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Star Wars: Into the Unknown - recruiting players

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Hey all,


As was mentioned, I'm planning on running a Star Wars PBP game here. I'm looking for about 5 players interested in taking part. I know I've already got at least one spot spoken for. So if you're interested, take a read and let me know.


The Empire has fallen.


The galaxy is free from the tyranny of the Empire, but for some the change is unnoticeable. Many never felt the pressure from the Galactic Empire, and some couldn’t care less one way or the other. To them, the only law is what you make of it. To them, the dangers they face haven’t changed just because of leadership change back on some distance planet in the Core.


On the fringes of the settled galaxy, a place named by those in the Core as “Wild Space”, there are people living, working, struggling and fighting to stay alive from things that aren’t even remotely associated with the Empire or the Rebellion. For these people, these “Fringers”, they get by on what they find and what they earn by doing hard work…work that can threaten their lives on a daily basis.


What the Fringers aren’t aware of is the full extent of the dangers that exist in the next system or hiding in the nearby nebula. They may not know what may come from the depths of Wild Space and threaten them, but they’re more than willing to face those dangers to protect what’s theirs.


So armed with whatever they can get, they scout, explore and claim what they can. They’re explorers. They’re soldiers. They’re pilots and technicians…all rolled into one package. They need to be everything, because where they’re going, many never come back from. But what they can find, what they can claim for their own, makes it all worth the effort.



This game will revolve around a group of Fringers who are looking to venture out into the unknown, into “Wild Space”. So much of the galaxy hasn’t been settled by “civilized” races, so many secrets haven’t been discovered. That’s what Fringers can do. And hey, maybe they can collect enough stuff along the way to give them a piece of the galaxy where they can feel safe in, away from all the hustle and bustle of the crowded part of the galaxy.


The game will be focused more on exploring things, scouting, discovering things and places that no one has likely been to before. Of course, in sticking your nose where no one has dared venture before, you may find things out there that don’t want you interfering in their area of space. But the potential bounty of treasures, fortune, artifacts and even territory is so great that it just might be worth braving the dangers of Wild Space.


So are you daring enough to be a Fringer?


This is not going to be a game where the Force plays a part. The characters are Fringers, not Jedi. The time period is after the fall of the Empire, but before the New Republic really gets going. I won’t be sticking to the various books put out for what’s in Wild Space, so don’t go expecting to run into things that you’ve read about in books. There’s also not going to be much emphasis on the Empire or the Rebellion/New Republic. This is more about the expansion into the unknown places of the galaxy.


The group will need a ship, perhaps even two. I’m allowing some leeway in the ship(s), but there has to be a good reason for the character to have such a ship for me to allow it. So spend some time thinking about how your character supposedly got the things they’re starting with.


Scouting, exploring and combat are going to be fairly prevelant, as will flying around to places unknown. Characters are better served being jacks-of-all-trades due to the nature of the game. Characters will have normal starting attributes, but can spend up to 12D in skills with no more than 2D in any single skill and only 1D given up to get specializations.


If you’re interested in joining up for this, think about a character, come up with a decent introduction for the character and let me know.

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I'm definately in and here' My PC.


Name: Bron Drake Morne


Type: Privateer Captain (altered)


Race: Wroonian (1/2 Human) Sex: Male


Age: 22 Height: 1.61 meters Weight: 62 kilograms


Physical Description: Dark Blue-Grey Eyes, Fair Skin, Auburn Hair with a blonde locks at each of his temples: Very striking and good looking.





Dexterity 2D

Blaster 3D

Brawling Parry

Dodge 4D


Melee Combat

Melee Parry


Knowledge 4D



Languages 5D

Law Enforcement

Planetary Systems

(S)Planetary Systems: Shadow Ports 5D

(S)Planetary Systems: Wild Space 5D


(S)Tactics: Fleets 5D



Mechanical 4D

Astrogation 5D

Capital Ship Gunnery

Capital Ship Piloting 5D

Space Transports 5D

Starfighter Piloting

Starship Gunnery

Starship Shields


Perception 4D







Strength 2D




Technical 2D

Blaster Repair

Capital Ship Repair 4D


First Aid


Space Transports Repair 4D



Special Abilities:




Move: 10 Meteres


Force Sensitive: Yes


Force Points: 2


Dark Side Points: None.


Character Points: 5


Equipment: Classy clothes, Exporers Outfit, Comlink, Vacuum Suit, Modified CEC Consular-Class Cruiser "Charger c70 Retrofit" corvette, the Cobalt Blue (See Chesire's and Gry Sarth's Rebellion Era conversion), KDY-Series Tech Droid "Kidd" (See Gry Sarth Droids Stat book), Uility Belt (See Gry Sarth's Equipment Stats Book), Survial Pack (See Gry Sarths Equipment Stats Book), Heavy Blaster Pistol (5D), Blastech DC-15A "Clone Trooper" Blaster Rifle, for "Big Jobs" (5D+1) (see Gry Sarth's Weapons Stat Books), Cutlass with family crest (STR+1D+1 Damage).


Background: Born into the Morne noble family of House Cadriaan of the Tapani sector of a secret affair between his father and a wroonian pirate, Drakes childhood and early teenaage years were happy, and fulfilling, though he always felt a little different. He spent a conciderable amount of time mastering Astrogation, Piloting and Fleet Tactics at the Naval Academy of Anaxes, graduating with high honors.


His early career with the Imperial Navy was uneventful and quiet.....


Untill he met Swilja, a twi'lek slave girl, owned by a cruel Cantina owner in the Outer Rim worlds, on the world he was based on..... He was entranced with the young woman, and would come to the cantina just to see her.... One day the cantina owner tried to beat her as a punishment...... Drake roundly beat the man to a pulp, and upon learning she was a slave, CONVINCED the sleezy Barkeep to sell her to him..... He took her her back to his quarters, ostensibly as a maid servant, though he NEVER made her do any work what so ever, she did it because she wanted to. At first, she was afraid of Drake, having rarely been shown any kindnes or concideration by anyone.... But as it became obvious Drake was a Kind, Decent Man, she fell in love with him.... Though Drake was smitten with her to the extreme, It was swilja who made the first move.... she was waiting for him one night for him as he got off a patrol........ It was an amazing experiance for Drake..... They were wed later that month on Ryloth, in secret.... later an old rival found out that he was secretly was married to his supposed Twi'lek "slave", who happened to be pregnant with Drake's two twin children.... He tried to blackmail Drake giving him an ultimatum: Resign from the navy or he would reveal Drake's "Deviance".... Drake had no choice he left the navy taking Swilja home with him to the Tapani sector........ Drake's rival, the spiteful man he was, simply revealed it anyway. Drake thought his parents (His father and as his father explained to him his adoptive stepmother, and drake was half wroonian) would be extremely upset at him for marrying Swilja, much less fathering two children with a Twi'lek Dancing Girl..... but were, suprisingly, understanding of Drake, Drakes father Banisson, had did something similar himself and fell in love with an alien woman fron the wrong side of the space port in an forbiden afair and fathered Drake, though he never had the courage that drake did show, and defied convention in marrying her... Drake learned the woman drake knew as his mother was his adoptive step mother..... The only thing his father asked, and wanted to know after he told him, was "Do You Love Her?" when drake answered with conviction "YES" he said "That's all I need to know".....


He then told drake where to find his mother, a once noted, sucessful pirate, on a newly settled world in wild space, where he reunited with her. His his mother, Raylla Vorskai had just retired from raiding, and was delighted to see her son after all these years and loved her grandchildren.... she passed her trusty ship the Cobalt Blue and her ancient droid KDY series Tech Droid, K-4-I-D "Kidd", to her cherished son as his birthright.


Right now drake Drake is looking to find a world to be settled with his family's money, where Swijla and his children can live free a prejudice and slavery, to earn funds, so as to not rely on family money, he passes info on to the new republic on many of the new civilizations and world he finds.


Personality: Kind and honarable, and very polite, drake is a dashing gentleman.... He loves his wife and two children whole heartedly.


Objectives: Fight Tyranny (when he can), Explore Wild Space and the Unknown Regions, Make Money, and one day find a world to settle and rule.


A Quote: "Don't you EVER insult my wife's honor like that!!!"

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The D6 character I have played the most is a Failed Jedi named Garin Bek. If you are not allowing any Jedi types, my second most played character is a Saber Rake from Tapani. I just am not sure either one fits this setting.\sw\


I did have one other Character with some play, a Starfighter Engineer from Corellia Named Celina Arkin who had a "Ugly" fighter named "Pretty Girl" she built herself from salvaged parts and an R2 unit named "Chirpy".

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wanted to add something
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Yes, I'll allow advanced skills, but they do require that a person have a minimum of 5D in a prerequisite skill before you can get them. Just be aware that if you get too specialized, you may find your character will end up rolling a lot of base attributes for a great many things. I don't run games where only a few skills get used.


And yes, during character creation, I do allow a PC to have a skill with a "pip" or two instead of having a full 1D over the attribute. So if you wanted to do something like that, it's acceptable.

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I will probably be using the Outlaw Tech template. I might be persuaded to use a variation of the "Rookie New Republic Pilot" though, the Mercenary fighter pilot I was considering calling it. Would presumably have a less potent fighter than an X-wing, perhaps a Z-95 or a clone wars era fighter with a hyperdrive (pretty much needs a hyperdrive).

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This game sound really cool, Grim! It's funny that I recently dreamed up a similar idea for a post-RotJ Star Wars campaign, except mine is even more like Star Trek (thus mine is less original than your concept).


I won't be able to play, but I look forward to reading about your adventures! Have fun.

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After looking through the list of character templates, I finally found one that looks like pretty much what I am looking for, as far as attributes and skills at least. The Duros Merchant.


Dexterity 2d+2, Perception 2d+1, Knowledge 2d+1, Strength 2d+1, Mechanical 4d+2, Technical 3d+2 I have not yet figured up the exact skills I wanted yet...let me look.


Hmmm, the Duros have an interesting special ability, that of getting 2d for every 1d spent on a template mechanical skill. I am unclear on a point there, can I still put 2d into such a skill (getting an effective 4d) or is it only 1d allowed (for an effective 2d)? Further question, if I spend only a pip on a skill, do I get a +2 instead, or is it only on a full die that I get the bonus?


Well, no matter, I will just put 1d in each of them and get the 2d.

Astrogation, Sensors, Space Transports, Starfighter Piloting, Starship Gunnery, and Starship Shields are the template Mechanical skills so each of those is at 6d+2 (I may edit, depending on the answer to the less than a die question above).


That leaves 6 skill dice, I wanted to put in 1d+1 in each of Space Transport Repair, Starfighter Repair, and Starship Weapons Repair (5d each). It is not listed, but I also wanted 2d spent to get 1d in Starfighter Engineering, which is the last of the skill dice I have. Is this acceptable?

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AlanDG2, it's only 1D becomes 2D for the Duros, so how you listed it for your skill choices is correct. And it's only for full dice, not for pips.


The skills you have listed at the amounts you have listed all seem fine.

Quite a specialized character, though. It'll be a challenge for you outside of a starship.


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Falcon, I looked over the character. Seems good. Couple of questions, though.


I can find a basic Consular cruiser without a problem, but I can't find this "Charger c70 Retrofit" anywhere. I'll need to know what sort of modifications is involved with that before giving the okay on the ship.


Second, negative on the Blastech DC-15 "Clone Trooper" rifle. No reasonable explanation for how your character would have acquired something like that. So either pick a more common blaster rifle or drop the rifle, your choice.


I'm also going to be a real stickler when it comes to Specializations without having any basic knowledge in the skill other than the base attribute. So I'm giving you fair warning that I'm not going to allow any advancement in your three specializations until you get some dice in the relevant skills first. One of my pet peeves in the Star Wars rules is allowing characters to specialize in something that they have no base knowledge in. Since I neglected to mention that for character generation, I'm letting your keep your specializations, but I just want you to know that I'm putting limitations on advancing those specializations. If that's not to your liking, you can alter your character if you like.

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AlanDG2, it's only 1D becomes 2D for the Duros, so how you listed it for your skill choices is correct. And it's only for full dice, not for pips.


The skills you have listed at the amounts you have listed all seem fine.

Quite a specialized character, though. It'll be a challenge for you outside of a starship.



I HATE THAT!!!! I hit some button by accident and just lost my nearly finished post. I do not even know what I hit:mad:


You are right, the character is a bit specialized...perhaps the answer to that is more specialization;). OK, in game terms, assuming I am playing with the character background as it is written, I should probably not be out trying to build and fly my own starfighter...but instead I should be more specialized in Space Transports. If I switch my advanced skill to Space Transport Engineering and lower my skill in Starfighter Pilot and Starfighter Repair to 1 pip each, that will give me 1D+2 to distribute. If I am going to be something of a trader, I need to know something about trade, so I should get the skill Bargain and the skill Value as something above base level, and as a potential smuggler, I should have a little skill in a fight so increasing Blaster and Dodge makes some sense, and it also might help to have a bit of practice in evading Security.


That should give me something more like this:

Dexterity: 2d+2; Blaster 3d, Dodge 3d

Perception: 2d+1; Bargain 2d+2

Knowledge: 2d+1; Value 2d+2

Strength: 2d+1

Mechanical: 4d+2; Astrogation 6d+2, Sensors 6d+2, Space Transports 6d+2, Starfighter Piloting 5d, Starship Gunnery 6d+2, Starship Shields 6d+2

Technical: 3d+2; Security 4d, Space Transport Engineering (A) 1d, Space Transport Repairs 5d, Starfighter Repairs 4d, Starship Weapon Repairs 5d


This assumes that I follow the original background, that my father was a Smuggler and that I learned most of my skills from him (and from going on runs with him).

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I'm in. I will post my character here first until Grimace approves, then I will move him to the character post.


Here is my PC, Daster Wrawn, former Imperial Pacification Scout

(I'm using the Ex-Imperial Scout template from Galaxy Guide 8:Scouts)


The template includes a small scout ship, but I don't have to take it if there are too many ships in the crew already.


Dexterity 3D

Blaster 4D

Dodge 4D

Melee Combat 4D


Perception 3D+2

Con 4D

Hide 4D

Investigation 4D

Search 4D+2

Sneak 4D+2


Knowledge 3D+1

Aliens Species 4D

Cultures 4D

Languages 4D

Planetary Systems 4D+1

Survival 3D+2

Willpower 4D


Strength 2D+1

Stamina 3D+1


Mechanical 3D+1

Sensors 4D+1


Technical 2D+1


After a troubled youth on an unremarkable planet, Daster Wrawn was given the option of a career in spice mining or conscription into the Imperial Scouts. He reluctantly joined the scouts, hoping to escape and go native on a rich planet somewhere beyond the rim.


After basic training, his aptitude for stabbing his way out of any situation he could not talk his way out of caught the attention of higher officers, and he was transferred into the Pacification Scout Service.


Daster spent the next 10 years, conning, killing and bribing on faraway worlds, doing the Empire's dirty work to force planets to join the Empire. He was very good at his job, and his conscience seldom bothered him.


A few months before the Emperor was killed, Daster and his team were sent to "pacify" the ruling family of a small planet on the Far Rim, in order to put their Imperial sympathizer cousin on the throne. The ruling family turned out to be triplet toddler girls and their doting nanny.


Daster had finally found a line he could not cross. He "pacified" his own team, who would have completed the mission without him, and also took care of the traitorous cousin. He took his scout ship and fled deeper in the rim, hoping to lose himself in a life of obscurity.


When he heard the Empire had fallen, Daster returned to more civilized regions, carving excitement and running from the dreams of the terrible things he has done.


Daster is completely unremarkable man, with hair colored hair and eye colored eyes.



Sienar Lone Scout LSA-1



Heavy blaster pistol


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