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Zeltron Society and Culture

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Hello, I've been searching for insight into the Zeltron species, but I've found little more than carbine copies of the wookiepedia article. (here's were the "bit more" than wookiepedia is from: http://www.myth-weavers.com/showthread.php?t=123856 No idea as to it's accuracy nor do I agree with all as stated)


I'm running a game that has a Zeltron (NPC) in it, she's a Jedi battle master (NJO) and she feeds off of confidence in battle (I don't want to get too far into her character unless you guys are interested). Eventually I will be involving the PCs with her family and perhaps the home world and I'm trying to figure out strange customs or quirks that would be off putting along with rule of conduct. For example is the instance of being upset against a law or while it might not be law is there an action that has to be taken? Considering the empathic nature of the race it could be considered disorderly to bombard the area with such emotions. Another instance would be a kid drinking an inebriating beverage, considering their society and biology I would think that would be allowed, but might make "civilized" people upset. The safety of the child would probably be enforced by any nearby Zeltron any distress and it would be noticed.


Current thoughts on culture\society.

-Intentional use of emotion to disrupt is equivalent to disturbing the peace.

-Age of maturity is probably loosely defined at around the onset of puberty.

-The crime rate would be low, not zero, due to the empathic nature of the Zeltron. Most likely there would be distress on ether the victim or the criminal and that would raise attention.

-There are sects of Zeltron that embody different aspect of things, the martial, art, scholarly things, etc.

-I'm uncertain as to the extent of warrior pursuits, though there is dialog stating that they can fight, so is there an armed forces that just isn't used?

-From the above site reference it states that the males are subjugated, I can't think of a reason for this. Does it make sense to anyone else?


Clearly I have a start of my own, but expanding my knowledge and making the race more fleshed out I think would help in the RP experience.


Thanks For Reading, Responding and contributing to my and our research\growth of the partying species!

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I would imagine that there is probably NOT a Zeltron military. Police force, yes, as there is undoubtedly a need for that with off-worlders coming to the planet and basically getting into conflicts because they can't handle the sensory overload of the place (jealous people, inebriated people, etc.)


So while I could certainly imagine scholarly Zeltron, and even some security/police Zeltron, I don't think you're going to have a heavy military/martial emphasis in that society.


That site doesn't say that the Zeltron males are subjugated, it says that they are subservient. Basically, they're using the (fairly tired) idea of the female dominated society. Basically, if you look at what the Zeltron are supposed to have a strong emphasis in, it makes sense that females would have perhaps a bit more importance. The Zeltron obviously (per the write-up) feel that their females are of greater importance. Therefore the females hold more positions of power, they are the "bread winners", decision makers, and heads of households. Thus, the male Zeltron are subservient to the females. It doesn't mean the males are kept in chains or anything. It just means that when you visit a Zeltron home, you pay your respects to the FEMALE of the house, rather than the male. And when you go to political functions, you're likely going to meet a preponderance of female politicians and femals in positions of power compared to males. It's not that males can't have a position like that, it's just that the females are looked upon as being better than the males so they are the sex that gets the choice picks of jobs and political position.


I think the thing to do is decide how you want Zeltrons to be in your game and start fleshing them out. It sounds like you already have a good start on that. Each person is going to have a different idea of how the Zeltron race should act as a whole. I'm sure my ideas are different than yours, and different from any other person's ideas that will hopefully respond to this thread. So do what works best for your Star Wars Universe. The Wookieepedia gives you are starting point, that website gives a little expansion on it, and you can then take the ball and run whichever way you want with it!

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Thanks for your input Grimace. :)

I agree about the female society, remember when Hapse was special? It seems like a lot of the races want to be 'different' so they just go with gender reversal. What they could be doing is looking at what society they resemble then figure out spins on that factoring in environment and biology.


I know I'll have to come up with my own spin on things, however since many brains are better than one I was figuring a grand discussion that would bear fruit for myself and others. While I hope others chime in, if they don't I'll just be limited to my own resources.

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