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Depends on what you consider an "adventure", I guess.


When I ran games (it's been a while now since I've been able to game) I typically gave out 2-5 character points for each game session. The average was about 3. Typically I felt 1 point for surviving, 1 point if you played in character and didn't diverge too much, and 1 point if you contributed something worthwhile to the night's session. If you played extremely well, made a fantastic feat of skill or daring, or managed to get the whole group laughing due to an "in character" joke, then you could get a point or two extra.


My game sessions were usually about 5-6 hours long, and I guess you could say that a typical "adventure" might encompass about 2-3 game sessions, so the usual net gain was about 10-12 CPs.


The reason I gave them out at the end of each game session rather than only at the end of an "adventure" is due to the fact that it gives the players the ability to have some CPs to use during the game sessions if they want to. Typically my players used approximately a third of their CPs to augment die rolls during the game sessions. Some used more, others less, the but average was about a third of the total. Then I would allow them to increase skills only "between adventures", so about every 4 game sessions. This usually resulted in them deciding carefully how many they would spend to increase skills and how many they would keep in reserve for the next game session or two until they could build up a bank (5-6) of them again. Some players went all the way down to 1 or 2 and sometimes regretted it during the next game session when they didn't have the extra CPs to pad a die roll when they wanted to. Others shorted their skill advancement so they could have more CPs held in reserve for the next couple game sessions.


So I'd say my typical was about 3 per game session or about 6-10 for an "adventure" (2-3 game sessions).

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My experience is similar to Grimace (nicely laid out BTW) though with less CPs. When we played regularly we averaged 1-2 CP per 2 hours of play. CP awards given at the end of the adventure, not the end of the session. An adventure typically ran around 4 sessions of 6+ hours each. So for a fairly typical 24-30 hour adventure the players would get about 10-15 CPs. Because we give out awards at the end of the adventure, players usually retain more CPs, typically 5-10 for fairly new characters, 10-15 for more experienced characters, and 10-20 for very experienced characters.


Also, as a GM I often adjust the CP award to try for a net CP award of 5-10 CPs. By net award I mean, take [PC CP total after the award] - [PC CP total at start of adventure] and that should be around 5-10 CPs. Both as a player and as a GM I find it unsatisfying if the players do exciting things and succeed on an adventure, but end up with CPs than when they started.


In the most recent adventure, where I was the player, the award was 16 CPs for what was about 8-10 games sessions of 4-6 hours each. We tend to like slow character advancement, especially for the most experienced characters.

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Does anybody know where the cp award guid is? In what book does it appear, I have looked through my 2nd ed and 2nd ed revised SW core rule books and can't find it. I remember reading it a number of times over the years (never really following it) but now I can't find it.


A former player of mine use to like beating me over the head with it no matter how many times I told him to ram it :-)


Anyway I would like a look at it just to see how my cp awards stack up to the guidelines. I remember it stating that any PC or even NPC who attended a game got 3 cp and then some stuff about fun and contributions to adventure etc.


So yeah if anyone has seen what I'm talking about a book and page number would be greatly appreciated tanx!

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Rewards is on Page 46 of the Star Wars 2nd Edition, and starts on page 160 for Star Wars 2nd Edition Revised & Expanded.


Cool thanks! Turns out (according to 2nd ed Revise) that without knowing it I have been largely staying within the guide lines of cp and the loud mouth pig headed jerk of a former player of mine is now breaking these guidelines himself in his own campaign :-) The same ones he kept telling me I was not following :-) So glad I don't play with him anymore, I hate hypocrites.


Thanks again!

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