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You can post your character sheets in this thread. You'll be in charge of keeping up with your CPs, Force Points, and advancement. Any time you make any permanent change to your character (raise a skill, add a Force power, etc.), please do so in Red so I'll know what's what.


Also, you can use the following code for your character sheet so that everything is uniform. Just hilight everything in the box, copy & paste it into your post:


    [b]Name: [/b]
   [b]Type: [/b]
   [b]Race: [/b]  [b]Sex: [/b]
   [b]Age: [/b]  [b]Height: [/b]  [b]Weight: [/b]
   [b]Physical Description: [/b]

   [b]Dexterity [/b]
   [b]Knowledge [/b]
   [b]Mechanical [/b]
   [b]Perception [/b]
   [b]Strength  [/b]
   [b]Technical [/b]

   [b]Special Abilities: [/b]

   [b]Move: [/b]
   [b]Force Sensitive: [/b]
   [b]Force Points: [/b]
   [b]Dark Side Points: [/b]
   [b]Character Points: [/b]

   [b]Equipment: [/b]

   [b]Background: [/b]

   [b]Personality: [/b]

   [b]Objectives: [/b]

   [b]A Quote: [/b]

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Name: Bu’cha Ban-aa (Boo-chah Ban-ahh)

Type: Ibhaan’I Tribesman

Race: Ibhaan’I (Socorran Native, Near-human) Sex: Male

Age: 22 Height: 1.7m Weight: 75kg


Physical Description: Bu’cha is a dark-skinned native of Socorro. His long, black hair is braided down his back. Average height, but slim he wears a mix of spacer’s clothes inspired by his native peoples and his true native dress of shawls and robes. He dislikes shoes and often wears sandals or goes barefoot. Traditional ritual tattoos run from the left side of his face, down his neck and left arm. His pet Socorran Tailring (“Sand Dragon”), Kra’nix (kray-nicks) (translation: “Pretty Poison”) is often perched on his right shoulder playing with his shiny earrings.


Dexterity 3D

Blaster: 3D+1

Blaster: Caelli-Merced Series III Blaster Pistol 4D+1

Bow: 3D+1

Brawling Parry: 3D

Dodge: 3D+2

Melee Combat: 3D+2

Melee Parry: 3D+1

Running: 3D

Thrown Weapons: 3D

Knowledge 3D+1

Alien Species: 3D+1

Cultures: 3D+1

Intimidation: 3D+1

Languages: 3D+1

Planetary Systems: 3D+1

Streetwise: 3D+2

Survival: 4D

Survival Desert: 5D

Willpower: 3D+1

Mechanical 2D

Beast Riding: 2D+2

Perception 3D+2

Hide: 3D+2

Search: 4D

Sneak: 4D

Strength 3D

Brawling: 3D+1

Climb/Jump: 3D

Lifting: 3D

Stamina: 3D+1

Technical 2D

First Aid: 2D+2

First Aid: Ibhaan’I medicine 3D+2


Special Abilities:

Sense: 1D

Force Powers: Magnify Senses


Scouting: Ibhaan’I get a +2D bonus to search, sneak, and Perception when scouting a known area. They get +1D when scouting unfamiliar territories, including alien worlds.


Move: 10

Force Sensitive: Yes

Force Points: 2

Dark Side Points: 1

Character Points: 5



Osma (“Destiny”) bag, walking stick/staff (Str+1D Damage), Set of traditional robes, Loose spacer’s clothes, water skin, Ibhaan’I medicine bag, Sandals


Caelli-Merced Series III Blaster Pistol

Model: Blaster Pistol

Skill: Blaster

Ammo: 100

Cost: 900 (power packs: 30)

Availability: 4, R

Range: 3-10/30/120

Damage: 4D+2

Game Notes: The Series III is designed for a skilled marksman, requiring a keen eye and a steady hand. This precisely balanced weapon adds +5 to the difficulty for any user with a Blaster skill of less than 4D, but anyone with a Blaster skill of 6D or higher gets +1D to hit.


Kra'nix (Socorran Tailring, "Sand Dragon")

Type: Desert Dweller

Dexterity: 4D

Brawling Parry: 5D

Dodge: 4D+2

Pick Pocket: 5D

Perception: 4D

Hide: 6D

Search: 8D+1

Sneak: 5D

Strength: 1D+1

Brawling: 2D+2

Stamina: 5D

Swimming: 2D

Special Abilities:

Claws: Does Str+1D damage

Teeth: Does Str+1D damage

Sting: The bite of a tailring is extremely painful but rarely fatal. If left untreated, it may induce nausea and high fevers. The sting has a damage of 4D rolled against the victim's Strength. The worst injury possible is a Wound, in which case roll 3D for the number of hours the victim is affected by nausea and fever.

Tail: Does Str damage, When frightened, tailrings rattle their tails before they strike.

Constriction: When extremely agitated, tailrings wrap their tails around the nearest limb and squeeze. Should this be the neck of a predator, death is certain even if the tailring is killed. The tailring rolls Str+4D damage once every minute with a constriction attack; the victim must make an opposed lifting or Strength roll and beat the tailring by five or more points to break free.

Move: 16

Size: 0.3-0.9m

Scale: Creature


(This is not my character picture, but here's a tailring shown for size.)




Born and raised in the Ibhaan'I tribal culture, he learned scouting and the traditional shamanistic ways from his father. Though he does not fully realize it, he was gifted with the Force from this training. As is typical of Ibhaan'I, he would often go out and wander the desert, honing his scouting abilities in the process. Upon his right of passage into manhood, his father sent him to the Uhl Doaba'I shrine in Vakeyya to further learn from the shaman there. Of course, the shrine's proximity to Soco-Jarel spaceport exposed him to many of the wonders of the galaxy. His parents are concerned that he's embraced too much of the outworlder’s ways and Bu’cha himself is trying to balance his own traditional upbringing with his exposure to the cultures of the galaxy.

One memorable day, a black trail of smoke from the sky during one of Bu’cha’s wanderings set him off on a rescue mission. He found the tramp freighter captain and his crew quickly and set about guiding them back to civilization. Due to his arrogance, he would not listen when the outworlder’s devices said there was water nearby. This almost led to disaster until a wounded Socorran Tailring appeared. Bu’cha greedily attempted to claim the prized pet, but it bit and poisoned him. He set aside his greed and tended the Sand Dragon, which finally accepted him and it led the group to water. Humbled by this experience, he finished leading the downed crew to safety and gained new friends and a grudging respect for technology in the process.

Word of Bu’cha’s scouting ability reached the retired Master Scout Exovar from neighboring Neftali in the Socorran system. Exovar paid Bu’cha a visit and shared tales of scouting the galaxy. Realizing there is a whole galaxy of people who are just as able as he; Bu’cha is humbled yet again, but also inspired to think beyond Socorro. Exovar helped connect Bu’cha with a reputable company/scout service to get him started...


Curious, humble, but tough, he still adheres to the Aa’kua (“respecting space”) customs with which he was raised. He tries to remember his roots and still approaches situations with the outlook of an Ibhaan'I tribesman. Due to Socorro being a haven for smugglers and pirates, Bu’cha (like many on Socorro) has no tolerance for bounty hunters.


To explore the galaxy and have many stories to tell. To meet many different cultures and spread the knowledge of his own culture/traditions, as well.

A Quote:

”In my culture, such a violation of space would have been met with a swift death.”


The Socorro system, the Ibhaan'I, Socorran Tailrings, and most other info is detailed in "The Black Sands of Socorro" sourcebook. Exovar (and his Emporium) is from the "Wretched Hives of Scum and Villany" sourcebook.

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Name: Bron Drake Morne


Type: Privateer Captain (altered)


Race: Human Sex: Male


Age: 22 Height: 1.75 meters Weight: 68 kilograms


Physical Description: Dark Violet Eyes, Fair Skin, Auburn Hair with two blonde locks at each of his temples: very good looking.





Dexterity 2D+1

Blaster 3D+1

Brawling Parry

Dodge 3D+1


Melee Combat

Melee Parry


Knowledge 3D+2




Law Enforcement

Planetary Systems 4D+2

(S)Planetary Systems: Shadow Ports 5D+2

Streetwise 4D+2

(S)Streetwise: Invisible Market 5D+2

(S)Tactics: Fleets 4D+2



Mechanical 4D

Astrogation 5D

Capital Ship Gunnery

Capital Ship Piloting

Space Transports 5D

Starfighter Piloting

Starship Gunnery

Starship Shields


Perception 4D







Strength 2D




Technical 2D

Blaster Repair

Capital Ship Repair


First Aid


Space Transports Repair



Special Abilities:




Move: 10 Meteres


Force Sensitive: no


Force Points: 1


Dark Side Points: None.


Character Points: 10


Equipment: Classy clothes, Comlink, Vacuum Suit, Modified Light Frigate (see page 120, Best of the Star Wars Adventure Journal Issues 1-4), with a 6 months operational consumables duration, Blaster Pistol (4D), Blaster Rifle (5D)


Background: Born into the Morne noble family of House Cadriaan of the Tapani sector Drakes childhood and early teenaage years were happy, and fulfilling he spent a conciderable amount of time mastering Astrogation, Piloting and Fleet Tactics at the Naval Academy of Anaxes, graduating with high honors. His early career with the Imperial Navy was uneventful and quiet..... untill he met Swilja, a twi'lek slave girl, owned by a cruel Cantina owner in the outerrim worlds, on the world he was based on..... He was entranced with the young woman, and would come to the cantina just to see her.... One day the cantina owner tried to beat her as a punishment...... Drake roundly beat the man to a pulp, and upon learning she was a slave, CONVINCED the sleezy Barkeep to sell her to him..... He took her her back to his quarters, ostensibly as a maid servant, though he NEVER made her do any work what so ever, she did it because she wanted to. At first, she was afraid of Drake, having rarely been shown any kindnes or concideration by anyone.... But as it became obvious Drake was a Kind, Decent Man, she fell in love with him.... Though Drake was smitten with her to the extreme, It was swilja who made the first move.... she was waiting for him one night for him as he got off a patrol........ It was an amazing experiance for Drake..... They were wed later that month on Ryloth, in secret.... later an old rival, found out that he was secretly was married to his supposed Twi'lek "slave", who was pregnant with Drake's two twin children.... He tried to blackmail Drake giving him an ultimatum: Resign from the navy or he would reveal Drake's "Deviance".... Drake had no choice he left the navy taking Swilja home with him to the Tapani sector........ Drake's rival, the spiteful man he was revealed it anyway. Drake thought his parents would be extremely upset at him for marrying Swilja, much less fathering two children with a Twi'lek Dancing Girl..... but were suprisingly understanding of Drake..... The only thing Drakes fathe asked when he told him, was "Do You Love Her?" when drake answered with conviction "YES" he said "That's all I need to know"..... Right now drake Drake is looking to find a world to be settled with his family's money, where Swijla and his children can live free a prejudice and slavery.


Personality: Kind and honarable, and very polite, drake is a dashing gentleman.... He loves his wife and children whole heartedly.


Objectives: Fight Tyranny, Make Money, and one day find a world to settle and rule.


A Quote: "Don't you EVER insult my wife's honor like that!!!"

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Name: Gilea de Roland

Type: Gunslinger

Race: Human Sex: Female

Age: 18 Height: 154cm Weight: 43kg

Physical Description: Petite young lady, with bright eyes, broadbrimmed hat, and a well worn blaster in a quick draw rig


Also picture for her, http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v384/keikiru/gilea.jpg

Dexterity 4d6

-Blaster 6d6

-Dodge 6d6

Knowledge 3d6

-Streetwise 4d6

Mechanical 2d6

Perception 4d6

-Investigation 5d6

-Search 5d6

Strength 2d6

Technical 3d6


Special Abilities: None


Move: 10

Force Sensitive: N

Force Points: 1

Dark Side Points: 0

Character Points: 5



Clothes, hat

Caelli-Merced Sentinel 4 Heavy Blaster Pistol, 4 spare power packs (Grys)

Quickdraw Holster (D6 Space, or the Corporate Sector Authority book)

Laser-Hone Vibrodagger (tucked in right boot, Gundark's)

Merr-Sonn Model Q4 "Quickfire" Holdout Blaster (concealed holster under skirt, Gundark's),1 spare power pack

Training Remote http://www.rpggamer.org/stats.php?page=d6/d6remote.html&name=Galactech%20Training%20Remote

Bag, Comlink (with decorative case)

500 credits



Background: Gilea is from the CSA and the daughter of an Espo captain, she grew up adoring her father and enthralled by tales of the Espo's and the legendary gunslinger Gallandro, desiring to emulate them. She grew up around Espo bases and blaster ranges (though carefully shielded from the Dark Side of the Espos by her caring father) and grew quite adept with a blaster under the tutelage of Espo range instructors (Gilea was a far more motivated student than the average Espo). Unfortunately shielded as she was from the realities of the CSA, Gilea eagerly awaited her 18th birthday, and on that very day went to the local recruiter's office to sign up.


This led to heartbreaking disaster, as she was promptly informed she failed the marksmanship test, and that her utterly unimpressive self was not Espo material, why didn't she go to secretary school? Gilea rather snapped, and when the blaster smoke cleared the CSA was no longer a good place for her to be. So, she set out to go far far far away to prove herself . . . Scouting sounds far far away right?


Personality: Generally optimistic and cheerful, viewing things as oppurtunities for achievement rather than disasters


Objectives: To prove herself gloriously in the galaxy and become the best with a blaster ever (or at least second to Gallandro)


A Quote: "So like, your going to be totally vaped afore you can even touch that blaster you know?"

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Name: Breckt Hekkit

Type: Trader/scout, Jawa Extraordinaire!

Race: Jawa Sex: male

Age: young adult Height: 2’8” Weight: 60lbs

Physical Description: a short rodent like human in a brown worn but sturdy All weather robe and with goggles and tools.


Dexterity 2(Max 4D)

Dodge 3D

Knowledge 2 (Max 3D+1)

Willpower 3D

Mechanical 3(Max 4D+2)

Space transports 4D

Sensors 4D

Perception 2 (Max 3D)

Strength 1 (Max 2d+2)

Technical 2(Max 4D+2)

Droid repair 4D (1 dice +1 from Jawa Special ability)

Droid Programming +4D (1 dice +1 from Jawa Special ability)

Computer programming/repair +4 (1 dice +1 from Jawa Special ability)

Special Abilities:

Jawa Mechanical Aptitude

Jawa Trade Language, Understands Wookie, Binary, Galactic basic and Most insult words referring to Jawas...


Move: 8

Force Sensitive: Nah, The force if for others

Force Points:

Dark Side Points: None, He's just not evil...

Character Points: Got plenty of character...if you can understand Jawa..


Equipment: Tool kit, robe, radiation/salvaging suit*, Hand held computer/translator on a wrist bracer, Jawa Multi-tool**

*Equipped to hold his tools, has climbing links (Which work in space as well.) This suit is made by Jawa specialists. It can easily be worn under robes. No two suits look exactly alike and each suit only fits the maker/One it is made for.


**This is a light saber like tool. It is Variable laser and/or Ion cutter and torch built in one. Tools like this are commonly made and used by Jawa’s. Each tool varies by it’s maker and no two ever look alike. They are often used in Melee as weapons. They are never made as primary weapons or chosen over blasters or real melee weapons.


Background: A bold little Jawa from Raxus Prime he was in his sleeping chamber, an old cargo pod, and it was placed in a ship by accident. Discovering his state of being lost he was rather frightened Desperate to make contact with his people and alone for once did what any Jawa do….Trade! After serving on a transport he made his way in space. Earning some reputation with droid repair and maintenance. He found his way home and made contacts thanks to a friendly trader the Jawa worked with.


Once home that he looked up the stars as he worked among his fellows and missed the travels. It would be several years later before he could travel again. As fate had it one day when he was out scavenging the trader that directed him home was on planet trading. A few trades and an offer to serve as an engineer he gained passage. Now the little fellow considers himself and explorer.


He set up shop and kept up sales as any Jawa would. Presently he sells and trades goods and used droids on a station promenade. It's mostly junk, damaged droids he can purchase and refurbish...but it pays bills and builds his small savings to one day purchase his own Salvage ship. His accounts include one with a shadow bank and standard account with the intergalactic commerce guilds.


Personality: Quiet little fellow with a love machines and droids. Loves to explore and is constantly looking around the next corner, but is not foolish enough to do so when he would get him killed.




Gain a GS-100 Salvage ship for his tribe and prove that Jawa's can hack the universe as good as any other race. The brave little rats clan has a running betting pool on how long he'll survive.


He doesn't do so in fashion to be a target. He still thinks like Jawa only in starship instead of a sand crawler...Not all survivors are warriors or Jedi. But he's not about to give up cargo, He'll defend himself! (soon as learns how...)


A Quote:

“It's not what you can imagine to use something for. It is what a customer can imagine to use it for.”

Breckt Hekkit, on Jawa Sales technique

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Name: Myral Pyre, Myral Starstride, Myral Sudan, Ral Voidstar

Type: Professional Thief/Asilyr Tribe member/Mining Slave

Race: Farghul Sex: Male

Age: 17 Height: 167.64cm (5'6'') Weight: 63.5kg (140 ;bs)

Physical Description: light golden brown fur with patches of rust red, which gleams in the light. Wear mostly a Asliyr attire with a “shade visor” though he refrains from the visor when off-port in Socorro. There's a nasty scar on the middle left of is chest from a Rantok stab. There are red rust swirls on his ears and he has Violet eyes.


Dexterity 4D

Blaster 4D

Blaster: Hold-out 5D

Brawling Parry 4D

Dodge 4D

Acrobatics 6D

Melee Combat 4D

Melee Combat: Staff 5D

Melee Parry 4D

Pick Pocket 6D

Running 4D

Thrown Weapons 4D


Knowledge 2D+2

Alien Species 2D+2

Cultures 2D+2

Cultures: Royal Etiquette 3D+2

Languages 4D+2

Languages: Soccoro 5D+2

Business 2D+2

Law Enforcment 2D+2

Planetary Systems 2D+2

Planetary Systems: Socorro 3D+2

Survival: Desert 3D+2

Streetwise 2D+2

Value 3D+2


Mechanical 2D

Astrogation 2D

Beast riding 2D

Communications 2D

Jetpack operations 2D

Repulsorlift operations 2D

Rocketpack operations 2D


Perception 3D+1

Bargan 3D+1

Con 5D+1

Forgery 3D+1

Gambling 3D+1

Hide 3D+1

Investigation 3D+1

Search 3D+1

Sneak 3D+1


Strength 4D

Brawling: martial arts 5D

-Blind fighting (VD)

Climbing/Jumping 4D

Lifting 4D

Stamina 4D

Swimming 4D


Technical 2D

Computer programming/repair 2D

First Aid 2D

Security 2D

Demolitions 2D

Blaster Repair 2D

Special Abilities:

Fangs: The Farghul’s sharp teeth add +2D to brawling damage.


Claws: Farghul can use their claws to add +1D to brawling damage.


Prehensile Tail: Farghul have prehensile tails and can use them as an “extra limb” at -1D+1 to their Dexterity.


Acrobatics +2D (figured)


Con +2D (figured)


Sensitivity (Lesser): can roll search or Perception to detect volcanic eruptions, sand wells, and other disturbances up to 2min in advanced at +2.

Move: 10

Force Sensitive: No

Force Points: 1

Dark Side Points: 0

Character Points: 5



One False ID(1st class Imperial technician)

Holdout Blaster (3D)

Electronic lockbreaker

4-power pistons (climb+2D)

Ornate Knife (STR+1D, 6D)

Merr-Sonn Model Q4 hold-out blaster (4D, Ammo 10 3-4/8/12)

Broken Light Foil

House Cadriaan outfit

League of Tapani Freeworlds emblem

Asilyr Outfit

Sunshade Visor

Credits 160


See Second Post for Background



Myral Starstride had a childhood crush on Dame Alieon Quell of House Pelagia. This relationship was unable to develop further due to the Anti-Alien group.

Myral Sudan had a long courted relationship with Sala Tano, a Damaronian of the Asilyr tribe. He frequently spared with her to prove he wasn't just “some” male. This relationship had not been consummated before her supposed death due to toxins in the Zidth slave mine. (whether she is dead or not is GM's call)


Connection to Characters:

Dr. Kint had met Myral Starstride during some House excursions to the Freeworlds. This affiliation began when Myral tried to pick off a shiny object from the man. They have only met during the occasional functions.

Charley Freewind knows Starstride well, the Houes Guard was responsible for training Myral to improve his discipline due to the Farghul's tendency to cause... social faults.

Zanthe Nadia has had dealings with Myral shortly after Sidney's training. Myral only somewhat understood the kind of people he was helping with his Uncle.

Alard Kra, a human Mentor in the Bha'lir that has interests in the Adsila Rifts. He claims these interests are motivated by self interest, ether way Myral Sudan regularly guided Alard when the tribe was reasonably lose to the Rifts.

Lady Agatha was involved with Myral since he was eight, instructing and guiding him in political ways he didn't understand why. Later he figured that he was being groomed by to to take over what lands the family had.

Marcus Four is a bothan Ral Voidstar befriended in the Zidth mines. Malcom talks of escape, but so far the starport is too secure.

Trep Winterrs encountered Myral Sudan after one of his adventures stranded him in the desert. Myral at the time was separated from the tribe and eventually found his way back with the help of Trep. In returne Myral kept Winterrs out of sight until things cooled down for the people that stranded him.



The Daemon Organization- The group is more powerful than it knows, it has ties to the Mecrosa Order and it will support them if it coincides with their interests. Other than the hidden link their power is moderate. Even after Myral's loss they still search for him, though it's not a priority. Myral is still a threat if his elder sister dies and he get's put in charge of the barony.

Dame Virina Tart- She has taken house revery a bit too far. She's only a year older than Myral and sees him as a viable target, his sister is too powerful and his brother is too young. With Myral no longer being on the planet she may just seek him out when she's old enough. Who knows whether she'll be pestering or hostel.

Sir Waylin Tart- He's Virina Tart's more level headed brother. He would play politics against Myral. He doesn't see a need to leave Tapani just to wage political battles, however if Myral was to ever come back...

Crayven “Warden” Wall- The Warden was the overseer of the group Myral Sudan was captured with. Myral was defiant against the Warden's subordinates which got him beaten. When Myral tried it against Crayven he was stabbed with a Rantok! [Gundark’s Fantastic Technology page 11]. Due to Myral's switch to the name Ral Voidstar the Warden had decided to make Myral Sudan/Ral Voidstar his pet.

Naros Fel- Is a person who has been swindled and conned one too many times by the Pyre family and will at least capture any of them he encounters. Fel is a licensed guild Bounty Hunter with an impressive array of … guild issue equipment. He knows he is not the best of the best yet, but his Novice designation is not deterrent from his enthusiastic pursuits.



Ral Voidstar is a product of a very mixed background and racial tendencies. He to a degree maintains his race's tendencies, like jokes. He will tend to brush things off with a joke if they are uncomfortable. Due to his experience with the Asilyr tribe he can be inviting and will try to help those in need, but he has buttons. When near mistreatment he will have a tendency to step in, sometimes with a word or a fist, if the situation is grave enough like similar to the experiences under Zidth slave mining he'll have no problem introducing a claw. To people he considers friends he'll be their for, others he'll be personable after surveying the danger level of the situation or person. Voidstar will feel safe and let his guard down around Anti-Slavers.


Objectives: Due to the way his life went he's not sure, but the company of some good people will help.


A Quote: "Oh that, someone mistook me for a Corellian seabass" (referring to his scar) "Hey pick on someone who can kinda fight back...like me!" (to Zidth slave-master) "Was that a Bantha? ... oh it's Sir Rattik." (House Social Function)

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1-5: Raised by Biryn and Myral Pyre.

5-10: Adopted by Jarid and Iliza Starstride.

10-16:Crashed on Socorro and adopted into the Asilyr tribe.

16-17: Zidth mining slave.


Myral Pyre was named after his mother whom had a legendary reputation for being able to lift anything off of any person. His father, Biryn Pyre, sired three children in addition to Myral. Binryall and Pynar, twin brother and sister to Myral along with Synal, a younger sister by two years. Of the four children Pyar is force sensitive, though not trained. All of them have areas of rust red fur, that gleams in the light as trait from their Mother. Biryn was an prized entrepreneur until brilliantly conned. Now Biryn and Myral head with their children to the Tapani sector planning on joining the Leauge of Tapani Freeworlds.

The Pyre family set up a business on Mrisst thinking how exciting and prestigious it would be to out smart the famed intellectual inhabitants. While they were on Mrisst, Biryn and Myral taught their children both the legal and illegal of business and profession believing that it was required to be the best at whatever job or life style that is pursued.

This life was maintained for years along with a secret involvement with the Pelagia Freedom Force (PFF), specifically Zanthe Nadia, whom was being smuggled profits and assets, until the affiliation was discovered by Mrisst and told to the Empire. The Pyre family was chased through the sector until they crash landed on Achillea. Biryn's wife died in the crash and everyone else was critically injured. Fortunately they were found by a figure going by the name of Dr. Kint (Taj Junak) he was able to heal the five year old Myral, but before Dr. Kint could heal the rest he heard people approaching so he took the injured people to heal them later. Myral Pyre was found by jarid and Iliza Starstride Barons of House Cadriaan; not wanting to let a child die they adopted him, now under the name of Myral Starstride.

The Pyre family continues on, for now tag a longs of Dr. Kint with Pyar Pyre being his apprentice. However Myral Starstrider;s life is taking a far different path, whether they will cross is left to the future.

Myral Starstride since an early age was an annoyance to his older sister Taiana despite his best efforts, this was partly due to his instinctual mischievousness going against royal code. Efforts were taken to curb this behavior and it worked for a while, he took part in physical activities such as self defense and acrobatics along with etiquette and social classes, also to consume more time he was directed to light foil dueling. This regiment improved his position with house and sister this also had helped him be prepared to assist in raising his newly born brother. This progress was slowed when he met his Uncle Sidney. Sidney recognized some body movement and mannerisms native to his hidden profession, that of a thief. Myral began a double life, the one with House Cadriaan and the life of theft with Sidney. As time passed he found that his Uncle was working for Zanthe Nadia. This double life got harder to maintain when Lady Agatha got involved. She saw what an alien second in line could mean and started influencing him. Unfortunately Anti-alien groups knew too that it could reinforce the League of Tapani Freeworlds moral and seceding attempts. The Anti-Alien group Daemon made attempts on Myral's life and at the age of ten he was sent into hiding with cooperation between the Cadriaan House Guard and Zanthe Nadia. Myral Starstride was on his way to a galactic fringe safe world. The safe world was not reached as another fringe world not on the maps pulled the ship into real space and wreaked havoc with the navigation systems. The safe world ship crashed into a sandy desert planet called, Socorro.

When the ten year old came to, he found himself in the care of the Asilyr tribe. While in the tribe he was known as Myral Sudan and Myral Sudan had a difficult time with the concept of Aa'kua, respecting space. This concept nearly got him killed a few times, that and the seismic tremors. Myral adapted to both the Aa'kua rule and learning to sense the seismic disturbances though not as well as the other tribesmen. As he lived with the Asilyr tribe he adopted some of their characteristics and nomadic ways, traveling thorugh the badlands, covering up from the Socorro's star, as well as other idiosyncrasies. After six years Myral Sudan was captured during the Zidth raid Incidents.

During the beginning of Myral;s disappearance from the crash the other survivors tried searching, however Socorro's “government” wouldn't let them disturb the native tribes.

Myral Starstride, Myral Pyre, and Myral Sudan these names ranged from nothing to a beating in the Zidth service depending who was in earshot. At first he continued to use the names Myral Starstride and Sudan as defiance, not even the Asilyr would sit content. This was a clear violation of Aa'kua! However this stubbornness brought from his mixed royal/Aa'kua culture brought him injury and harder labor. Myral with any family names seemed to bring him trouble so he decided to use his Farghul instincts and training from Sidney to have Myral in any incarnation fade into obscurity. Now on this world bordering the unknown there was Ral Voidstar.

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