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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone. My name is Colin Cantwell. I conceptualized and modeled the ships for the first Star Wars film. At the behest of fans, I am letting these four decade old photos see the light of day. Most were taken in my backyard in 1975 after kitbashing the pre-production models for the the X-Wing, TIE, Death Star, and others. Kitbashing is a method of model building that myself and a few others pioneered in the early 70's. Essentially, you take pieces from cannibalized model kits (cars, planes, trains, etc...) as well as shapes from around the office and house. Look closely and you wi
  2. I've had my six tickets for three showings since the week they went on sale. I'm taking my wife Thursday night, a long time friend (since before RotJ in our childhood) on Friday morning, and my son on Monday morning. I'm now going into media exile until after Thursday night, but I'll try to check in here this weekend. May the Force be with us!
  3. I have recently gained a new appreciation for the film saga and somehow love Star Wars even more than I did before. George Lucas is an utter cinematic genius, and his six-part Star Wars film saga is a masterpiece of serious literary quality (despite its shortcomings). Star Wars Ring Theory I found this in my Facebook news feed a week ago and saved the website until I could dive into it. This is must-read thesis for all fans of (any of) the Star Wars films. If you can find the time, I highly recommend reading it, even if you have to break it up into increments and take a week
  4. The internet just exploded so it is hard to get to StarWars.com or an original source, so instead of a link I posted the important part.
  5. 1 day 16 hours remaining as of this posting to enter, this is for a Make a Wish foundation, so entries cost a little money. http://www.omaze.com/experiences/starwars
  6. I make scale fit the setting I am creating, often. One of the things I had the hardest time with was making Scale work the way it seems like it should. For instance: Starfighter to Character Scale According to the original rules, Starfighter weapons did more damage, but a Character had a better chance of Dodge against them. So maybe that makes sense with say, Forward Fire Arc weapons on an x-wing, but it doesn't make sense with something like a turret gun, like those installed on the Millenium Falcon. Those turrets seemed perfectly agile enough, in fact they had targeting computers
  7. There are threads like this in a couple other Star Wars RPG forums that have lead to great discussions. It's a topic that has been touched on in various threads here, so I thought I would start its own devoted thread here too... George Lucas himself has been quoted stating that there is a Star Wars multiverse: George Lucas' Film Universe. The film saga. In this universe Lucas includes the dialogue and events of the film novelizations, comic book adaptations and radio drama adaptations that do not contradict the films. The more recent versions of events (currently the DVDs) overrides t
  8. Classic Trilogy ~ Version Release History (last 4 versions) 1. Special Editions (VHS & laserdisc 1997) 2. DVD Versions (2004, often erroneously referred to as “Special Editions”) 3. Original Theatrical Versions (adapted to DVD 2006) 4. Blu-Ray Versions (2011) REVIEW INTRODUCTION I’m a first-generation Star Wars fan since 1977, having seen the original versions of the original three films in the theater one time each as a child, then falling in love with them all over again on VHS in 1987. And I’ve been a huge fan ever since. The Star Wars Saga is the ultimate epic space op
  9. Here is the official announcement from StarWars.com: http://www.starwars.com/games/othergames/fantasyflight_starwars/index.html Let's hope and pray they use Open D6 for the RPG game engine! Should we start a petition or organize a movement? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/
  10. Updated Monthly with ship and NPC stats. Check it out!
  11. This question could be reated to scale but please feel free to respond to any aspect. d20 has character/creature "size" with Medium for humans size and Small for smaller than humans. Being Small provides advantages such as being more difficult to hit in combat and being able to more easily hide and sneak, but disadvantages such as lifting and carrying weight limits being 3/4 of a medium character. I think there are limits to weapon usage based on character size. I've also noticed that Small characters tend to have a Move rate equal to 2/3 of the standard medium. In what all ways should thi
  12. Blue Max Studios is proud to announce the start of a new series of spacecraft deck plans, coming February 1st: Starships of the Galaxy! Like all of our spacecraft deck plans, the Starships of the Galaxy series feature highly detailed plan views of each ship. Each starship PDF also comes with complete deck plans, a detailed history, and a full description of all the spacecraft's major compartments and features. Gaming stats are provided for both the Classic D6 system (the rules system for the original Star Wars Role-Playing Game) and the D20 Future system as well. At the end of each doc
  13. I'm just curious what you all think of the newer cartoon network clone wars show? I watch it religiously with my 7 yr old son. We both love it. I think it is some of the best animated/cgi work in years. I also had liked the original "Clone Wars" animated series a few years back. The one that had two short seasons, which led up to the Episode 3 beginning scene. I think this season in particular for Star Wars: Clone Wars, is kicking it up a notch. Very well paced, and very 'full' feel to it for a 30 minute kid/adult cross-over offering.
  14. I had an awesome first (official) Fathers Day (for ex-utero offspring). I just have to share. Mrs. Whill and Whill Jr. had gone out to have pictures taken, and then surprised me with the finished product today. They're all awesome but I wanted to share at least this one. I'm glad my wife is on board for indoctrinating my son with my interests. :cool: The Star Wars onsie was contributed by my sister-in-law, and the stuffed Yoda was contributed by my Wookiee former sidekick, Shaker. (Not pictures here are my son's Star Wars bath toys. Yes, instead of a rubber ducky, my 10 month-old son play
  15. Starting in 1996, this was document that was given out for free by WEG for all of those who owned the original 2E ("blue Vader") and didn't want to buy a new rule book (despite how superior the layout and design of the R&E book was). This was really cool of them to do even though it had been over 4 years since the previous version of 2E had been released (unlike D&D 3.5 only 3 years later). Looking at eBay etc., the blue Vader 2e book is dirt cheap while the pretty R&E is not so much. I recommend getting R&E (or both if you can afford to), but I thought that we shou
  16. I know that a lot of people have strong feelings about the Star Wars films, for and against. I have come to accept that I am a minority among a lot of he fans I run into on the internet, especially fans my own age, in that I actually like the prequels. But it was inevitable that this topic would come up here sooner or later, so I thought, what the hell. Everyone's opinion is respected. If you absolutely despise a movie or three, that's ok. But let's please try to not let this thread degenerate into negativity, anger and hatred (the Dark Side).\sw\ That being said, May the Force be with us.
  17. I'm currently working on a D6 Legend variant. I'm trying to keep most of the SW rules "as is" but my main focus right now is to replace the die rolling mechanic with the D6L success based one. One thing I've noticed is that D6L uses 3-6 as successes. The new Mouse Guard RPG uses a D6 4-6 success mechanic. Shadowrun uses more of a sliding scale for thier D6 successes. Does anyone have a good understanding of how using a different target number effects the game? Has anyone created a SWD6 Legend variant that they could share?
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