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It is disappointing, but perfectly understandable. I was participating in this PbP after needing to retire my "Firefly/Serenity" PbP because time constraints prevented me from continuing to do the story justice. Good luck with your Skype/G+ gaming. Sometime soon (probably Spring 2012) I plan to begin live playtests of the game I've been developing, so I'll get my gamer fix in that way.


It was a fun campaign, Lubidius. You did a great job with it.

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In case any of you need your Tekumel 'fix', there are two GMs running realtime sessions via Google+ Hangouts on either Tuesday or Thursday evenings central time, most weeks. In fact, they have a protocol in place for characters to be able to jump in and out of either -





I cannot speak enough praise to how well Google+ Hangouts works for nearly face2face role-playing. You really get the sense of sitting around a table and shooting the shite with one another while rolling dice. While additionally with the use of for example twiddla.com of the benefits of a virtual whiteboard.

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