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D6 Online 3.0

Anyone interested in Azamar via G+ Hangout sometime?

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Hey. Of late, I've been playing in a few sessions of old school rpgs (Stormbringer, Original D&D, others) via Google+ rather nice "Hangout" feature. If any of you are interested, I'd love to run a 4-Part, 2Hr each session short adventure in Azamar. IF you are interested, PM me your google+ name. I would likely run it late, 10PM+ Eastern standard, for 2 hour sessions. Either Friday or Saturday late evenings, depending on the majority vote of the 4+ players. Start Date, Mid-Novemberish. I will additionally open this up to the "ConstantCon" crowd, but for starters, I'll let you all have first dibs for slots. ConstantCon is tracked over here on it's very own web blog. A good bunch of old school GMs and players over there. Most games are run via Google+ Hangouts (web chat). Anyhow, give me a PM if interested. Let's give the OSR crowd a reason to fall in love with D6 again. I'd like to run it with 4 players, up to a maximum of 6. If you go above that many people in G+ Hangouts, it can get a little wonky. So, first come first serve.

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Correct. Though I'm wondering if audio only would work as well. Let me check on that. It does give you the option to Mute video and Mute audio, so I'm thinking you MIGHT be able to hang with just a headset mic. I'll test out the theory and let you know. Oddly, some people Mute Video in-game for rpg'ing, in case a lot of people show up. It sometimes limits the bandwidth better and keeps people connected more consistently. Anyhow. I'll let you know.

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I just double-checked, and you can join a hangout without a webcam connected. It gives you this warning in the configuration settings when you try it. " You don't have a camera. You can still use voice and video chat without a camera." So, if you have a decent headset/mic combo, that should work fine. Even if your laptop or whatever has built in mic, that should work ok, but I recommend after connecting muting yourself until you are ready to chat (in case the cheaper mic in the laptop or desktop pics up a bunch of ambient nearby noise.) Heck I recommend that anyhow to webcam users as well to reduce bandwidth usage for everyone.

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