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3327 scans through the memos on his datapad. For months he's been setting up plans for the hostile takeover of Sunspring Commodities. It's taken a long of wining and dining, maneuvering and, cajoling, but tomorrow he's to present his offer. Toworrow, he present his tender offer to the board of directors, to deliver to the shareholders. There would certainly be hold-outs, but fortunately their 9 member board, requires only a quorum of 6 to vote. 3327 look at his watch and then glances out his high-rise window. He stairs into the expanse of the megacity and at once, two massive explosions threw fire into the air. 3327 squinted his eyes in surprise... or anger. Seconds later, a third explosion, closer than the other two, sends yet more fire licking the grey sky and the shock wave of the blast lightly rattled his office window. 3327's eyes loosened and and allowed himself a small smile.


"It appears that 4756, 8723, and 4999 will be calling out sick for the board meeting tomorrow." He spun on his heals and looked at the three computer screens at his desk.


"Now, back to more pressing matters," he stared down at a map of a world, very much unlike his own, but a shape he's seen many times before. A few buttons pushed, and the map gently scrolls to the shape or Asia, the China, and finally a city marked "Nanjing," Northwest of Shanghai.


"I've worked a long time to launch this new venture. This will finally be my key to cementing my control over all the economies in the Cosmverse."


The door panned open, and a young woman walked through the door, paused and bowed. "

"Sir, your agents are in the field and the reports are beginning to come in. The four of the Devices are now in place and seven more should be installed soon, per your orders. Will you be threading to oversee the final preparations,"

she asked.

"No, I have an important meeting tomorrow." Have them report when the preparations are complete. You'll be escorting me to our subsidiary headquarters on Earth. Please tell your family that you're leaving in three days."

The woman nodded.

"As you know, these people are an insular kind, and they still maintain strangle physical differences according to their region. ... These people are especially distrustful of outsiders." 3327 hands the woman a photograph of a beautiful Chinese woman. "Our researchers have told us this face is very attractive. It could be useful when dealing with others."

The woman stared at the picture. It's a strange face, rounded face, unusual eyes and long, dark hair.

"Have you studies the cultural reports," ask 3327.

"Yes, of course sir." Turning up her lip she said, "It appears that these backwards insects still think women are inferior."

"It's foolish, I know, but we'll be be able to change social perceptions immediately. So, rather than fight them, you should use them to your advantage."

"Of course, sir." She reached down and pulled a bright red, silk dress with gold embellishments. "This is a formal garment of the people. Truth be know, I kinda like this one."


"All is going according to plan. Please call you family and tell them you are being permanently reassigned and further communication is impossible. Then, report to Cosmetic Manipulation to have your face re-sculpted into that," he motioned to the picture.

"Thank you 8878, your hard work and loyalty is to be greatly rewarded." This will be the last time you will be called that. I just beamed your new dossier to you datpad. From now on, you'll be know as Xue-li Zhu. I'm to be known as Jinhai Xiao.


8878 bowed in a deep and reverent bend, showing 3327 she had studied well her cultural programs. "Xie'xie'ni, xiānsheng" The woman turned and walked out the door.


3327 clicked a button on his desk, the computer screens went blank and retracted into his desk.


"New markets..." He smiled.

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As the world reels from he onslaught of strange invaders, Reports from Asia remain positive. So far, the Asian landscape, excepting India, seems to remain wholly invader free. A coalition of Chinese businesses have promised to support that defenders of the World with money and machinery. Development of new technologies are happening at an unprecidented rate, while still other business have become mass producing retro-tech equipment that have, thus far, seemed immune the to unusual intermittance dysfunction of traditional technologies in several areas.


Chinese business, in an effort to avoid be caught off guard has recently petitioned Beijing to green light a new program that would allow the establishment of corporate security forces, greater in size and more sufficiently armed than previously allowed. While many concerns were noted regarding the loss on control of defensive forces by the federal government, the coalition -- calling themselves Jǐng Qì Lián Méng, or just Jǐng Qì-- meaning Prosperity Alliance -- has assured Beijing that such forces will be developed to assure the strength and lasting vitality of the People's Government, and would be made available to Beijing in times of threat to the security of China and it's allies. Jǐng Qì sited the United States us of the Merchant Marines as a civilian commercial fleet sanction by, and able to be attached to the US Department of Defense in times of war. Jǐng Qì's aggressive lobbying of government officials have moved the new law through with alarming efficiency.


Jǐng Qì representatives have begun talks with Officials in both the US as well as the EU to set up new policies to keep goods and services flowing to and from major centers of commerce. Several Chinese firms have been looking into possible commercial leasing arrangements in both the US and Europe, with possible intentions of establishing new subsidiaries to insure a steady supply of commercial war relief to the stunned inhabitants therein.


Meanwhile, it appears that certain people has shown a remarkable tolerance or immunity to the strange "instabilities" within the invasion areas. Jǐng Qì has set up a special website and hotline and are asking individuals that believe they may have these special properties to contact the hotline at once. Candidates may be recruited to assist in the defensive of our world's governments from the invaders. Once recruited, candidates will undergo a thorough medical screening and treatment program, receive valuable educations at one of several state of the art training facilities, and will be placed in positions to best serve in the defense and welfare of their fellow citizens, while receive top pay and benefits.


While candidates are also likely being contacted by their respective governments, Jǐng Qì is reminding individuals that Jǐng Qì security forces are among the most highly trained and equipped forces currently operating in opposition to the invaders and the relative lack of damage to Asian lands means Candidates will be able to assist in the defense of the world, while also remaining relatively safe from harm.

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