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[Interest/Recruitment] Precint 13 [Mini Six]

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I'm considering trying my hand at PbP again. I tried one a couple years ago and fell apart due to some problems on my end. What I'm considering is a modern police game in the style of 70s or 80s cop shows, with a bit of a twist. The detectives of the 13th Precinct of Empire City seem to get all the strange and unusual cases. Most of them prove to be mundane, but some of them turn out to be something more. The detectives of the 13th Precinct are given a mandate to deal with the unusual cases in whatever way is necessary.


So like I said, it's kind of a strange idea and I have no idea if it'll really appeal to anyone, but I thought I'd put it out there.

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I cannot join in, but I'd definitely be a cheerleader for it! It's a great setting idea, and I am a MiniSix convert (at least for local hobby shop games). Your setting sounds a little like Dresden Files but without the lead actor :) ; similar to Fringe, or other similar tv series but set a few decades back; which I think the juxtapositions would be very fun to play around with. Could be cool. Anyhow, good luck.

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I'm getting weird images of Dirty Harry and monsters


Well I'm aiming a little less dirty hairy and more Starsky and Hutch or The Good Guys or Hawaii 5-O or that type of thing. Basically action cop show mixed with horror/supernatural elements.



As to character generation. Using the normal skills from the Precinct '77 setting, but adding Computers, Occult and Cryptozoology under Wits. Occult is the understanding of magic, prophecy and things of that nature. Cryptozoology is the understanding of the monsters weaknesses and things of that nature. 11 Dice for Attributes and 9 Dice for Skills. ESP & Telekinesis are acceptable Esoteric Perks. Let me know if there are any questions.

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I'll be working up some information and a crude map on Empire City. I'm putting Empire City somewhere along the south-west coast of California. It's going to be a small to medium sized city of 150,000 to 200,000ish people. It'll consist of 12 Districts/Precincts with Precinct 13 handled crimes anywhere in the city and dealing with anything labeled unusual.

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With Psionics to, that sounds interesting, the only thing I can ever recall with Psionics and Police is Parasite Eve


Never heard of it.


I was thinking about allowing Magic for PCs, but I just wasn't sure if I wanted to go that weird or not.

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"I was thinking about allowing Magic for PCs, but I just wasn't sure if I wanted to go that weird or not."


Perhaps the police statutes could even regard such actions as against policy. They might view it as illegal use of force (pun intended). Magic could be viewed as verboten within the government. You could draw parallels with how mutants are depicted in the X-Men movies (and comics). Outcasts of proper US society so to speak. Just some thoughts...

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I'm not sure if I did this correctly...here is a first attempt at a character sheet.


Character Name: Michael Robert Pivnick, III

Quote: "You know, my dad always said..."

Appearance: Red headed, fair/pale complexion, swimmer build, decent-but-otherwise-unremarkable-looking kid.

Personality: Fathers shadow complex. Dad was a former cop and this character is trying to live up, be a good clean cop like the thought his father was.

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 165 lb.


MIGHT: 2d+1

- Brawl: 3d+1



- Guns: 3d+2


WIT: 3d+2

- Investigation: 4d+2

- Legalese: 4d+2


CHARM: 2d+1

- Good Cop: 3d+1



- By the Book (1)

- Telekinesis (3)



- Rookie


Dodge: 8

Block: 10

Parry: 7

Soak: 7

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The static values of Dodge, Block, Parry and Soak are just numbers, not dice.

So for Block, you'd take your Brawl Dice and multiply by 3. You have 6D total in Brawl. So 6x3=18. You wouldn't have any leftover pips since your +1 and +2 pips equal a full die. So your Block is an 18.


Dodge is your Dodge dice multiplied by 3 and add pips. You don't have Dodge, so you would use your Agility. Agility of 2D multiplied by 3 equals 6. Then you add the two pips, giving a total number of 8. So your static Dodge is 8.


Parry would use Melee, and since you don't have that you would use Might. So Might x 3 equals 6 plus the pip for a total of 7. Your Parry score would be 7


Soak is your Might x 3 plus any armor you might be wearing. Again, your Might x 3 is 6 plus the extra pip equals a total of 7. So your base Soak is 7. If you put on something like an Armored Vest it would give you a +3 for a total of 10 as a static Soak number.


mbentley hasn't mentioned whether we're using the static values or are going to do more of the regular D6 version. He also hasn't mentioned how strict the rolls are going to be in the game so what play those numbers have remains to be seen.

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Awesome, that's a great great explanation. Thanks!


Edit: I think I'm confused on Block, because I think I only have 3d+1 (not 6d, unless I'm forgetting to add something in somewhere.) My Block might actually be 3 x 3 = 9 + 1 pip for 10, instead of 18. Unless I add the dice allotted for the more general skill of Might along with the dice allotted to Brawl. Sorry, I'll read up more when I get home.

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I'm going to go with the Fast Static Combat option. Seems to quickest and best option for a PbP.


As to rolling during the game. If something comes up where you think you might need to roll, roll what you think is appropriate and we'll go from there.


Still working on the city and setting info.


This is only the second PbP I've run. So I may stumble a bit. As always let me know if there are any questions.


Grimace, thanks for helping with answering questions. Always appreciate help. :D

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Empire City



<More Information to Come>


1) District 1 - The Business District houses many office buildings and includes the Empire City mayors mansion and offices. Beyond the offices there are some very nice restaurants, night clubs and hotels in this section.


2) District 2 - This district contains docks, warehouses and some low rent houses. Crime in this district is controlled by a gang called the Death Heads. They deal in drugs, prostitution and gambling. It's also rumored they dabble in magic.


3) District 3 - This is more low rent housing, warehouses and several condemned blocks. The Death Heads also claim this area.


4) District 4 - The Glades, home to Empire Cities famed theater district and some upper-middle class homes.


5) District 5 - Amber Park, home to Empire Cities largest park and some of the richest people in the city.


6) District 6 - Platinum District is home to the exclusive rich of Empire City.


7) District 7 - Home to a variety of office parks.


8) District 8 - The South End is home to upscale shopping malls and boutiques.


9) District 9 - A middle class neighborhood.


10) District 10 - The Arena is home to The Empire City Knights, a minor league Baseball Team and the Marshall Tompkins's Arena where sporting events, concerts and the such are held. Also home to middle and lower class housing.


11) District 11 - China Town, every city has one and this is Empire Cities. Despite being called China Town it's home to several small ethnic neighborhoods.


12) District 12 - More docks, warehouses and low rent homes. Crime in this area is controlled by a biker gang known as The Lightning. There is also an unofficial neighborhood here known as Monster Town, where some monsters try to blend in and live normal lives.

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Updated info on Empire City
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My character:


Cole Rickson (veteran cop)


Might - 3D

Brawl: +1D = 4D

Stamina: +1D = 4D


Agility - 2D+1

Guns: +1D = 3D+1

Dodge: +1D = 3D+1


Wit - 2D

Cryptozoology: +1D = 3D

Investigation: +2D = 4D


Charm - 3D+2

Seduction: +1D = 4D+2

Snitches: +1D = 4D+2


Static values:

Block: 12

Dodge: 10

Parry: 9

Soak: 9


Quote: "You probably don't want to know this, but...."

Appearance: Dark brown hair that starting to show traces of grey in it. Brown eyes. Slightly stocky in appearance. Dislikes wearing his uniform and always looks uncomfortable in it.

Personality: Pretty quiet most of the time. He would rather observe and let others speak as he takes in all of the information he can. However, if he feels strongly about something, there's no keeping him quiet about it. He's generally a pessimist about most things, but not to the point of defeatism. He never thinks anything is fair, but is going to do his darnedest to fight against the unjust. He is haunted by things in his past that he never wants to discuss. He does, however, have the gift of words and is pretty fair at impressing and interacting with the fairer sex.

Age: 38

Sex: Male

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 175 pounds


Possessions: .357 revolver, beat up old truck, worn out leather jacket, battered old wallet with just a few bucks in it and well worn pictures of two different women, badge, police uniform that he never wears unless he's forced to.


Let me know if that's acceptable, mbentley.

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Some more general setting info. It's a little different than I initially described, but this is kind of what I'm going for. Not quite open and not quite hidden supernatural world:


Officially Monsters do not exist, but everyone kind of knows they do. Legally however there are laws to deal with them. Every police department has a group designated to deal with them. Precinct 13 is Empire Cities monster squad.


Official policy is as long as the monsters leave people alone the law leaves them alone, but the moment the step over that line the law comes after them.


Magic is outlawed due to the deals with dark beings required to work Magic. Anyone performing magic is to be treated as armed and dangerous. Anyone with Magical Paraphernalia can legally be taken in for questioning. If it can be proven they have been partaking in Magical Activities they can be arrested.

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