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We have one week remaining on our kickstarter for Westward! We are almost to the $15,000.00 Pledge level! Thank you for the overwhelming support from the D6 Community! A $35.00 Pledge gets you a Hardbound copy and an electronic (PDF) copy of the complete WESTWARD A Steampunk Western Roleplaying Game, a set of twelve (12) silk-screen printed nickel-aluminum six-sided Westward dice (d6).


If we hit $15,000.00, each Pledge $35.00 and above will receive both a Game Master Card Deck AND a Game Master Screen. The deck will contain 52 playing cards, usable as a normal playing card deck and as GM Reference cards. The GM References include encounters, quick reference rules... and more! The Game Master Screen will either be a bifold or trifold GM Screen, made from card stock, with the wrap around Westward cover art on one side and GM quick reference tables, charts, and rules on the reverse. These two resources should make a GM ready to quickly run a game, with the intent of speeding up game play.


Pledge now!


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Just as kind of a bump, they made the 15,000 stretch goal (I actually think it's a little over 16K right now). So, for $35 you get 12 dice, a hardcover book, a pdf book, and a GM screen. Heck of a pre-order if you ask me. If you want to get in on it, there's a a little over two days left.

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I think it's for anyone who helps out at the Prospector level ($35) or above. I assume that the deal is still good, but I'm sure arcgaden will correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not a rep for the company in any stretch of the imagination, but he is.


Honestly I can't fathom how they're going to provide all that for $35 (especially because you're also supposed to get a deck of 52 playing/encounter cards too). But, that's what it says on the kickstart.

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddd........Concluded!! : )


A huge thank you goes out to everyone who's helped spread the word that d6 gaming is still going strong!


Release date for Westward: October of 2012... I'll be posting Chapter Layout proposals and additional information on where we are currently at later this afternoon.


Any questions? Please let us know!

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