might 4d

Agility 2d+2

Wit 3d+1

charm 0d


Dodge 13

Block 18


Soak 18


Skills: Sword 5d+2, Brawling 6d, Dodge 4d+1


the high soak is due to chainmail armor.


Considering the traits given for the Draugr, what would be the best perks and complications that would work for undead like this? I mean this is meant to be a "boss" type baddy with skeletons and zombies as minions.

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Well, reading over the wiki article, it seems like you could have:


A list of 6 random abilities (Shape Shifting, Weather Control, Future Vision, Dream Walker, Curse with Disease, ), and a die roll is made to see which ability that particular Draugr has.


A complete resistance to weapon damage. Can only suffer damage from physical hand-to-hand damage.

The ability to turn into misty vapor once per day.

The ability to pass through stone as if it were swimming through water.


Complications are along the lines of Foul Stench (gives away it's location for anyone making a Moderate Wit/Tracking roll), Iron Weakness (can suffer injury, but not be killed, by anything made of iron. Will cause creature to retreat if injured too badly), Greedy Vengeance (if anyone comes within 20m of the creature's tomb, the Draugr will immediately stop everything it might be doing elsewhere and immediately return to it's tomb to viciously attack any living beings near it, as though it assumed all were grave robbers intent on stealing it's body).



You'd have to figure out what sort of quality of abilities you'd want the special ability to be.

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When creating a draugr, you have to consider who he was in life. For instance, Thráinn, from Hromund Gripsson's Saga, was known as the Witch-King in life, so he would still have his sorcerous knowledge.


Many draugr seemed to be immune to normal weapons (Thráinn was specifically noted as such), but that could be either because of their supernatural nature, or because of magical abilities they already had in life (at least one saga notes that berserkers, for example, can blunt weapons by looking at them). This could be reflected in an increased Soak, or maybe as immunity to specific forms of damage (immunity to slashing and piercing damage, for example).


Do you allow heroic human beings to increase their attributes beyond 4D? If you do, I'd suggest increasing Might to 5D.

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Grimice, Thorvald, thanks for the reply.


I think k thee shp shifting ability is the only one I want for this guy. I want the kids to be able to kill him wit their weapons. Stench is good one too. I'm gonna keep it simple for mini six. once I get a used copy of D6 Fantasy, I'll upgrade the draugr.


Thorvald, I'm think he was a greedy king who was slain by his revolting people and cursed himself to not rest until he got his revenge.


Again, thanks. I think I have a good idea how to finish him up.

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