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Indeed it does. We are waiting for the hi-res to come in, but in color it is even more impressive. We will not release the final artwork until the cover treatment is complete. This will greatly enhance our efforts when we go to fund Westward via Kickstarter. We are certain that the final piece will be memorable enough to encourage new comers to d6 gaming, especially fans of steampunk and westerns. Either way, it will be a fun ride!


- J.

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Internally, we are working to complete it by April 1st, but will not commit to that as a completion date. Quality will come first. The date set is based on trying to get it in time for the ENnies as a submission, but if its not ready this year (for the ENnies), it will go in for next. Beyond that date, if it miss that date, it will still mark a point when we're going into full layout and review for pre-press. It is likely that Westward will be on shelves (limited to the North East for the moment) by the end of Spring.


We will announce a Kickstarter project here sometime (very) soon as well. Pledging will secure early access to Westward swag, (the core book in pdf or hard cover, dice, posters, cloth world maps, getting custom characters put into the book, etc). Pass it on!


Thank you for the interest and support!


- J.

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