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So if anybody is looking to get a website re-skinned or made responsive, I am willing to take some time to do it.


I helped with this site (recently):



The missing content was missing prior to my working on it, and the owner will be filling it in. I found him via FB. I'm taking some bottles of Bourbon as payment from him. I also might accept a nominal payment.


I am trying to raise money for a new TV.


I at any rate, what's so special about what I did for him and his site?


Prior to my touching it, he was using iFrames, carved out by Dreamweaver. The site wouldn't come up correctly in IE, and worked sparingly with other browsers.


I added in multi-browser, AND multi-device functionality. If you change the size of the browser, to that of a tablet or phone, you will see the navigation bar change, the imagery at the footer alter to fit, etc. It is now (for all intents and purposes) a Responsive Web Site, and should last well into the large number of browsers coming along out there.


I am mainly a backend C#/SQL/MVC4/.Net 4.x/Sitecore/Etc. guy, so I'm looking to expand my CSS/HTML/JS/JQuery repetoire by freelancing. At any rate, if you're looking to have me re-do your site, shoot me a message. I can take the existing content via email, redo the site, and get it back to you the same way, so I never need your FTP, or anything like that. We can also do some rounds of fixing, making styling changes, and what not to whatever you like.

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