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Azamar complete FREE this weekend only


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Thanks for the heads up. I downloaded the PDF and WOW, my initial impression is that I am very impressed by the quality and quantity contained in the core book! I haven't had a chance to do a thorough read-through yet but I'm looking forward to doing so and will post again with my thoughts after I do.

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We really look forward to anything you have. We have been lucky to get many reviews out there, and we are happy so many people enjoy the world. Its a lot to take in though, and we are very interested in continuing to make improvements. Azamar was a rushed product, and we intend to fix a lot of the problems we experienced the first time around, when we do the layout and finalize the presentation of Westward. I welcome your review and thoughts, and we are looking to make changes and make it better with every new world setting and core book.




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In some of the reviews poor spelling and the general structure of the book was critised, has this been changed /updated in the PDF version available?


It will not hold me back in buying it once I get home from vacation, but it would still be nice to have an updated version. As a setting it does sound pretty interesting, even though I seldom look at or even buy others settings.

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Just realised that this might be the wrong forum for this, pleasemm
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Thanks for the questions @cpaludan!


Funny you should mention, last week I posted on my Google page about redoing Azamar in Full Color. While we have no immediate plans, an updated version of Azamar's PDF/electronic copies are on the burner at least. After Westward is complete, we'll be turning our attention to giving the Cinema6 RPG Framework a facelift then we'll revisit Azamar. My best guess is late 2012/early 2013...


Any further questions, feel free to drop me an email: brettski@wickednorthgames.com

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