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Hi folks. I am sorry, but I just don't have the steam to run this one anymore. I have been losing steam for GMing for quite a while now, maybe it's because I'm sort of burned out. I've been running D6 Star Wars play by post games for about four or five years now, and while I still love Star Wars, I'm just running low on the creative juices necessary for a good game.


I've been trying to put together my publishing projects for some time now, and that has been sapping my mentality too. I started my business with the intent of using the D6 System as a foundation for the settings I had bouncing around in my mind, but due to bad timing (seeking to purchase a license from WEG to use the D6 System when Eric decided to go the OGL route), and the lack of progress on Open D6, my love for the system took a serious smack-down. The recent emergence of the Mini-Six variant has piqued my interest somewhat, but I'm still sort of burned out with D6 altogether.


I've got at least six projects that I've been working on for the past two years. The first two being D6 Tales of the West, and D6 ACES, both of which I've been holding up on over the whole Open D6 thing. I plan to move forward with them soon, but I've got at least three other things that have been keeping my interest. One is my magazine, Threat Record, originally intended as a simple batch of NPCs and scenarios for the 4C System (retro-clone of Marvel FASERIP). I've decided to broaden its scope to include things from other open systems, and independently published gaming material. Two other projects are also being created for the 4C System, 4C Mecha, and my Heroes of Legend setting. I tried my hand at creating my own simple dice system, but it hasn't really gone anywhere (my write up sucks, oh well).


All of this, coupled with trying to run at least 4 Star Wars play by post games, chasing around a two and a half year old, and working a third shift job just wasn't working out in my favor. If my rep here, and at my own forum, has taken a hit for lack of communication - well - I'm sorry.


I plan to continue checking in on the forums on a daily basis. I'm still interested in seeing what becomes of Open D6, and I'd like to think that I've made at least a couple of friends here.



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