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Found 5 results

  1. The D6 System Resource List Open D6 OGL Links D6 Universe NEW HOME PENDING D6 Holocron Wiki http://d6holocron.com/wiki/index.php?title=D6_Holocron_Wiki Age of Enlightenment - A heroic fantasy D6 game http://www.northernmountains.com/hd6/aoe_toc.htm Aliens D6 http://web.archive.org/web/20011202103409/www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/3901/aliens/index.html Appleseed D6 - D6 Legend based in Masamune Shirow's Cyberpunk World of Appleseed http://appleseedd6.tripod.com/ Artemis' Xena and Hercules RPG - Dedicated to the WEG Herc/Xena RPG. http://imperialbathhouse
  2. If I wanted to publish (electronic or print) a setting based on D6 Space, what sort of steps would I have to take to be legit? I've incorporated the OpenD6 logo. Would I need to incorporate some legal jargon, such as the OGL text at the end of D6 Adventure? Am I allowed to copy and paste whole chunks of text from D6 Space into my game book? If I wanted to try to sell the book in print, via a print on demand sort of thing, is there anything more I should know about licensing and such? Thanks! Best, Phil
  3. I am going to try to add the links here Please dont post in this thread except for new OGL books when they become available
  4. I am an uncurable slow-poke. I know and apologize. Still, I have finally modified and uploaded (to RPGnow) a copy of D6 Adventure. This modification adds an OpenD6 logo to the front cover as well as alters the OGL to permit the full use of the OpenD6 brand (trademarks/logo) without the need for an STL or any other ancillary license. In fact, not such license will ever be forecoming as it is specifically no longer needed. Though I indend to alter the other books to the newer Product Identification information, to be clear, this is not a requirement. D6 Adventure is sufficient for releasing the
  5. I'm decided to start this little thread to keep a regular update of the progress on OpenD6. This is for updates and not discussions. If you have questions, I strongly encourage you to use the other thread for that. http://www.wegfanforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=836
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