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D6 Online 3.0

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If you could change any one thing from the original weg d6 game mechanics, what would it be, and why?

I want opinions, no right or wrong answers, no judgments. Just looking for some honest dialogues on the topic.


For me, it was always, after a time, adding up so many dice. I enjoyed the feeling of a superior dice pool, but I always felt like it needed some paring down.



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I think D6 Legend solved most of my issues. 1) Eliminates huge swings in results, 2) Quicker play, 3)Prevents an arms race for items whihc offer bonuses since any bonus remains significant longer, and 4) Less granular encouraging a more free form style of play. These are all things regular D6 accomplishes but rapidly moves aways from as the characters gain experience. D6 Legend postpones this effect until much later in the playing cycle and with minor GM imposed limits can avoid it entirely. Similar limits in regular D6 only somewhat ameliorate the situation leaving the only real option being that of using the quick roll tables where any dice over 5 are simply a +3. Well most players like rolling the dice. So just some of my issues with Old D6.

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Hmm, let's see...


1) Too many skills. Star Wars had something like 10 different Repair skills! Plus, the concept of Advanced skills would work well for a spellcasting skill or similar, but I hardly think it was needed for things like Medicine. So, I pared down the skill list - a lot.


2) Too many dice. Don't get me wrong, it's fun rolling a lot of dice, but there came a time when nearly everybody in the table was rolling lots of dice for every single skill check. The main culprit, in my opinion, were Specializations; they were too cheap to increase, so it wasn't unusual to have characters with DEX 4D, Blasters 5D and Blaster Pistol 10D. So, at first I limited Specializations to a single +1D over the main skill, but then I felt they didn't really add anything to the game ("Your character prefers to use axes instead of swords? Fine, use an axe instead of a sword; no need for him to have additional dice because of that", "Do you really, REALLY need your character to be better at running long distances than sprinting?"), so I just removed them.


3) The difficulty table. In my opinion, multiples of 5 don't really work with d6s, so I changed the difficulties to multiples of 4 (Very Easy - 4, Easy - 8, Moderate - 12, etc.).

Also, I changed a bit the way I envision the difficulty table. For instance, "Moderate" should be something of moderate difficulty for a hero/adventurer, not for a regular person; that way, I don't have to constantly use higher difficulties for feats of daring, and the players don't feel they either need large amounts of dice or their PCs will fail a lot. Nowadays, I just rename the difficulties: Easy - 4, Moderate - 8, Challenging - 12, Difficult - 16, Very Difficult - 20, and so on.

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Too many dice... The main culprit, in my opinion, were Specializations; they were too cheap to increase, so it wasn't unusual to have characters with DEX 4D, Blasters 5D and Blaster Pistol 10D...

If I were limited to changing one thing? Getting rid of the pointless dice creep between editions (examples below assume human characters):


1E: Dex 4D + Blasters 2D = 6D max

2E: Dex 4D + Blasters 2D + Blaster Pistol (spec) 1D = 7D max

D6 Space: Dex 5D + Blasters 3D + Blaster Pistol (spec) 3D = 11D max


By comparison, Han Solo (at BOE) had Heavy Blaster 10D. Lando (at BOE) had a Con 9D. The average roll of 11D is 38.5, which means a beginning character has more than a 50/50 chance of succeeding at a Legendary (31+) task.


I'd love to see a version of Open D6 that took the game back to First Edition and carefully added new features based on modern game developments. Mini-6 comes close, effectively going back to 2E in terms of specializations (and thankfully prohibiting specializations in combat skills.)


Edit: Basically I'm agreeing with Thorvald, which is why I quoted him.

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