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My 9th Annual Christmas Special for my Radio Comedy Talk/Sketch show is ready

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Plus it has a VERY healthy portion of GEEK infused in it this year many of you will probably appreciate :-) I.E. Doctor Who fans, Star Trek The Next Generation Fans and of course Ghostbuster fans.


Teaser and link below



Annual A-PAC Christmas Special of 2011


Something is going on up at the North Pole, Christmas for 99 percent of us could be in danger! Will Tim Morgan notice that something is not quite Christmassy?


This years Annual A-PAC Christmas Special is an adventure ride worth throwing up on!!!


Direct Link to Special:


Follow the link & click on Play Now mine is the first show listed on the page A-PAC The Show Title is A-PAC Weeks of Dec 19th, 2011 to January 1st, 2012



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I liked the Weird Al Christmas song. :) Hadn't heard that one before.


Lots of voices in the podcast, for sure!

Thanks for sharing. :)


No problem, thanks for tuning in.


I'm really glad that podcasting site is there it gives me after the fact exposure.


Even with 6 Radio stations airing A-PAC, any modern show needs an online option cause practially nobody has the time to catch shows especially Radio Shows every week at the same time.

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