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What will the future be like? More importantly, what can it be like? Scientists today tell us that in the vacuum of space, there will be no gripping dog-fights of agile fighters, no faster-than-light travel, and no majestic cities floating unsupported. Most science fiction includes these impossibilities, and those of use who love the stories of space and other planets have had to content ourselves with the knowledge that they will never come to pass.

The Black Desert is different. While I have no doubt that none of the fantastic things that will be described below will actually come true, they could. This role-playing game is designed to offer a plausible, exciting and ultimately heroic setting for fans of science fiction to explore the possibilities of real space flight and exploration.

I hope you enjoy.

-Raymond McVay,

1 December 2011



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Well, sorry I missed this for a whole year, but it's pretty interesting. I like that you made an effort to trace "real" history out into your timeline. Looking forward to reading through and catching up on the other stuff in your setting!


Also, having travelled to Brazil recently, I like your bullish vision of their future. It's unimagiinably vast, populated by an inventive and vibrant culture, and they just found eleventy jillion barrels of oil. If they can keep their political system together, the sky's the limit.

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