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Welcome WEG Fans!


Hi! Please feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself. Tell us a little about your background, where you're from, your favorite games, how you found this site, or whatever you want to share about yourself. Let's make this a thread that is one post per user to not get it bogged down in replies.


Thanks! :)

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Hello, I'm a french rpg player of 46 years old and I'm searching another light system for a french game that I didn't like the rules. I was searching ressources for D6 system and I found this boa

Salut et bienvenu ! Je suis français aussi (mais je continue en anglais). Basically, D6 rpg is Star Wars core system (appeared 1987 ? I played first time in '88...), but like GURPS, it became mor

Thank you, I'll keep people posted. K  

Posted Images

In this life I was born in the early 70's and raised in Ohio, USA. Played D&D and AD&D starting at age 9, and many other games since then. But I've been a Star Wars D6 GM since 1988 and I still haven't ever ran a better RPG. I have the entire WEG Star Wars collection and damn proud of it. I work at home in perscription benefits management, and in my spare time I enjoy tweaking the Star Wars (2nd Edition Revised & Expanded) game system and planning my next big campaign. My 8-year-younger wife and I have one child, an adventurous young toddler named Josh.

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I was born in Albany, NY 36 years go. Sometime in the mid to late 1980s I was introduced to red box Basic D&D. Played that for a while, but mostly just made characters. Bought Champions didn't like it. Sometime in the early 90s I found Star Wars 2nd edition and fell in love. I played it online over IRC and played in a few Star Wars games. Before long I found myself running Star Wars games and using D6 to run other games. This lasted until sometime in 2001 or 2002 when I found Unisystem through the Buffy RPG. Which became my go to game for quite a while and still is. However I'm slowly getting back into using D6 as one of my go to systems.


\sw\ :swb:

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Born in the early 60's, I've been gaming since my older brother first dragged me to a D&D game his friend was running back in 1977. I started with D&D and got into GDW's Traveller immediately following. Got bitten by the gaming bug and have been at it ever since. I started playing West End Games RPGs with Paranoia in 1984 and then Ghostbusters in 1986, and I still have the color glossy insert announcing the forthcoming Star Wars RPG in my collection.


1987, my tenth year in gaming, was when everything changed.


I don't have a complete Star Wars collection, but nearly so. I do have all of the Indiana Jones books and a very nearly complete Shatterzone collection. D6 is my "go-to" system and has been for many years - if I pick up a setting I like with a system I don't (say Mongoose Publishing's Babylon 5 or the StarGate SG-1 RPGs), I rip out the rules and convert to D6.


I'm pretty excited about both Septimus and especially the OpenD6 initiative. Looks like the dawn of a bright new age for my very favorite game!

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"Hello, let me introduce myself! My name is Rodney. I'm immensely strong. When I were a lad, I could lift up five Navies on an end of a shovel. The reason I never took martial arts because I was immensely fearsome and I'd probably kill everybody I came into contact with it. I was phenomenally strong. Pride and ego, my lads, pride and ego, Is what makes the world rotate. And everybody knows the centre of the universe is Huddersfield, but I don't live there anymore.

I live in Los Angeles. It's great!... I think"


It is a shame I used up all my allowed text per message with that quote, now I don't have room to actually introduce myself!

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Born and raised in southern germany in 1966, I found my first RPG 1984 (the german game Das Schwarze Auge (the dark eye in its english incarnation) in the book store of the small town I lived in. As there is not much to do in such a town I learned the rules, gathered some friends for this game and was instantly hooked. I soon found other, more interesting RPGs, most of them in english which definitely improved my grasp of this language.


Soon after that I moved to Nuremberg, a real city that even featured one of the first german FLGS. I became a regular in this shop and bought nearly every RPG they had to offer. When I was looking for a job and had many offers, I decided to go to western germany - Wuppertal in North-Rhein-Westfalia partly because the region was the hotbed of Roleplaying in germany at that time.


I GMed the first edition of Star Wars for some time but soon played most of the time Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Torg and a lot other games. This was mostly due to the players I found in Wuppertal. All the time my favourite game was Torg but my friends loved change more than playing the same game all the time.


Today, though my love for RPG has not cooled down, I only play once every two weeks and on as many conventions I have time to visit. Earning money takes not only away too much time from me but from my friends too.


I used to work as a Radio Journalist, but in 2000 when the media crisis began, I learned PR and opened an office. I am still doing some journalism with a video magazine but this is more a hobby than a job.

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Born in the early 80s, now a first year PhD student. Found gaming during High School and WEG Star Wars 2e RE was the second RPG I found


Play mixed up D6 Space Fantasy using Star Wars 2e RE as the base, as well as Earthdawn and GURPS 4e

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was born in 87 in a small village in sweden, started playing things like diablo and wc2 in the mid 90'is thinking "wow computer screens give me a headache, there should be a way to play this on paper" loads of unsuccessful "rpgs" where written mostly using a blend of d6's and d20's, nothing id put my name on today.

then came my b-day and my parents took me to the "local" rpg and ccg/tcg store i was pestering the the clerk for and hour or so about system related questions. he said things like "dungeons and dragons is what you should get". having played ad&d once i know it wasnt the one for me. after going over exactly what i wanted he sugested d6 which was what i got and havent looked back sins.


good enough? :P

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So I'm not the only Scandinavian here then? :)

I'm Havard, I'm in my 30s and I live in Norway. I have been playing RPGs since 1988, starting with D&D ofcourse, but we wanted to try as many games as possible. I've GMed quite a bit of Star Wars D6, which was what got us into WEG games. TORG was an amazing experience that simply blew our minds. Our gaming group was never the same after this. We also played Shatterzone and lots and lots of MasterBook. I also tried running a small GMing a small Pulp Adventure campaign with the latest version of D6, though it only lasted a couple of sessions.


I've enjoyed talking about these favorite games over the last few years over at the old forums and now here so I will probably stick around now that Magman has taken over as well! :) \sw\



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Well I'll add my two cents in here too. I am 32 yrs old, and growing up in small town alberta I designed my own (very cheesy) percentile based fantasy game that I ran for my friends for 6 years. We finally got jobs and lives and upgraded to SW d6, that took our attention for another 6 years (or so) with ad&d being mixed in to replace the fantasy. For the last 4 years I've been playing d20 mostly because that's the only way to gather together a new group. Now that I have them, I've rediscovered d6, plan on running a new star wars campaign, and begun to use d6 fantasy to introduce my kids to roleplaying as well. Open D6 is drawing me like a fly to honey and I can't wait to see the production of such an imaginative and talented group of fans.

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Born and raised in Illinois and the Chicagoland area. A family friend got me and my older brother a D&D boxed set back in the early 80s at the age of 8 and my parents promptly confiscated it because it was "evil". Which, of course, made us want to play even more. :D


Played some Star Frontiers, as well as D&D and I picked up the Robotech RPG in those early days. I went off to college and got introduced to many games including Star Wars d6 by the Star Wars fanboi in my fraternity. Had a blast for several years playing that until I graduated and got my commission into the US Air Force.


Bounced around the Air Force for 12 years, got married, had two kids and got into whatever games I could with limited time. I left the Air Force and we settled into the Albany, NY area last year where I've been trying to drum up a steady gaming group that wants to do something other than play DnD 4e. (Hasn't been easy, still searching.)

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Hi. It's fun to see that many of you guys are sharing the same path in RPG's. Mine is quite similar.


Born in Quebec province in the 70's I started with Fighting Fantasy books and ran into D&D shortly after that. I've discovered in Marvel Super Heroes in my teenage years and liked the idea of something simpler than D&D.


Then came Star Wars. I've ran many and so many games and loved D6 so much that I've included it in many other settings.


I've made a website long ago with some ideas (it's really out of date).


These days when I can play it's sometimes D&D 3.0, Chaosium Basic rpg or of course D6.


In my mid 30's, I work in a library and I am a father of 1.


Long live D6



(my out of date site)

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Between the time when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the rise of the sons of Arius, there was an age undreamed of. And unto this, Catstacker, destined to drink beer and wear a Canucks hat upon a troubled brow. Let me tell you the tales of d6 Adventure!

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I was born in a small town of north of France in 1973. I hooked on RPGs in 1987 with L'Oeil Noir (The Dark Eye). Aged 14, with a friend of mine, I created a RPGs club that year with the city subsides.

Next year, my mother moved to the south of France. There, I found some friends and gamemastered Stormbringer for a few years. Then Over The Edge in 1995, more or less up to now.

I know the D6 system because one of my players gamemastered Star Wars for 10 years.

I saw that a lot of members played DnD. Personally, I played it once and stopped it when one of the gamers, playing a druid, turned himself into a bird, hovered over two guards, and then turned himself into a hippopotamus to crush them.

For now, I work in a hotel. I'm married and father of a 1 year boy. I tour when I can with my band. And I still play with the same gamers since 1988.

And I'm sorry for the grammar faults. :D

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Basic Background:

I was born in Kingston, NY in 1974. (It's near Woodstock, and no I'm not a "love child"). I moved to Raleigh,NC in 1985 right before starting 5th grade. I did both middle school and high school in the Raleigh area. I then went to college at Appalachian State University from 1992 to 1996. I graduated with a double major in History and Philosophy&Religion (I always argue that's actually a triple major).


RPG Background:

RPG wise, I started with the original red box set (1980) of D&D. Mixed with that was Star Frontiers also by TSR. Soon after I got into Marvel Super Heroes RPG. It was then I got into Star Wars RPG 1st Edition. Around the same time I also played a lot of the James Bond RPG. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Bond_007_%28role-playing_game%29) I was also heavily into the TMNT and the Robotech RPG by Palladium Books. Into the late 80s and early 90s I also go into Battletech, Heavy Gear and Mekton.


Through college I mostly did board games, drank, studied, and then computer games started hitting it big in the early 90s. I only got back into RPGs after college, attending a weekly game night at my FLGS after hours. The great thing was most of the people I played with I knew throughout middle and high school. We always played very casually. It was always a means to an end of eating poorly, and talking shizzle.


Other Hobbies:

Kendo, Combat Simulations (Computer Based - All genres; I have a LOT of flight controllers and race car controllers at home), Miniatures Wargaming, Art (recent acquisition), and Classical / Electric Guitar for 20 years.



Senior Engineer with MCI (now known as Verizon Business). Been working with MCI and it's iterations for over 13 years now.


Interesting life notes: (at least to me :))

I wrote the first English interview of Oleg Maddox, who created the well known flight simulator IL-2 Sturmovik. I also created the long running VEF or "Virtual Eastern Front" as a multiplayer online campaign for use with IL-2 Sturmovik. Many elements from the campaign design were eventually programmed into the simulators cooperative campaign system.


Some famous folks I or my family have run into in very odd places: Tom Green - I met in a McDonalds in Santee South Carolina, about 4 years ago. Alec Baldwin - my wife and I ran into him at a toy store in East Hampton, NY about a year ago. Meadowlark Lemon (from the globetrotters) - my dad and I walked into a local community center chatting with him when I was 8 years old. That was a cool highlight at least for me as a kid. Wife ran into Spike Lee at an airport. She also used to babysit Bill Murray's kids at their local pool as a kid. She also met Angelina Jolie at her local church at 11 yrs old. (And her father Jon Voigt). My mother-in-law met John Lennon in central park in the late 70s.


And, I'm a great kisser.... :eek: Oh wait, this isn't a personal ad. \sw\

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I was born in 78, lived in Washington state, Until 99. Moved to Texas, But as of 2 years ago im back in Washington.


Iv been playing RPGs since middle school. Iv Gm'ed A LOT of systems. I mean tons. I will not even try to count them all.


My current group is family and friends I started playing with back in middle school.

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Nerdron, aka Ron Fricke, here. Born at the tail end of the sixties, I started playing DnD with my older brother and his friend in 5th grade. My fist character, a fighter, was killed by Harpies in my first encounter. 11ty million year later, I mostly GM D6, but I also play DnD 4th editon, GURPS, Savage Worlds, and a bunch of other junk.


I have written a bit of D6 stuff that has been published, but I don't consider myself a professional or even good author.


I work for a transportation company as a computer Nerd, and I have been married to the most wonderfula an patient woman in the wold for 14 years. I have 3 boys who are just starting to play RPGs, and I am glad to pass D6 down to a new generation.

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Sorry I'm late to the party!


Born in Indiana over 37 years ago, I started gaming when I was a lad of about ten. Basic Dungeons and Dragons at first, and as I got older picked up some experience playing RIFTS.


The nineties were a haze of video games, drunken debauchery and excess, which eventually found me married and living in Cincinnati and not gaming or doing anything I enjoyed and working to support my (then) wife's bridal crafts habit.


This was the lowest point of my life.


Barely escaping certain insanity, I ditched her, packed up the electronics, ran a razor blade across all of her CD's and headed home, never looking back.


My friends welcomed me with open arms and offered me a spot at their gaming table to play WEG"s D6 Star Wars.


I almost backed out at the last minute.


Fortunately, I showed up that crisp spring Saturday morning with my required 2 liter of soda and bag of chips in hand and never looked back.


Because of that one decision, that one moment in my life where I decided to show up for a roleplaying game instead of killing the alarm clock, rolling over and go back to sleep after working late the night before, my life has been changed for the better.


It may sound dramatic, but it's true.


Because of that decision, when I met my girlfriend a few months later (soon to be wife) we had a common interest that sparked a lot of interesting conversation (she later joined the same gaming group), I decided to chronicle the adventures of our gaming group (which led to me learning HTML and creating my own website) and because I used to love writing and creating art, the game and the adventures of our group gave me subject matter that led to me getting back into hobbies that I long ago abandoned.


Thus I learned to use a variety of 3D art applications and returned to writing, where I actually saw my own work (self) published, sporting a self-created cover I was able to give out as Christmas gifts a few years back.


In addition, I've gotten to meet some really great folks on the world wide interwebs, forge some friendships and (I would like to think) help promote a community of fine people who share in the love of our hobby.


All in all, a pretty good life so far.



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I'll keep mine simple.


I'm me. I've been me pretty much all my life. Born in a capital city, I've lived in capital cities for every year of my life except one. Got into gaming in '84 and cut my teeth on.....NOT D&D!!!!! My first gaming experience was Star Trek! I had to be the GM. That's right, my first experience with gaming was being a GM. So from '84 to present, I've had a total of 25 years of GMing experience. On and off I've been an actual player instead of the GM, but total time as a player probably rates right around 2 months of actual time.


Other than that, I'm pretty much a D6 afficionado. The games I prefer are very few (3, count them... 3) and of them D6 is on the top. In real life I'm a quasi-jack-of-all-trades. I've worked many a job, from blue collar to white collar; from underground mining to system operator at a lottery; sales to landscaping. Married a gamer and am now living in a wonderful new house in a place I want to grow old in. Couldn't be much happier.

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I was born 36 years ago and lived in a small town by the sea in Malaysia, but now live in the capital Kuala Lumpur with my wife and 7 year old son.


First game ever was Star Wars RPG during high school back in 1989. That first campaign ended in 1999, long after I got back from college. I also ran a SWRPGD6 campaign in college. Currently running a new campaign after a very long hiatus.


Like VicPalisades, my love for SWRPG and art took us in a particular direction, where I joined him in his quest to form the Star Wars Artists' Guild where we used to take on requests for Star Wars RPG art.


I used to be very shy and self-concious and quiet, but I believe running games increased a lot of my real skills under PERCEPTION which allowed me to function better in society. They should have official RPG classes in school.

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Call me Joe :) Or Adder...


Anywho, I was born in 1977, and I grew up gaming in many systems. I spent a lot of time in the d20 world, and I played 4e DND. That's the short short version.


Yeah, I am a long time WEG fan. The Open D6 brought me back with the space theme. I plan on a Bolo theme game. And, I know WEG can handle it without making it a nightmare for players in regards to the stats.

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Hi, I was born in 1970. In 1982 I got into playing D&D (basic first but quickly moving to AD&D). I played mostly AD&D for the rest of the 80s (with a little Sta Frontiers and Palladium FRPG). In 1988 I graduate from high school and joined the Army.


This took me away from my gaming friends and effectively ended my gaming days. I dd try to keep it alive while in the Army, but it just didn't work. However, while in the Army I discovered WEG products at the local game store I frequented (hey if I couldn't play RPGs I could at least still read the books).


This was when I picked up two games that I never played but thought they were great: d6 Star Wars and Torg. The mechanics of the d6 system intrigued me and the story of Torg did the same.


Then I left the Army, started college, and got really busy. Between classes and working RPGs kind of dropped out of my life (and my collect of stuff disappeared).


Fast forward to about 4 years ago. I found a game called Heroscape (a cross genre miniatures game). My oldest kid (I have 4 now) was just turning 4 and I decided to pick the game up for us to play. We loved it.


That lead to us starting to collect miniatures from other games -- mostly D&D and SW miniatures. This lead to me eventually getting back into D&D and introducing it to my son when we was 6.


Now that I am back into RPGs I started looking to my past excperience and started looking for stuff that I liked in my youth. As I started looking for a copy of the old d6 SW game I heard about WEG's d6 Fanatasy and d6 Space games. When I came exploring these titles I saw and instantly remembered Torg. I have now purchased several pdfs of d6 and Torg stuff and I am looking foward to rediscovering the details.

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Hey all! My name is Thomas (aka JediGamer) and I've gamed for about 25 years or so. I started gaming back in the early 80's with the old Marvel Super Heroes game from TSR. Had a blast with my friends recreating classic comic battles.


I first discovered the d6 system with the old Ghostbusters RPG. Never actually ran a session of that, but had fun reading the source materials and wishing to run.


I picked up the original Star Wars game after I won $25 on a radio contest (no joke!) After I cashed the check, I went to a FLGS called The Game Shop and picked up the original hard back and a pack of dice. Again, I didn't play it much at the time as I really didn't have a group, but I read that book over and over again.


Fast forward a few years - my girlfriend and I both read comic books and I had the itch to game so I pitched the idea to her and a couple of buddies. Going back to the old Marvel System, we had a blast.


Then I read Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire". I fell in love with Star Wars again and went back and dusted off the old book. I suggested to the group that we give a one shot at this game and they hesitantly agreed. We never went back to supers! :D


We ran the Star Wars game for about three or four years until the group blew up when the girlfriend (now wife) and I split. I didn't game for quite awhile after that and in fact gave away my gaming stuff. :eek:


Fast Forward a few years - got married to a wonderful (but non rpg'ing) wife. We love board games and play a ton of those. Our nephew came to live with us when he was 5 and we started playing HeroScape (I know there's another Scaper on this board!) and I started interjecting story into the game. This led to us playing d20 Star Wars (which I had ran for several years as well, but never liked as much as d6!)


Anyway, recently I was listening to the Meanwhile ... supers gaming podcast and they had the author of d6 Supers on. I got to thinking how much fun d6 was and here I am!


Super excited at the concept of an OGL d6. And can't wait to hash out some ideas with all of you!

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Hello everybody.


Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been role playing for many moons (since the late 80's) I started like most with AD&D, and did mostly versions of that through high school. Twards the end of highschool, I started branching out into other games like rifts, wfrp ect. I first found the D6 system with ghostbusters, in fact it was my first dismal gm'ing experiance. I moved onto Star Wars a few years later after a trip to disneyland (yay for star tours, and the shop attached to it) I played several different games of Star Wars over the years along with a host of other games including Torg and some really obscure ones like Tunnels and Trolls. Then while back one of the guys in our gaming group found a copy of the generic D6 book and that touched off a firestorm of D6 games we home brewed everything from a gritty space opera, buffy type horror, post apoc and a generic fantasy campaigns.


After a couple years, we just sort of stopped playing rpg as some of the regulars had other commitments they had to attend. My focus shifted more to table top minature games (they had always been there, but they just started consuming more time ya know.) Then when d20 went open liscense, I jumped on big time, we some of the group back together along with some other old friends who had drifted away, but were back. We played a bunch of different d20's.


As always happens, post session banter revolved around some of the things we felt were lacking with the base d20 system (namely levels and classes) We started reminiscing about all the fun we had with generic d6 and torg/masterbook. And how we should start up a campaign again. We had been playing masterbook/torg as one of the rotating games. This prompted me to start looking for another copy of masterbook as I didn't have one at the time. And thats when I came across the current trinity of D6 books. I wrapped up my current d20 urban arcana campaign and started work on the next version using D6 as the base and now I'm here. heh.

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