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We are about to begin developing adventure/micro-world supplements. I want to solicit the community about what you'd like to see. If you write here and let me know, I will try to make it happen, including custom character sheets and more comprehensive Cinema6 source material that can be used right out of the box. Thank you for your thoughts!


- J.

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I had an idea a couple of days ago that seemed fun at the moment, although will probably get frustrating quickly.

When I thought of it like space western or modern-age-detectives-vs-ogres, but may apply to any genre I guess.


Here it goes...


A scenario where PCs get a Special Advantage/Disadvantage.

This would be Immortality (yes, both at the same time).

"That would be a super advantage" you think. But no, it has an HUGE crippling factor...

Your max attribute level is 3D (no going up, ever), and start with half the dice normal PC would (attributes and skills).

I chose half of the dice cause that would put him just below a normal human and when MAXED OUT, just above. For now, skills are only limited on character creation but may be upgraded freely afterwards.


The scenario I was thinking about was a group of immortals fighting evil, and many "die" during the fight.

If fight is long enough they "wake up" in time to keep fighting, if the whole group "dies" they wake up later and have to start over (or lets say the bad guy got half the health he lost before, or something along those lines).

As frail as the PCs are, the team will have to work together to succeed, or so I think.


Maybe Immortality gives you a CP when you "wake up", if you die a heroic (or very funny way).

Charly the PC - I'll distract him while you... - as he starts to run, WHAM, he falls dead on the spot.

Mike the PC - Guys, we need more bait...


The extra CP would maybe help balance the low stats.

Someone who knows numbers and the mechanics might make this work.


Just an idea anyway.

I'll fiddle with it when I learn more, but if you like it and can make it work, that would be great too.

I even thought about an image for the title. "immorTals. No, that's just a typo"... immorals written in nice font and the T written in red marker ("immorals" has nothing to do with it, as it says, it's a typo... just came to my mind).


Let me know what you think.

See you, and take care.

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Interesting ideas there. I think we can discuss and refine it more? Make it perhaps into a TRON-like scenario where players control character that get reset over and over in a Simulation? We have some draft rules for taking Cinema6 into strategy gaming (since it caters well to fast game play) which is not unlike this scenario. I'll see what I can do for you.


Any more thoughts on this?


Anyone else have any ideas?


- J.

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Perhaps I'm not understanding your scenario that you have likened to TRON, but in some way it seems more appropriate for a video game where you can do the same thing over and over again until you do it right. If there was going to be a simulation-based game, I would make sure that the GMs understood the dynamics of making it original each time. That is to say that during the simulation there are three different phases, for example, and 5-10 different options for each phase. Even if they fail at one, and re-do it, they've got an original gaming experience each time.

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Agreed - really, its just the idea of a game setting where the characters keep regenerating and getting reloaded to a "save" point. Similar to any video game out there. It would be an interesting test toward creating a perpetual character RPG (characters would need multiple "layers" as they progressed so that "save" points remained pertinent).


- J.

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