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Gah. Monday's results in and orders sent in. Gah.


Only a month in and I'm typing five PAGES of orders already. And I have, what, *four* armies? Clearly, the Nile Empire MUST be run by a madman with his dozen or so! GAH!


Tomorrow, I get to relax (kaff) by writing Yet More Fiction.


On the upside, I'm getting lots of practice in, so, hey! Kudos to writin' muscles.

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deathhammer thinks its a goverment conspirasy.


mollie671 I'm telling you it's an alien invasion!!! The storms are created when they use their electromagnetic rays to disable our machines.


yojimbo knows a guy in london that saw a dinosaur but his camera didnt work.


atlanta_phishhead Have you seen the footage from Belgium? Those aren't storms, they're like walls of water full of electric eels man.


Greg Gone Wild that new emperor of the ganges uses machines. like tanks and airplanes and in that video there was that thing on the guys head.


bluemeany5 the aliens are using the storms to hide their true objective- to steal earths priceless treasures. there behind those breakins at the franklin institute and the olympic museum in switzerland.


General Malaise they should have an emergency provision: in case of world war, get out of belgium.


youandme69 had a dream where the aliens were shadows that were all over the earth and then a black woman held up a torch

and the light made the shadows retreat.


one_man_bandwagon says if he was going to invade earth he would start with hollywood to make sure he had the film rights.


Dr. John Harrison It doesn't make any sense for extra-terrestrials to travel hundreds of light years just to loot our museums. And any race that was advanced enough to get here would also have developed a civilization that would want to share information with us rather than undergo a destructive invasion.


Paris Hilton is shopping for a new handbag.


Mollie671 I had that exact same dream!!! The black woman lit up the torch inside this old ruined temple, and then I could see lots of other people with torches, and there was a talking owl that said our hope and salvation lay inside her.


octopus mime im worried about the reports of mass graves being dug in the dominican republic my girlfriend went there on vacation and i havent heard from her in ten days


halo_commander_omega says theres only one solution and thats to nuke the funkers before they reach america.


Dr. John Harrison As a trained psychologist, I can tell you that your dreams are similar because they contain archetypes in the collective unconscious. The black woman represents the Earth and the torch is the light of understanding. You should read my book.


atlanta_phishhead What about that video from Austria? Those weren't aliens, they were like Viking Berserkers man!


General Malaise had that dream about the black woman with the torch too but it wasnt an owl it was a woman with an owls head, and she told her to go south.


deathhammer says the germans have been planning this for 50 years.


Escapade I had the dream about the woman with the torch, and I had a torch also, and when I looked around, I saw a large clock swinging and I followed a flock of cows into a cave.


needles77 they're already in america. The freemasons are behind all this, which is why they're using the catholic church as a front. There are clues hidden in major works of art, and so they have to steal them so that we can't find their underground fortress.


youandme69 in my dream we were in a temple that used to have a giant statue, but a crack in the ground swallowed it up, and the owl said that the woman with the torch had to find it.


EZ_Kill sez u erthlings need lidlifters gigamax end questions download answers here

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A small group of conspirators sat around a table in an otherwise-deserted cafe. The only light came from dozens of devotional candles burning around the room, the ceaseless wind from the storms making the flames flare and dance, skewing the conspirators' shadows across the walls in infinite variations. The candles were easily obtained from the nearby shops that dealt in the pilgrimage trade; plastic rosaries, brass crucifixes, illuminated indulgences and such, and were relatively cheap now that the pilgrims had fled. The rich tourists went down to the coast to bid their travellers' cheques and camcorders for benches on rowboats out of the country. The poor added to the crush around St. Peter's, where the electric light was a sign of God's grace and the faithful wept for the holy father's blessing.


This group had settled for the flickering light coming through the eyeless icons instead, though they were outside the island of reality that the Vatican held, at least it was quieter than the millions of Hail Marys that were now remembered from past confessionals. Besides, most of the people at the table were strangely able to keep using their tools in alien territory. If they had wanted, they could have held onto flashlights and played radio broadcasts from outside the alien zone, but somehow the candle-saints were more comforting. Perhaps more frightening than the howling winds and rending lightning above them, was the depressing fact that it was easier to get along with the invading reality than it was to fight it.


This group had gathered to fight it, regardless. It was a kind of miracle that they had found one another, since they had come from all over the world. A tall Somali woman, Sagal Waaberi, pulled a shiny Art Deco torch from her bag and placed it on the table. Instantly others around the table recognized it uncertainly, disbelievingly because they had seen it in a dream. "The 1936 Olympic Torch," she told them, "was the first to be lighted in Olympia, Greece, and then carried to the site of the games in Berlin. Nazi mystics used mirrors to concentrate the power of the sun to ignite the flame, and then they relayed the torch through the countries that they could conquer a few years later. I dreamed of carrying the olympic flame before any of this started, and then when the storms began I saw this torch in particular, and I knew I had to relight it. And when I did, I could feel you all around me, that I wasn't alone with the hope. We are here." She touched the edge of the torch, and it flared and cast their finite shadows in all directions.


We are here. Everyone there could hear her voice in their minds, could see themselves as if they were looking from above, as if they were out in space and this voice had made a brief beacon point a little dot in the middle of Italy.


"I was also drawn to something," said Endora Pfaff, a kindergarden teacher from Maryland, and she revealed a frail wooden telescope. "Galileo made this telescope in 1609, and although he didn't invent the telescope, he was the first to use it to look up in the sky, and it proved that the universe was different than they had thought. I stole it from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Normally I'd never do such a thing, but this... gives me ideas." She took the telescope and held it upright over the torch. It refracted the light and cast it into blue and red clouds drifting across the ceiling. Bright points cast around their edges made them look like constellations.


"They look like animals." said Joshua Keith, an accountant from Hawaii. "They aren't the traditional constellations, they look like bulls and deer, with hunters following them."


Erno Kapek, a Czech engineer, pulled a compass out of his pocket. Comparing the reading with the motion above, he said "They aren't exactly following the regular course of the heavens either. They are leading somewhere."


"We should follow them, while we can," said Greta Ganz, whose small lithe figure wasn't from this world at all. "The armies of Dark Aysle will be here soon, and the prayers of the faithful won't be enough to stop them in your reality."


Deacon Vitello objected. "That's exactly why we must stay here and fight. Mr. Reingolt has discovered how to create areas where our technology will still work. We must make defensive lines so that our soldiers will be able to defend the people of this city."


"It takes the strength from me to do it, and I can only make so many." replied Soren Reingolt. He had struggled across war-torn Europe to get here, though he had help from the Ayslish Greta and Tristan.


The singer Tristan immediately backed him up. "Indeed we cannot fight every army they should send against us. We are not warriors. When the sky gods call us, we must go. Let them fight the Dark Lord themselves."


Greta Ganz eyed him suspiciously. She had spilled some sugar onto the top of the table, and was swirling it around with her finger. In a seductive voice she said, "Do you believe in our cause?" and Tristan gulped and nodded. She touched his arm and said, "And will you help us to defeat the evil that threatens us?" to which Tristan repiled, "Of course." Then Greta whispered in his ear, "Are you willing to die rather than betray us?" And Tristan looked at her with tears of love in his eyes and said "Yes!"


Satisfied, Greta hopped off her chair and said, "Then let's go." as the glass candle-holders around them began to vibrate from the approach of an army of giants.

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Cool stuff. Finally the pieces of the puzzle reveal a shape. I knew some of them and it nearly hurt telling nobody. This development will probably cost me dearly but I love the story. I can't wait to play it as an adventure.


Stormchild (OoC)

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