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Is rolling a one on the Wild Die a crit failure in D6 Powers?

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D6 Powers still uses the 1 and 6 as special numbers on the Wild Die. They do use the terms "Critical Failure" and "Critical Success".


Honestly, though, if you don't want to use the Critical Failure, don't use it. I don't. I just use the 1 on the Wild as a die reduction. If the roll's still high enough to succeed, it's a success. No "failure" at all if the die total is still high enough to succeed.


But in terms of how the rules state it: yes, D6 Power does have a 1 be a Critical Failure.

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mbentley, yes, that is how I work it. For every roll, no matter whether it's for damage, or skills, or attributes, if a 1 is rolled on the Wild Die the Wild Die gets removed along with the highest other die (only one if more than one are the highest) that was rolled.


I find it works the easiest without the players needing to always ask "I got a 1 on the Wild, what's that mean?" Additionally, if the roll was high enough, even after the dice reduction, then it can still succeed.


The various rules in various renditions of D6 have it that way, with a complication, with a critical failure, and with no effect at all. It's kind of a "choose your own flavor" of Wild Die depending on what you want in your game.


*Side note* As a bit of a plug for the upcoming issue of D6 Magazine, we'll have an article in there talking about this very topic: Rolling a 1 on the Wild Die. Look for that to come out in March!

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