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Westward: official delay, committing to publishing date


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Westward is officially delayed. I apologize for the delay, as it is my fault. Why, do you ask? Well, I am in the AF Reserve and am being activated for six months. I will continue to work on it while I am gone, but this slows down our production schedule. With that, we are solidifying, committing to, and announcing a publishing date of October 1st, 2012.


We will have the majority of the book laid out already by then, and I think that you will be quite happy with the completed core book. We are already very far along, but we are keeping a higher bar for ourselves this time around, and will work to continue improving on our product. You can expect more from Westward, than Azamar. The intent with Azamar is to produce a quality product, with a world of depth of an inviting story.


As well, I will update this post soon as we launch our Kickstarter pre-order event, (and helping to fund Azamar). If you have ANY questions or concerns or anything you just want to yell at me about, now is the time. I report on March 5th.


- J.

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Thanks guys for all of your support while Jere is serving time with the Air Force...


We're hard at work on Westward, we've got an initial rough draft down and ready for editing and hopefully within a couple of months I'll be running a few Playtests via G+ Hangouts!


Wicked North - https://plus.google.com/106863271583469224762/posts


My G+ Page - https://plus.google.com/103477116770819398332/posts


If you use G+, feel free to add me or Wicked North and we'll keep you updated! Expect some exciting announcements soon... and in other news, I'm planning on attending GenCon this year. If you'll be attending feel free to get in touch with me: brettski@wickednorthgames.com



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