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Presented here is a new variance in Character Creation that GMs can use as a tool with Cinema6. Feel free to take a look. It is going into the updated Cinema6 Core Rules as an alternate and optional approach to character creation that GMs can provide to add extra layers to a role-playing experience.


Player Character Template Packages


The Player Character Template Packages are designed to specifically address the styles of gameplay that players exhibit, and to find ways within the rules of Cinema6 to encourage a role-playing experience outside of a Player's "comfort zone". We have architected that players can fit nicely into one of three slots: Warriors, Priests, and Scholars. The Warrior is representative of players who play to dominate others or advance their characters quickly and surpass others as a matter of personal pride. Priests are people who enjoy dong a lot more of the social gaming, enjoying the interactions and socialization atmosphere of gaming. A Scholar is one who plays intellectually, trying to brainstorm alternative and creative ways a character can interact with a gaming world.


The basics of the Player Character Templates:


- All Player Character Templates get the Character Feature Synergist for free

- Tag Skills permanently cost x1 Cinema Points to increase


- Collaborative Player Incentive:

When a party has at least two characters with the different Player Character Templates, those two or more characters get +1 Cinema Point at the end of every game episode or session.


Individual Optional Incentives:

- When a Priest character takes action without trying to interact socially first (ie "talk things out"), the character gains +1 Cinema Point.

- When a Warrior character takes no action, when the character would normally get provoked the character gains +1 Cinema Point.

- When a Scholar character takes action without thinking about it first, (ie ask lots of questions about the situation, plan tactics), the character gains +1 Cinema Point.




At Character Creation (only one):

_ Aptitude or Persona +1d


Select an Advantage (only one):

_ Raising Persona Skills always cost 2 Points less, minimum cost of 1

_ Pick two Tag Skills

_ +9 Hit Point maximum

_ +2 Move


Priest characters have a tendence to look for ways to talk things out, using deception and persuasion before other methods to settle disputes. As well, Priest Characters are more sensitive to the others, but just as practiced at concealing their own intentions. Priest characters often end up as counselors, clergy, diplomats, doctors, and medics. Priest characters are more level headed than Warriors, and more emotional than Scholars.




At Character Creation (only one):

_ Dexterity or Strength +1d


Select an Advantage (only one):

_ Raising Dexterity Skills always cost 1 Point less, minimum cost of 1

_ Pick one Tag Skill

_ +12 Hit Point maximum

_ +3 Move


Warrior characters do a lot of acting without forethought, using wit and natural consequences as a primary way in dealing with others. Warrior characters are often blindly passionate, rarely putting logic and thoughtfulness into their daily actions. Warrior characters often turn to working as lawyers, mercenaries, merchants, performers, and soldiers. Warrior characters are more emotional than Priests, and more personable than Scholars.




At Character Creation (only one):

_ Aptitude or Intellect +1d


Select an Advantage (only one):

_ Raising Intellect Skill always cost 3 Points less, minimum cost of 1

_ Pick three Tag Skills

_ +6 Hit Point maximum

_ +1 Move


Scholar characters enjoy pondering all the possibilities, and try to present all the options for logical discussion when posed with problems to solve. Scholar characters are normally overly logical and analytical, having a difficult time employing ethics or emotion to their ideas. Scholar characters often become explorers, politicians, scientists, teachers, and researchers. Scholar characters are more logical than Priests, and calmer than Warriors.


Player Character Template Development


As a Priest, Scholar, and Warrior character advance, they also have the opportunity to purchase all Synergist-related Character Features at half (1/2) the cost in Cinema Points.

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