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A Long Time Ago in A Galaxy Far Far Away....


On board the Sirahn, deep space-

The Tactical Command and Control deck was lightly crewed by multiple species, the blue hue of hyperspace fleeing and the rust orange lights kicked in as realspace took hold. The stations are arranged in an tilted oval style with a raised area in the center holding a throne, tactical map and three additional stations with no obvious means to reach the plateau. After a few moments the dark grey Bothan, Lanshik, turned in the chair of port plateau station to bring the throne and its occupants into his line of sight.


"Kero has made contact with the Lanskeir, they are willing to assist us." Lanshik reports.


Through the tactical map, sitting on the throne a woman listens to the good news. A small figure shifts in her lap as the bunny-like Kushiban feels the woman's hand stroke through its fur.


"Good little pawns, acquiring secrets and power on our own would make us too visible." she pauses then speaks again in anticipation of Lanshik, "Of course we aren't going to be out of all the fun."


Lanshik closed his mouth, "Apologies, I just feel out of control using autonomous forces" his chair swivels back to his station.


"I understand your feelings Lanshik, however we don't have the protection of Lord Kun's fleet out here. Until we are ready we must stick to the shadows.



On board the Transport Denel, hyperbeacon 113 Hava system-

The Denel is a officially a bulk crew transport, but has been modified into something more akin to a cruise ship. There are pools, bars, game rooms and environment rooms for alien species of Type II atmospheres. It is rumored that the Denel can offer specialized entertainment and opportunities for those with the nose for certain business ventures. Though most people are only on board for transport their are two beings within the ship not motivated by money or the need to travel to a specific destination. They were guided here by what some might consider superstition, the Force.


The two beings are Jedi Shadow Gyn and Jedi Peacemaker Xanthe. Both have followed their own sensings to the Denel though the reason is not immediately apparent as is the way of the Force.


The ship slows having engine problems from hyperspace turbulence, something only a ruse to those whom are in the know. It is a signal for nearby smugglers and contractors to board to collect cargoes or collect from completed tasks.



On board the Serenity, near hyperbeacon 113-

Dante has been waiting here for some time as a part of a contract, the sub light engine damage light occasionally blinking on and off. He is to wait for the Denel and board it when it stops to collect several cases of TTI canisters and a stolen prototype injector system from the Basilisk Confederation. He is then to deliver them to a 'ship collector' he is ask for at the Tree Stryder bar within the Arin Dai capital in the Kajma system. The pay being 8,000 with a deduction of 200 per missing or damaged canister if there were anything to happen.


His sensors finally picked up the vessel dropping out of hyperspace and slowing to a stop sending out a special beep code to alert ships like the Serenity to dock.

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"Well Teebo, our friend has finally arrived! It seems like an easy run but stay on alert. It's during those easy run that things go wrong quickly." Says Dante to his Astromech droid posted not too far behing him at the navigation station.


"Cruiser Denel this is the Serenity. Approaching on a 4.3.1 vector to proceed with docking procedure, for euh "mutual assistance".


Turning back towards his droid Dante adds: "I have the feeling this short stay in the cruiser is gonna get 'interesting'... "

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The youthful human, CPO Starsen Wells, wearing a grey-blue uniform, sat in the worn chair on the bridge of the Denel. His communications list getting shorter as he bid various ships to their berths or bays. This was fairly routine, telling Captain Rastil whom is landing etc. It was fine until he reported ship 28.


"Sir, mutual assistance request from Serenity. Berth four and five are available, room in bays two and three." Wells reports from coms station two.


Before the Rastil could respond, Fleesh from station one interrupts, "Captain, the Nerf is insisting on boarding."


The Captain, donned in an worn Republic naval uniform adorned with a few medal, chose to answer Fleesh first, however looking at Wells the entire time, "Tell the Nerf to leave before we heard it with our lasers." Rastil took a breath and continued, "Wells, you said the Serenity?"


Wells shook his head affirmatively, "yes, sir... should I turn her away?"


"No... something is familiar. Allow the ship to dock, bay three and have Kathar's men keep an eye on him."


"Sir." Wells opened communication with ship 28, "Serenity you are cleared for docking within bay two, zone 15. We appreciate your assistance and hope your reward is plentiful, Denel control out."


Zone 15 is closest to the ship interior doors.


Within the transport proper the denizens of the Casino get riled up as a card shark blazes through a number of moderately skilled players. The lithe looking Trandoshian wearing quality red and brown robes looked at the beings around, a confident grin formed on his face. As he found a seat at an empty Sabbac table a hissing, confident voice projecting from him, "Does anyone else have the Fortitude for the cards?"

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As the Tradoshian made a big show out of making a pain of himself, a lone figure sat at a corner table quietly overlooking the scene from the level above. His features were currently being concealed beneath the hood of his well worn black bantha hide jacket, the only thing really visible being a stray lock of white hair that was poking out from within the hood. If one were to take a closer look at his profile they would find him to be a rather unassuming individual, no different then some of the other patrons meandering about the compartment in search of various entertainments, both legal and illegal. In fact the very air around the individual seemed to radiate boredom, causing others to completely ignore his presence and go on about their business as if he wasn't even there. Few would realize just how much effort was being put into creating that atmosphere of disinterest, and even fewer would care, as it wasn't in most people's nature to go messing with someone with a blaster strapped to their thigh who seemed to want to be left alone.


This individual had been a fixture on the Denel for a little while now, having boarded a couple of weeks back with little notice, and periodically appearing in the various diversionary facilities as if looking for something. What this something was no one could say, few even remembered seeing the individual, and those who had didn't recall him doing anything particularly interesting aside from winning a couple of low-stakes hands of Pazaak. Even the man himself didn't know why he was here, having been pulled here by a mysterious call that seemed to have come out of nowhere, and the source of which was seemingly biding its time before revealing itself and its intentions. One could only be patient for so long however, and the man was beginning to grow impatient. The source of the mystery was going to have to reveal itself in some manner soon, if for no other reason then the fact that the Denel was likely approaching the end of its run soon. Cruises didn't last forever after all, and whatever had been the source of the ripple he'd sensed in the Force was quickly running out of time if they wished to involve the modified bulk hauler in their plans.

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"Zone 15, copy that, Denel."

Dante brought along the Serenity toward the designated hangar bay. Behind him the astromech droid Teebo squearked.

"Well we got the first part good. We're in. Now I eager to find out who we may find in there."

Following proper landing procedures, Dante set his ship in Bay Two. Within minutes, the hydraulics compressor released their steam and the ramp of the Serenity opened up. Pausing after a few steps out, Dante looked around to gauge the situation, and maybe recognize one or two people he may know or have heard of.

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There are many ships in the bay, 12 if you were to count. The ship a row down is familiar. It is a Mendel freighter the wingeel belonging to Fal'we the Chadra-Fan contact for your current business venture. However you don't see the owner in the bay, only the various beings going to and fro and the arrival of an additional pair of security guards making eight in total. After a minute of waiting and observing, Fal'we enters the bay with a squib following closely behind. He cast his head around looking for someone, then his head settles in your direction and he waves you over.


-Gyn & Xanthe-

Xanthe sat at the bar not so subtly connected to the Casino. It's as if the establishment is saying "Get drunk and give the house your money". A sad and inebriated Gungan wearing blues and purples with a gold sash stumbles into the bar through the casino entrance. She stumbled into the chair next to the Zeltron, the human in the next seat over jumping slightly. The Iktotchi bartender set a drink in front of the Gungan.


"Looks like you lost a lot... here you go, on the establishment." The bartender leaves the drink to get others orders.


The Gungan sips the drink, "Damn, Tradoshian..." her voice degrades into another language or maybe it was just noises before it became something understandable, "... brother's contract."


The human in nearby seat speaks up, "Like a slave contract? Your brother is your slave?"


The amphibian shakes her head then looks blue for a moment before responding, "I was tryingto, to get his contrct to him to free him." She holds her head and tries to unslur her speech, "Don't know why I bid it..."


In the casino a female Gungan just left the crowd stumbling into the bar. Another person with 'Card Fortitude' tried his hand at the Tradoshian, but was waved off. "I want to sink my teeth into bigger cards." As if in response to his request a Arkanian wearing loose robes of dark golds and blues strode through the crowd, obviously a new arrival, and joining the Tradoshian asked, "We will play for items, shall we? That pendant you have in storage?" A strand of cold force energy stretched out and touched the green scaled being.


The reptile looked surprised for a moment, "Yes, I will bet the Entu Pendant." he then shook his head, "No, I bet-" he was cut off.


"You have already bet the pendent. We will play Sabbac, noble rules, three hands." the Arkanian added the force to his voice.


"Apologies I have already bet... we will play Noble Sabbac." The Tradoshian blinked a few times and began to shuffle and deal the cards. Portions of the crowd awed as this Arkanian commanded the dangerous reptilian opponent. They clearly thought that this was accomplished by force of personality or charisma.

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Dante acknowledged Fal'we's presence by nodding with his hand on the brim of his hat. But before heading toward the small alien, he gave another good look at the other eight beings, mentally noting their position, more per habit - to keep the tactical advantage - than because he was suspicious of anything.

Stay in and lock the ship Teebo, I'll be back with the cargo soon.

Dante proceeded toward his contact confidently. He didn't know the other small alien next the Fal'we, but if his memory served him well, those, the Squibs, were famous for haggling, things Dante wasn't in the mood for right now. He was hoping he was just another of the Chadra Fan business partner.

Towering the two diminutive aliens, he greeted them.

Afternoon. Well Fal'we, well done! I've seen and been in much more mediocre meeting place than this one. I've heard their entertainment was actually top-notch.

Then looking at the Squib he added: And who would that be?

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The mysterious figure seemed to perk up slightly as the Arkanian approached, the ripples in the Force catching his attention and causing a slight smirk to cross his features. Shifting his position slightly, he made sure his danger sense was still extended out as far as it would go and began focusing on the card game starting below. It became immediately apparent that the Arkanian was after something, the body language of the two sentients indicating that whatever they were discussing was important to the both of them. There was also the blatant use of the Jedi Mind Trick, yet another piece of information for the puzzle playing out below him. As a general rule he didn't mind when someone used to Force to cheat at gambling, or at least so long as said cheater didn't use his gifts to affect the other players and only enhanced their own talents. But this Arkanian was not only breaking that rule, he was being so obvious about it that a blind monkey lizard could have figured it out. Either this newcomer was ridiculously overconfident, or there was something else going on here outside of the obvious. Extending his senses so that he could listen in on their conversation, the figure settled in for a long wait.




Danger Sense: 14 (6+4+4)

Magnify Senses: 17 (6+6+5)

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The Chadra Fan smiled, "Yes, grand entertainment. I don't think you'll have any problem enjoying it."a frown then crossed the alien's face, "The Squib, his name is Krafel. He is my associate... deals with more stubborn, organized clients." Fal'wi brings the Squib fore front, "Today, however he is to be punished, He has made the poor decision of gambling with some of the stock."


Krafel pipes up, "I wouldn't bet stock on no win hands. I should of won, Burec cheated!"


Fal'wi let out an angry squeak, "But the Trandoshian did beat you and you lost mybusiness stock. I apologize Dante I am not used to... these kinds of mistakes. I leave his punishment to you as he has affected you revenue. He will receive another consequence for damaging my reputation."


Trying to get a word in be his punishment can be laid down, "I'm sure you can get it back. unveil his cheating, umm, 'negotiate' it away from his winnings. I-" the Squib glanced back to Fal'wi then back to Dante, "I submit myself to you, unless I can give you something of worth... I found an Illum crystal perhaps you would like it?"



The Gungan swiveled the chair to face the Zeltron, "Iwas, was playing the Burec, Trandoshian." her head shook, "I don't know, I almost had an array, he kept drawing... cards I needed." After a moment collecting her thoughts the Gungan spoke again, "My, brother Koh-jar, he used to be a guard captain. But he was captured and broken by Fogar the.. Hut on Redstar. A friend of mine, got his contract and gave it to me. I don't know why I bet it, maybe I didn't want to debt myself to anyone. I'm such a fool."


The nearby human put a hand on the Gungan's shoulder radiating optimism, "It'll be fined. You've gotten the contract before right? And this time it's nearby you'll have it again, just sober up and put forth some effort."



In the Denel casino Nobel Sabbac had started it's first hand. A small group stayed from the crowd that was, the rest going on to other gambling pursuits. The Trandoshian bet the Entu pendant or rather a piece that represented the pendent. The Arkanian smiled, confident in his manipulation and placed a bottle of eloquent design with a label written in a variation of arubesh.


The reptile's eyes widen, "That is-"



The Arkanian interrupted, "Yes it is Essence of Zeltron. I am sure that it will be useful to you."


He picked up a card, "Yes, it will be useful to me. However I don't normally play against a stranger. I am Burec of Genith Creations."


The Arkanian threw a card into the freeze zone, it was the senator card and to anyone paying attention Burec looked surprised, "I am Arlok Selfa of no group in particular."


Some more cards went into the freeze field and both players drew cards finalizing their first game. The remaining crowd was shocked by the outcome all except for the veteran players of the crowd. Arlok Selfa's final cards in the field were strange, though no one seems to have noticed.


"rRhaaggh" roared Burec, "You could not have won. The next hand will be mine."


"Really? I'd like to see that."


(Gyn roll Sense)

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Now truly intrigued, the figure turned his seat to face the game head-on, no longer worried about being noticed as the commotion down below was already drawing the attention of numerous patrons and thus his interest wouldn't seem abnormal at all. He wished that he had a means of quickly running a check on the names that had just been dropped, especially the Arkanian's, but that sort of technology/resources wasn't exactly readily available to him at the moment so he was just going to have to make do with what was on hand. Instead he merely leaned forward, folding his arms over the railing and resting his head down on them as he focused on the game going on below.



Sense: 15 (4+3+6+2)

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Off and on throughout the game the Arkanian has been using the Force other than the mind trick to affect the game. From the quick uses and sometimes maintained uses you can tell that he has somehow been affecting the cards themselves vs Burec, however they have only been his cards.

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Stock... stock!? you mean my cargo? you lost my cargo!?? How many canisters are missing? don't tell me you lost it all! And the prototype? you still have it right?

Dante could not believe his ears. He was upset, that was the least to say. He was counting on this job, more so -like the Chadra-Fan- for his reputation.

You darn right I'll take that crystal! he said to the Squib when this one tried to get out of his punishment. Not that he had at this time any idea what he would do we it but it was always something extra to have on his side.

But don't think I'm done with you, Krafel! You're gonna come with me and show me who that Burec thing is. Fal'wi, I'm gonna get the canisters back.

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Xanthe for a moment loses herself thinking about slavery to a Hutt then nods after the humans words and encouragement. "Definitely, it is worth far more to you than to the trandoshan, so it should work out."


Something about the story seems odd though . . . . why bet something like that she would not want to bet? ((can I try rolling Drink Mixology for the Gungan, is she just normally drunk, or does she seem drugged? If I can roll please roll for me))

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-Dante & Gyn-

Fal'wi gave a stern look to Krafel, "Take us to Burec while I explain the details of your transgression." Keeping an eye on the Squib, the Chadra-Fan continued, "The prototype is thankfully fine. The TTI canisters is another story I'm down by five, at least it wasn't more."

(Dante roll search twice since you are being alert)

Krafel piped up without looking back, "I should of gotten a Arin Interceptor out of the hand."


Instead of giving the Squib a swift kick like Fal'wi wanted he instead clinched his hands and spoke, "I don't care if it was a Republic destroyer you don't handle my merchandise without my permission especially when it's 25,000 credits worth of material and aside from that anyone betting military grade equipment for fuel cells of any kind has a winning hand."


Krafel doesn't respond to the scolding. He just leads silently to the Casino of the Denel where many people can be seen playing various games of chance, Sabbac, Pazzak, Toidarian Roulette up to betting on races being held in a small track inside the ship. There is a transparent door leading to a bar and a few other door on the first level of the casino. Of note there is a small crowd, both on the second and first level, looking intently on and surrounding a game of Sabbac between an Arakanian and a Trandoshian.


Suddenly half the first level crowd mutter curses in various languages as they threw credit chits onto a table to be collected on by the other half of the group.


"Hey Arkanian, how could you let Burec win?! I though your species was supposed to be 'superior'." yelled out a loosing Cathar.


One of the winners smiles, "There's still the final hand Tourok... care to win your chits back?"


Krafel raised an arm pointing at the Trandosian that just won, "He's Burec, With his skill I don't know why anyone would bet against him."


Tourok suddenly grabbed his furred chest for a moment putting his other arm on the table to steady himself. The others aren't that concerned other than a comment about not letting a bet kill him. Dante noticed some kind of moment from the Arkanian under the table prior to the Cathar's pain, though it could be a coincident.

(Perception roll)


Gyn noticed a new group of people enter, one of them, a Squib pointing Burec out. When the Trandosian won the second hand, though slim, it didn't seem to bother Arlok a calm, confident expression on his face. It was only cracked by the Cathar's jab to his ability. He clinched his off-hand into fist under the table a few moments later, an obvious exertion in the Force followed by the insult slinging Cathar to clutch his chest for a good thirty seconds. In the following moment Gyn could almost see the Arkanian pull the Force into himself like a tornado would rip apart ground letting it abruptly settle once inside him.



(The drinks that are on the menu wouldn't have that kind of debilitating affect on a standard humanoid, like a Gungan. Her drink must of been tampered with.)

The Gungan cheered up a little, "Thank you, both of you." She looks like she's trying to contemplate something for a moment, "I think I should lay off gambling for a while, but not until I get the contract back!" Trying to stand she finds that she can't and awkwardly sits back in her seat. "When I'm sober, a bit more."


The Human behind her removed his hand and tossed some thoughts around in his head a bit, "I'm not goin' to guarantee anything, but since you obviously aren't in any condition to go back there I could try to get it back... if he plays something other than Sabbak."


A mixed rush of victory and anger washes over Xanthe from the Casino a few minuets later. Followed by another feeling buried underneath the residual.


(With you moving should I make your rolls for the time being? If not, then roll your Sense.)

(Mixology 6+1+1+5+1=14)

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Dante remembers his brief alliance with a Force user, and how he would kill the prison guards with the clench of the fist. The scene he witnesses is too reminiscent of this event, the Arkanian clenching his first and at the same time the Cathar struck with powerful chest pain... or just plain bad coincidence?

Dante knows now he'd better keep a keen eye on that Arkanian. And he's playing the Trandoshian of course, things can't never be easy in Dante's life!

Dante walks by the table his eye scouring his surrounding, first trying to notice if anyone is giving a more nervous look at the game, like a bodyguard, an associate, or someone with other intention than money making. Second, he eyes the Trandoshian, watching how he looks, trying to notice if he carries any weapon.



The two rolls you've asked: Search 3D+2 (3+5+4)+2 = 14

(2+3+3)+2= 10


An extra one for the search in the casino:

(5+5+5)+2= 17

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-Dante & Gyn-

(The first per rolls)

Dante noticed that as the Squib was initially leading him to the Casino that the guards he had his eyes on in the bay subtly spoke into their comms as he was being lead out and additionally, during the trip through the common zone there were a pair of security guards that seemed to be shadowing, but swiftly blended with the crowd.



As Dante eyed his surroundings and attempted to note weapons he noticed a few things. The pair of guards that were shadowing him had just entered the Casino. One took the main entrance while the other took the stairwell to the second tier of the Casino. Secondly, while there didn't seem to be an associate, there is a small group of people slightly away from the wagering crowd eying the Trandoshian and talking amongst themselves as if they are trying to figure something out. Looking at Burec initially didn't unveil anything until an aggravated gesture brought on by his current game caused a part of his robe to move bringing to light a bulky pistol slug thrower.


The Trandoshian Burec was on on the ropes of his Sabbac game and far too frustrated for his current situation. He occasionally glanced at the crowd making the wagers, something which his Arkanian foe noticed.


"Can you not preform in crowds? Strange that you've been able to win until now without them affecting you."


Burec made a jabbing motion with his free arm, fortunately he stopped himself from reaching across the game table, " I am fine, youss will be leaving with little of what you came with."


The final Nobel Sabbac hand was clearly going to end soon. Being on both levels of the Casino were watching intently. with the exception of the small planning group who's attention split between Burec and the Denel guards that just made their appearance.

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The time to make his move was fast approaching, with the hand drawing to a close he was going to have to move quickly if he was going to track down that amulet they'd been discussing earlier. He still had no idea what powers it held of course, but given the Arkanian's display of Dark intent earlier he doubted that it could be anything good. That meant that he was going to have to intercept their little transaction before things got out of hand.


Leaving a few credits on the table to pay for his meal and tip the staff, the figure rose from his seat and began making his way down to first floor, inadvertently brushing past the disguised security guards as he did so. His attention was to get in close to the card game before it ended, thus making it easier to tail the players back to their chambers where they were likely to make the exchange. That was assuming of course that no one decided to cause any trouble in the interim that might disrupt his plans.

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-Denel Bridge-

Starsen Wells flipped on the ship address system, "Attention all crew and passengers. The engines have been re-tuned and are being brought on-line. We apologize again for the wait, free drinks at the bar for the next five hours." a slight click sounded as the address system was turned off.


The sensor officer, Lira Kef, stiffened in alarm, "Captain, several vessels have dropped into realspace off of beacon 113, they're targeting us."


"Calm down Kef, open a channel." ordered the Captian.


Kef opened a channel to what she suspected was the lead ship. The Captain rose to speak, but was cut off by the commander of the other vessel.


"I am Keed of the Rouge Blade the Katana Guild requires payment for your continued use of Hyperspace." preempted a rough sounding voice.


The crew of the Denel quickly got to work implementing subtle Anti-Pirate tactics like implementing passive scan for weaknesses and setting up hidden carrier waves for distress. Captain Rastil put on a courteous smile, despite the lack of holo-com.


"Keed of the Rouge Blade and friends, I'm sure that payment can be arranged, however I'm sure that your pillaging of ships has grown tiring. Perhaps a visit to our various facilities may reduce the standard payment?"


As Rastil was stalling Starsen informed the gunnery teams to begin manual targeting on the Guild vessels. After a few moments the rough voice returned.


"The standard pay is sixty five percent of your cargo and with the profit from it we can afford our own relaxation facilities."


"Sixty five! Now that is unreasonable-" Rastil was cut-off again


"Captain you are making the mistake of assuming this is a negotiation or some sort of business transaction. I assure you it is not."


'There has to be a reason for them to be this far into Arin territory other than profit, especially Hava. Well lets see how much they know about this place' The captain thought.


He took a moment a then replied, "You are most correct Rouge. I see I am not dealing with flexible fellows. However if you are going to swing over to our airlock and pillage the Denel's stores then I suggest we set course for the Sweet zone, it's the small rock cluster from a mined moon. That way you can take our booty and my shady reputation can maintained, heh, I can take a few patrons telling stories about the Kanata Guild going out of there way to get me."


"You are... saving your reputation. Very well, just remember that no one can hear your scream in the Sweet zone."


Wells cut the comms, "You're off the air sir and the distress scramble is ready. Guns manualy tracking targets."


Rastil regarded Wells for a moment, "Very good, hold off on the transmission until we arrive at the Sweet zone. There should be some acquaintances there snooping around."


Lira spoke up, "The Katana vessels are taking up positions. They'll have us between them and rocks if they keep their current escort pattern." After a moment she added, "Passives show minor weakening in the Blades' starboard arrays. The other ships have negligible damage in their drive sections."


"Alright folks, helm set course for the Sweet zone and lets turn this into a salvage day."


-Gyn and Dante-


Gyn moved into the small gambling crowd as the ship wide com reported the engines fixed and sub-light powered up. An Ishtib attempted to signal Gyn's attention with a hand wave, "You there care to make a wager?" the question was asked somewhat nervously. A sense of unease lightly blanketed the area.


Dante keeping alert, noticed one of the female members of the side group, the ones noting the guards, using the guise of sipping a drink to speak into his wrist. The woman had a well crafted expression of calm, but it seemed a bit forced for a moment.


It took another minuet for the cards to fall into place and a victor declared. The Burec was enraged, he had lost, lost a hand that he was incapable of losing. The reptile lunged over the table tipping the Essence of Zeltron bottle over edge of the table as his hands made their way for Arkanian's throat. Arloc appeared surprised the the Trandoshian would attack him, so surprised in fact that he had not moved fast enough to avoid the hand around his throat.


The wagering crowd was in an uproar, but the credits were being handed out anyway despite the insults and curses being muttered.


(Xanthe you can hear the uproar from the Casino)

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Dante suddenly feels like a womprat in a cage. Maybe it is just paranoia but too many eyes were converging on him.

Fal'we, you should get back to the dock and load what you have already in the Serenity. I have a feeling we'll be leaving sooner than I'd like.


So security was tailing him. And his money now laid in the claws of a cheating Tandroshan. it was going to be a tight move.


While Dante was assessing the situation, hell broke loose as the Tandroshan jump on the Arkanian, obviously angered by his lose. Cheating and losing, bad combination.

But now was his time to act.

Squib, grab the bet items, bottle and stuffs, now! Dante shouts at Fal'we's assistant.

Without waiting for a comment, Dante springs over the table and grabs the Tandroshan from behind, trying to fit his hands and arms for a shoulder and head lock. He then let his weight and momentum pull the Tandroshan away from the other gambler.


Easy, Pals. Let's keep it civilized shall we?


Brawling: Martial Arts : (2+3+4+2+5)+2= 18

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-Gyn & Dante-

Fal'we jumped backwards from the sudden attack, bumping into several beings. He opened his mouth to say something, but Dante was already speaking.


"Fal'we, you should get back to the dock and load what you have already in the Serenity. I have a feeling we'll be leaving sooner than I'd like."


"Understood. I'll pay you back for the loss when I can." His small form vanished into the crowd after a few seconds of pushing.


The wagering group of people had quite a different response to the Trandoshian attack. They went for their weapons and started throwing chits on the table. It's quite obvious that being armed has filled them with a bit too much confidence.


The Squib, Krafel, lunged to grab the Zeltron bottle before it hit the ground catching it from it's bottom inches off the floor. Peering over the table, the Squib took the token representing the Entu Pendant. Krafel then followed Fal'wi, escaping the violent situation before his fur gets shaved by a claw.


Arloc, the Arkanian, whent for somthing under his robe, but merly rested his hand on it when the Trandoshian was grabbed by Dante. Buroc struggled against Dante's hold, trying to pull arms free and stomping on feet. None of Buroc's attempts worked and he wound up stumbling, putting himself in a stronger hold. "Release me! That being used some kind of trickery."


"Your assistance is appreciated." said Arloc as he picked himself up off the floor.


The Guards of the Denel rush forward to break the fight, but are slowed by the crowd. Beyond the crowd, the small group of people that were noting the guards earlier flee the casino after conversing for a moment.




The Human that asisted you in comforting the Gungan jumped slightly as the crashing nosies from the casino made it into the Bar. After giving the woman a few pats he adds, "Well I'm going to check on the commotion and see about getting that contract back."


The Gungan gives a smile as the human makes his way over to the exit leading to the casino.

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I'm saving your hide right now, so tag along! Dante whispers into Buroc's ear.

Keeping an eye on the arriving guards, Dante speaks aloud: I'll escort this troublemaker outside now, you can all go back to your games.

He shuffles the Tandroshan around trying to pass through the crowd and head out.

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Seeing the impending brawl as his chance, the figure waved off the Ishitib and slipped deeper into the crowd, attempting to use them as cover as he approached the Trandoshan and his human assailant. Quickly closing the distance with his quarry, he made a show of brushing against the struggling Burec as he attempted to break free from the other's hold, hoping to play it off as merely being bumped by someone struggling about in such close quarters. As he was doing this, he made a play for the Trandoshan's pocket, hoping to relieve the sentient of the keycard to his cabin so that he might secure the amulet before the Arkanian Dark Sider was able to make his move. In order to make things proceed more smoothly he tried to quietly call upon the Force, taking his time to focus and using it to telekinetically snag the object he was seeking in order to pull it up into optimal snatching position. If everything went well then he'd been in and out before anyone noticed anything, and be one up on the bad guys. If not... well, he could always try vanishing into the crowd again.


Sneak: 2+(4+6) = 12

Telekinesis: (4+4+5) = 13

Pickpocket: 2+(6+5+2) + 2CP(6+6+5+2) = 34

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