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I was able to downloaded it yesterday, but it was a huge ordeal getting it to do so. I tried the download link dozens of times and it kept saying that the file wasn't found. Then I ordered it three more times and it finally went through.


The cover is just gorgeous. I love it. I took a quick glance through the rest of the mag, though I haven't read through in detail. I did read the interview with Hish. It really seemed to capture his whimsical humor without being dominated by it. The insanity rules look like something I'm going to adapt and use in a later campaign I have on the backburner.

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Just fyi, the right side of the Hallucinations Chart appears to be lopped off in the article. Here is the remainder of that chart -


Hallucination Chart:



Your fellow investigators turn into ravenous aliens!




Your fellow investigators are attempting to kill you! Run!




Your fellow investigators are laughing and pointing fingers at you!




Your mother is constantly yelling over your shoulder.




A dead relative appears from nowhere, turns and walks down any nearby dark alley.



(or) GM Discretion

Upon rolling “doubles”, the GM makes up a fun hallucination on the spot.*

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