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D6 Online 3.0

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Syria Sector>


(Shadow Ports)

Katana Guild- This crime syndicate dealing in kidnapping, assassination, extortion, raiding and removal of bounties. They are used by corporate executive to remove competition and occasionally they can remove or pay off bounty hunters. It's known members are Larshen, Gurie, Jishen and Gavin their authority is unknown, however it is believed that Larshen is the current head of the Guild. Current Violence Index is 65. The shadow port location is thought to be near the Arin Kingdom's Hyperspace Corridor. There is routine conflict between the Guild and Kitsfire in the Split system and routinely raid the Kaze system.

Kitsfire- The Kitsfire organization is a collection of pirates and varying array of white collar criminal life. The group shuffles credits, raids convoys with Arin EM weapons, pays off bounties and an assortment of low key criminal activities with the occasional espionage and sabotage. The Violence Index is 35. The location of the shadowport is thought to be somewhere between the Arin Kingdom and the Basilisk Confederation. Some members of Kitsfire are known. Kedra Leen a known forger and security analyst formerly an assosiate of Bandue the Hut. Aleave Gardeen-Lunan, Captain of the Benevolent Saber the pirate responsible for most of the Arin raids. Fen Knell a former intelligence operative of the Republic; the galactic power will pay 2,000 credits for his return.

Usari- The Usari are located somewhere in the western fringe of the Sheeva Union. The group primary deals in protection and information brokering within the Sheeva Union regularly dipping their hands into sabotage. Their violence index is 30.

Red Star- A known shadow port in the center of the Basilisk Confederation has become the sector's personal Narshadaa. The station is monitored by the Confederation, but not destroyed. This allows the station to be a hideaway for people wanting to disappear. The businesses are too numerous to list and it's Violence Index is fragmented and varied. The station is known to provide illegal modifications.

Jade Legion- A group sought by most of the sector. They have burtally raided ships oncoming and outgoing from the galactic west hyperspace corridor. They have also been known to harass the Searlet, Marian and Zale systems, though the Searlet and Marian systems have recently devoted enough forces to disuade this. The Leigon is lead by a warlord known as Oslen. The warlord believes the Syria sector requires more military might for a non-specific enemy force that is to come. His stated goal is to force the sector into the proper state of readiness. The current Violence index is 80. They are known to destroy ships or capture it and kill their crew. They also have been known to take assault and assassination missions from interested parties. The other member known in the Jade Legion are only in the form of code names: Gilium, Paragim, Gif, Leum, Theta, Omega, Bantha and Massai.

Dark Aquaria- Located somewhere in the Freehold Dominion is the Dark Aquaria. The group is not known for violence having a violence index of 13. They have been trading with the Dominion and to a lesser extent the Arin Kingdom and Sheeva Union. They are only known to attack if they feel that the items they are trading for is imperative or a ship gets too close to thier's while the Aquaria ship has a full manifest. The members all have Aquar in their name somewhere. It could be a title, a suffix or occasionally a prefix.


(Arin Kingdom)- The Arin Kingdom is critical for food production of the sector. The explorers that would form the Kingdom were lucky enough to claim the systems with the most promise of food productivity. As a result most governing bodies have established trade agreements and have non-aggression pacts.

Kajma -

-Arin Dai: The capital world of the Arin Kingdom which capital city is known as Kajim. The planet is protected by a series of low-yield ION cannons capable of occasionally ionizing low-end capitals. Kajim is the only major metropolis with other cities primarily being agricultural centers. The capital city's buildings are mostly one story with most of their floors beings sub-levels containing, if not a continuation of the buildings' purpose, then special hydroponic bays.There are the occasional scan shielded permacrete octagons strewn throughout the city. The only tall buildings in the city is the Arin Palace and the Shield Towers.

-Kraus: Is a planet of tall thin branched trees with a numerous amount of vines with hollow ovals called veg containing a yellow fluid used as nutritious dressing for various foods. It's cities are more like large campsites. The odd amount of planetary magnetic poles disrupts repulsor fields and a special landing and launching births have been set up for ships. On records there are 15 launch births. It is on the same orbit as Arin Dai maintaining a static distance.

-Mistral: Is a rather unusual planet. The planet Mistral is an empty core full of air. The gravity of the planet is only .3 gravities from the mass of the mantel . It's orbit is in a state of tidal lock bearing a situation similar to that of Ryloth. The planet has a atmosphere that is barely type I with grass planet-wide. The sun side grass is copper and barbed with a deep root system to snatch water from the soil's depths. The eternal night side of the planet has luminescent grass, colors depending on the amount of water that the blade of grass has. The twilight equator's grass is black giving the appearance of swaying obsidian.

-Green Belt: Green belt is a large asteroid cluster in the northern orbit of the system taking the two orbits before A'den. The currently accepted thought is that it's the remainder of two or more planets that collided due to intersecting orbits. The soil of asteroids are shipped to the four planets of the system to enable or enhance the plant growth of the agricultural centers and fields.

-A'den: This immense planet was first discovered by the Mandalorians, it's name means merciless in Mando'a. The warrior race has a small population center and a certain amount of territory. Other than that they don't mind the rest of the planet being under the Arin Kingdom flag. A'den as a planet is quite unusual for more than just it's size. The entire planet is covered in an hostel omnivorous ecosystem. It's plant and native life forms are in a state of constant battle, a reason why the Mandalorians set up a small colony shortly after it's discovery. The Kingdom has set up several defended sites on the surface to harvest the plants as yet an other additional food source. The animals are harvested by 'entertainment guilds' for their ability to enrich a variety of situations. Some assassin and Bounty Hunter organizations venture for both animal and plant life for the more nefarious aspect of poisons.


-Biennial, Griin: This planet was once not as flourishing as its current state. Technology has been used to augment it's soil potency and is a dedicated agricultural planet.

-Rishi: A dark planet with only spots of light. The planet is largely unknown as it's ozone layer is strong enough to block visible light waves and interfere with starship functions. Sometimes parts of the em shell fluctuates allowing light through. Specially armored probes have been sent through these holes, but data bursts and transmissions haven't been able to be received.

-Onvar: This planet has been artificially cooled from a volcanic planet to a treed one in a similar fashion to Biennial and Griin. However due to the raids from the Katana Guild there is a military defense station in orbit with 2 Cyclone Carriers and a Mistrel Destroyer berthed.


-Fria: A planet ruled by Baroness Esha Aken and her son Lord Birwu Aken. Baron Kern Aken was killed seven standard months ago after having an allergic reaction due to an unusual dish at an negotiation within the Freehold Dominion. The planet is a burnt color, some of it in fact crimson. The surface of the planet is cooling from intense lava flows, some of the planet still suffers from volcanic activity. Overall the planet is hot, its populous wearing light loose clothing. Average temperature 80 degrees Fahrenheit, low of 40 and high of 140. It only snows once a year that is changing with the cooling. These snow days have all, but critical civic stations closed. Large areas of land have immense domed agricultural center. It's plains are inhabited by various reptilian creatures.

-FMC2_Fria: Military moon of Fria. Mainly produces Mistrel Destroyers and is currently phasing out it's Coil Fire construction bays for Chinook Stalkers and converting it's excess bays into Tempest Light Carrier facilities. The surface of FMC2 is cool and mountainous with an average temperature of 50 degrees.


-Delrin: This planet is no longer whole an entire hemisphere has been ripped off by a gravitic phenomena from long ago. Delrin is a dead rock, now turned into a Fortress by the Arin Kingdom. While not officially known, in the criminal circles it is a fact to experienced smugglers of the Kingdom.

-Mrrlik: A baked planet of cracked stone and earth, one of the few planets with lack of food production in the Kingdom. The barren nature of the planet makes it ideal for a flight school and there is the largest flight academy on the surface, East Star. East Star allows spectators for flight training.

-Raner: A planet with a shell of ice underneath of which is the remnants of an old industrial civilization that used fossil fuels and fission power. Aside from an anthropological and archeological university, the prestigious Rinsh Collel, there is a research facility powered by orbital solar collectors as the planet isn't suitable for a geothermal tap.

Unique Commodities (Shadow Market): "Green Soil" 10,000(50,000)/T, Enrichment Substances 25(75)/dose, A'den Poisons (100-300)/dose

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(Basilisk Confederation)-

Lynx -

-Chai: This is a Super gas giant containing large deposited of green burning Tibannan-T gas used in Basilisk ships. A special station, Delsin, is set up to harvest the gas and has an industrial lift to reach the surface of Chai.

-Gil_Chai: The inhabited moon of Chai slightly smaller than the Republic planetary capital. It has a large deposit of metals.

-Taq: A rather standard planet, its only notable feature is a pleasure city taking advantage of the transports and miners that go to Chai.


-Kach: This planet has a Industrial age civilization with three major political powers, Thirin Union, United Sudan and the Qella Federation. The indigenous species are a pink/red skinned bipedal species with blue hair. The blue hair actually absorbs solar rays to sustain them as water would most species. The planet is restricted to xeno-anthropological organizations.

-Galis: The planetoid is half ice of frozen tibannin. The other half is a snowy world with summer temperatures reaching 40 degrees.

-Lingeo: A planet with a Type II atmosphere, it is being negotiated over by the Kel dor and the Confederation. However several other groups are known to have small settlements on the surface despite the conflicted status of the planet.




-Kaien: This planet is a rather pleasant planet with ferocious animals content to stay in the mountains and surrounding forests and natural hot springs around the land. It would be a resort planet, exept that the Jedi have control over the planet. There is Darkside Nexus in the Forest of Twilight and a Jedi Temple built on and around a cache of hot springs. This generates some rooms ideal for species like the Mon Calamari that ideally have a moist environment.







Northern Star-






San Miguel-











Unique Commodities (Shadow Market): Tibannin-T Injector 12,000 (20,000) TTI Canister 1,000 (5,000) Tibannin-T Engine Assembly 25,000 (35,000)


(Sheeva Union)-



Orfa Minor-





-Tare: This is a warm ocean planet with only artificial landmasses. There is a medical cloning facility on the third landmass. It is based off of kaminoain facilities and meant to clone parts for grafting though this has an excessive price tag of 100,000 for limbs and 500,000 for internal organs. The power source for the artificial islands is geothermal energy with the water around the power stations occasionally reaching boiling temperatures.











Unique Commodities (Shadow Market):


(Freehold Dominion)-


















Unique Commodities (Shadow Market): Navigation Ships 20 million (35 million)

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Baskilisk Confederation Commodities (Shadow Market):

Tibannin-T Injector 12,000 (20,000)- This equipment integrates into the engin assembly similar to pre-hyperspace age N2O systems. This injects a T-type Tibannin gass into standard Tibbanin assemblies causing brief boosts of Sub-Light speeds.

Game Mechanics: Increases Move by 3 for up to 10 turns


TTI [Tibannin-T Injector] Canister 1,000 (5,000)- This is a can of T-Type Tibannin gas contained in a proprietary designed module for use with the TTI augment system.

Game Mechanics: It is a refill canister for 10 turns.


Tibannin-T Engine Assembly 25,000 (35,000)- This modification completely refits a standard engine assembly to use Tibannin-T type gas. The resulting effect is an STL performance boost.

Game Mechanics: In exchange for becoming dependent on Tibbannin-T fuel your ships move score is increased by 3.


Arin Kingdom Commodities (Shadow Market):


Sheeva Union Commodities (Shadow Market):


Freehold Dominion Commodities (Shadow Market):

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