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Sash Tei barely realized that the magician had moved, she tried to twist around to face him, but was hit in the back of the neck. She stumbled haphazardly and dropped to a knee.


"What are you doing, get him." she commanded of her group.


Her companions hesitated. The Bothan spoke, "Sash,we should get out of here."


"Useless!", Tei took a step, swinging a knife from her sheath. The blade deflected off her target.


"You don't feel that?"

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Gyn shrugged, "Nope sorry, maybe you should try using a real weapon. I mean seriously, a knife? How passe... Oh, and for the record, I'm not trying to cop a feel..." Having said that, he came around and executed a spin kick to the side of the woman's head. Followed by a drop into a low stance, and an open handed claw strike to the space between her breasts as he tried to knock the wind from her. He knew the sooner he dealt with this one the less likely the others were to find their backbones and try to gun him down. He had to be fast and brutal, two things an Echani excelled at when they put their minds to it.



Defense = 17 [2 + 6 + 5 + 4]

Martial Arts = 15 [3 + 4 + 3 + 5]

Multi-Strike = 16 [3 + 5 + 5 + 3]


Damage 1 = 12 [4 + 4 + 3] + 1

Damage 2 = 16 [6 + 2 + 4 + 3] + 1

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The woman jumps to the side dodging the first blow. She wasn't prepared for the second attack and was propelled backwards and landed onto the luxury bed.


Wincing the human sat up, "Fortunately for you I'm in no condition to kill you off. But the doesn't mean I can't still win!"


Sash Tei brought out a small slugthrower and pointed it at the martial magician. Beyond the wounded woman and her followers, through the transparasteel window from the small rock field and broken moon came swarms of specks swiftly forming into star-fighters speeding towards the Denel.


-Denel Bridge-


"Welcome to the Sweet Zone Rouge Blade." said Captain Rastil


Keed's voice crackled over the com, "Now we will start with our negotiations."


A smile reformed on Rastil's face, "Now I thought we had already agreed to terms. BUt that's ok, tell me Keed. Do you know what is so great about the Sweet Zone." After a few moments of silence he continued, "This place is occupied by some friends of mine."


"You've betrayed me."


"Just before you betrayed me."


Alarms went off as shields and weapons were brought up.

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Get my Canisters! He whispered to the the Tandroshan. Dante approached the door in the kitchen and cautiously positioned himself on its edge, back to the wall. "Sash Tei", he tried to remember if the word brought any sort of memory, his hand and fingers comfortably resting on the handle of his left pistol. From the sound of it there was definitely some rumbling going now... he should just get his canisters and get the heck out of there...

But where was the fun of that? Dante simply pressed the door control to open it wide. He waited a second to make sure no shots would be blindly fired, then spoke up: "Well, are you guys done in there? Or do we have to take turns?"

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-Gyn & Dante-

Sash Tei jerked and shot her weapon, the projectile going through the open door. Her subordinates slowly went for their weapons. Buroc took a few seconds then moved into the room heading for the chest.


The Bothan was simply shoved by the Trandoshian into the parasteel window before he started rifling. The other two take a few more precious second to decide who'll cover the door and the chest.


A look of anger formed on Sash's face, "Oh this is terrific." she spared a glance to the Weequay, Gran and Bothan, "What is it you want?"

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