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Greeting D6 community!   Several months ago, I had to abandon the current setup for the forums because of continued hacks into the board.  Each time I cleaned up and tried to secured the boards, I failed and the hacks persisted.  I didn't give up but did abandon the outdated vbulletin board.  I understand there are still many sites out there running this same version 4 of vbulletin without issue.  I didn't have the time to dig deep into why my board had so many security issues - obviously, the software can be maintained by those with more of a background to its coding than I.   So rather than running in circles, I opted to close it for a time while I decided on the next move.

I had no intentions of shutting the board down permanently, but weighed my choices during this lapse.  I choose to go with IPB over other forum software I reviewed.  A decision I hope the community here can grow to accept and love.  Most, if not all, of the background issues of maintaining the security and code of the forum now falls to their support team, rather than me.  I am paying for their cloud service, having to worry only about managing the configuration of the boards.  In time, when things all settle where they belong, the site should turn along smoothly hopefully with little maintenance.  

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Again, been working with the site's customer support group and they are taking the old board content to hopefully import here.  It would have been more challenging to link any of the images we have in the threads, which I recall really wasn't many.  I opted to tell them just skip over the images.  This will have an effect of having an empty space where the image used to live.  If need be, as we uncover post with missing images, I can pull up the old archive files and re-insert them.  But I felt the actual content of the posts were more important to get up and running now.   

For those wanting to see changes to the old board, here is your opportunity.  Chime in and let me know what you want or do not want here.  Might as well give the boards an overhaul while in the setup phase.   The great thing about IPB forums running from their cloud is it comes with a host of built-in services:   Pages, Blogs, Store, Downloads and images.   Will measure them all up for their features and will try and implement them best for our purposes.

Thanks all for sticking around.  I know the boards have been quiet/dead for a long time as D6 continues to linger sluggishly about.  Perhaps when Torg:  Eternity finally gets released, new conversations will be brought here.

Anyhow, glad to be almost back up and running!



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Apologies for taking so long.  Had lots going on and the forum being constantly hacked didn't help.  Expecting good things here, a new beginning!

As I mentioned, I want you all to voice what you would like to see, changed, or whatever on the boards.  If I can make it happen, I will



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Thank you for bringing this place back! I know how much work it can be running a site like this, especially when hackers, Malware and spammers begin piling up. I have missed this place though so I am really happy this site was not gone forever. 

I hope not too much of the old contents have been lost.



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All the old content is here, save for the images.  Going to see if I can pull them off the old boards and store them here in the gallery.  Another project added on the ToDo list.

I will be slowly making the old content visible, but would like to get feedback and what "NEW" forums you guys want.


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Been a while since I've been on here! Lots of old faces. Good to see everyone again. Switching to D6 as a core now for a bit (the wondering mind of the rpg GM), so I'll be on here a bit more.   / Lubidius / a.k.a Peter Robbins on G+ and beyond..

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