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Found 3 results

  1. My other thread about the Wild Die alternatives notwithstanding, I had an idea on this and wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts. I use the Wounds system exclusively for my Open D6 gaming stuff. Ordinarily, each Wound removes 1D off all rolls. I had a seed of an alternate idea. Each Wound turns one of your dice for any task into a "negative Wild Die" or Penalty Die or some other name (I thought of Vex Die but its abbreviation is VD so maybe not...). A PD works the opposite of the WD, and must be a different color. You count up the face just like the WD unless you roll its minimum (1
  2. Wow, been quite a while since I've posted. Anyway, I had a thought that maybe when calculating damage, remove the Wild Die option and instead go with something akin to Staging (ala Shadowrun). The idea is that for every Difficulty Stage ABOVE the target number you need, add +1 pip to the damage roll. This removes the possibility of botching on a damage roll and 'rewards' that oh-so-beyond-heroic "1 shot in a million" hit. It also means that higher Skill codes are actually that much more deadly (sort of that cinematic ideal of aces really ARE better). This also removes some potential boggi
  3. This is an excerpt from Westward, and change from Azamar. The fundamentally changes negative-outcome rolling on the Wild Die for easier understanding and a "Higher is Better" approach. Feedback is welcome! Optional Rule: The Wild Die An optional feature is using the Wild Die. Using a Wild Die provides the potential to reduce spending Cinema Points during game play by re-rolling. Using a Wild Die in game play dramatically changes the dice mechanic and game play experience. When choosing not to use the Wild Die, the GM should reward more Cinema Points during game play. The concept of
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