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I've been out of the role-playing loop for quite a while but all the hoop-la about the new version of DnD got me thinking about it again so I come to check out Wegfans and find that you've got a big ominous date on your Destiny6 website! I'm super excited and hope that the next month goes by quickly!

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Hey JP, how are things going? Is whatever still on track for March 4th? I understand not wanting to talk too much about what's specifically coming down the pipeline but maybe you could share some of your more general thoughts about Destiny6? This month is crawling along at a snail's pace since I'm chomping at the bit for more info. I'm thinking that since I can't read/play it, maybe chatting about Destiny6 will help pass the time more quickly :)

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Hey Option!


Things are definitely moving along full speed ahead. If you have any general questions about what Destiny6 is, please feel free to start a new topic in our forum (here on d6Online) and ask away. I'll give out as many specifics as I can without posting the entire book ;)

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